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Friday 13th

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  • Friday 13th

    Morning All

    Well the weather yesterday was dreadful, looks drier outside as have to post of another 2 orders. Dog refused to go out at one point!

    Not sure what I am doing today, have the lip balm holders to finish, photograph etc so that should keep me busy.

    Will BBL to check what you are all up to, HAGO x

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    Morning all! Cold but dry and very little breeze outside, guess we might see some daylight for a little while later on.

    Yesterday, got the sauce made and all the labelling done, but haven't packed away recent makes yet. Spent most of the rest of the day pottering, catching up with TV - have actually, for the first time this series, very nearly caught up to the current programmes of Strictly (2 "It takes Two" programmes to go). Got seriously bored of the BBC "News" that the country was going to the polls (like it was a surprise to the world!), now we've got another 24 hours of results, analysis and goodness knows what that isn't going to make any difference whatsoever.

    Today, cranberry sauce order is being collected, need to pop into Barton and into Barrow post office on the way, then rest of the day pottering. Have a bag of fabric scraps that I'm trying to piece to make into patchwork jar toppers or bags, so keeping me occupied whilst I catch up with TV programmes.

    Caroline - how is your back this morning? Hope things are improving. Weather in your neck of the woods looked dreadful yesterday, hope it's a bit better today.
    Mo - excellent news that the car passed MoT with flying colours - such a relief! Sounds like your weather was as bad as Caroline's yesterday - it always worries me about these idiot drivers who think they are invincible and bad weather and road conditions make no difference. If they want to risk their own lives OK, but the total lack of consideration for other road users is appalling.
    Dave - how are you feeling today? Hope the flu type symptoms didn't come to anything and you can get on with your plans for today.
    Shelley - sounds like you had yet another busy day yesterday; hope you coped with it all OK. No, I haven't got any more events this year - in fact nothing until at least end of March (not yet booked but a regular), and first definite booking in the diary currently is end of May. Plenty of cooking to be done though as freezer still packed to the gunnels!



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      Morning Linda, the back is better thank you, as long as I do not do anything stupid. It was a spasm but very painful. Think all that moving of furniture finally took it's toll.
      How is your back plus cold?
      Enjoy your trip out and the pottering. I am off to walk the dog, drop of some bottles at the bottle bank and post off the order.


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        Glad to hear you have identified the cause of your back pain Caroline, and that things are getting better.
        I'm still improving, slowly but surely, thank you. Still can't stand up for very long, but there again, can't sit for too long either so spending most of each day either getting into the chair, or getting out of it (around at least one cat!).
        Outdoor tasks completed, but collection of cranberry sauce is delayed until tomorrow.



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          Afternoon all...

          Still feel a bit of lurgy lurking about but no worse than yesterday..
          Cold and clear here, took the dog to the park, puddles everywhere, white dog came back black....
          Fired up the log burner to put a bit more heat around...
          Bought a tree, always have a real one, leave the decorating of it to Sue...😩
          No cutting to do, nothing for any reason anyway, just general stuff.
          Mounted and framed the Tiger, went easier than I thought, that’s the last biggie for this year....unless “Team Korrie” sends me an afterthought 😁
          Linda, Caroline.....hope your backs improve, mines a mare just lately...The lovely Julia is calling...
          Catch up later...



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            Afternoon all,

            Sun is shining, but its cold.

            Caroline, saw the lip balm holder, very glitzy. Hope your walk went well and Shiloh was brave Glad your back is better.

            Linda, I suppose not having any events came at the right time, you can relax and take your time to recover in time for xmas.
            Having some fruit in the freezer to cook up will give you something to keep the boredom away

            Dave, hope your symptoms have diminished? or are you coming down with dreaded man flu? Busy as usual?

            Mo, back in the shop? at least the car MOT is done, one less thing to worry about.

            It seems everyone has finished with events for the year, enjoy some time to yourselves

            When I filled up the tyre and filled up with petrol and went shopping, the smell I had the day I discovered the flat has gone, so it must have just been from driving on it very flat, no lasting damage it seems. Just need a new battery, think I will get one for my birthday
            Took the plunge and went with the new business insurance, it was half the price of the old one. So now the two cars and the business are with the same people, they keep giving me loyalty discounts so it works out well.

            Need to do some photos of the new makes, maybe tonight but probably tomorrow when I finish the new tree decos test.

            Have a good evening everyone.