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Sunday 8th

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  • Sunday 8th

    Morning all

    Wet this morning but should dry up later, fingers crossed.

    Yesterday went well shower room light up, makes all paid for and loved! Shiloh was his normal with visitors. He gets excited Shelley, as soon as they are out the car he rushes into the driveway and herds them into the house like sheep. Takes him a while to settle down as he gets so excited and a 7st dog in excitement mode is not easy. Good job they love dogs. If we get visitors who do not like dogs he ignores them.

    Had a problem with the iMac yesterday kept playing up in the Photo part, think something to do with an update this week. Needless to say as kept crashing Apple have got about 10 reports from me. Does it automatically every time something goes awry by producing a report to send to Apple. Should get a fix this week.

    Got my photos sorted in the end and now on draft form on Folksy. Will start posting today.

    Hope you are feeling even better this am Linda.

    Oh dear Mo what can I say, just smile and apologise.

    Dave well done on the sales.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all....

    Dry here, mild.
    Got back from the craft fair yesterday, unpacked the car which is always the least favourite bit because ot all has to go back up two flights of stairs.
    While I was away, the range cooker Sue had ordered had been delivered so next job was to assemble and fit that. Amy was here with baby Daniel who was into everything...finally got to sit down around half five.
    The cooling towers have been gone two days and people in the local group are still posting pictures of them....If one more person says they should have stayed up I’m going to scream!...if they aren’t happy they should have protested when the plans were posted nearly two years ago. They were redundant, crumbling, in the way, privately bought along with the land.....which is under the jurisdiction of another council on the other side of the river. I swear we would all still be living with steam powered lives with some of these backward thinking people!
    Four towers down, 1000 houses up, its happening, its nearly 2020, get over it!
    Rant over...



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      Good morning all.

      Have to open the shop today but 10am start and 4pm finish. Sure not getting there any earlier than I need to, won't be anyone around they will all be off to the larger towns be lucky to cover my salary but I might b wrong.

      Sorry to hear you are even worse now Linda, take care,rest and drink lots.

      Great news about the event Dave and the follow ups.

      Glad the 'royal' visit went well Caroline and Shiloh behaved.

      Will look for your new designs on Faceache Shelley. Hope you get the tyre sorted.

      Have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all! Dry-ish although rained during the night, fairly hefty breeze rattling the vegetation outside, rain likely later in the morning.

        Noticing an improvement this morning - still coughing and spluttering, but not quite as severe as yesterday, and although back still causing problems, is much more bearable than before Rachel had a go at it yesterday.

        No major plans for today - will do a few little jobs around the house if I feel up to it but resting a lot and will be another early night.

        Caroline - I have wonderful pictures of Shiloh herding people! My MIL had a Pyrennean when OH and I first met - dog weighed more than either of us and you didn't get in his way if he wanted to be somewhere!
        Dave -
        Had a rather successful Artisan fair...
        Sold a few more baubles...
        I’m partway through a tiger cut...
        Had an invite to a knobby fair in a manor house because my stall looked “presentable and different”..😁
        A photographer wants to do a collaboration..
        Woooooo Hooooooooo! Careful though, you're almost back to full time work with all this!!!!!
        Mo - back in the shop today What a drudge and probably not worth it for the sales, but maybe it will give you chance to do some sorting/tidying/rearranging. Am sure Pete will have a warming tea and bottle of cheer for you at the end of the day.
        Shelley - will you be having a day off today or using some of the "shop closed" time to finish off the stock labelling and shelving?

        Whatever your plans, take it steady and HAGO

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          Afternoon all,

          Wet on and off, quite windy too, but mild.

          Caroline glad the makes went down well and I am sure Shiloh was much loved and fussed over. Hope your PC is sorted soon.

          Dave I guess the cooker assembly was reminiscent of work? I am sure it went well. Are you still or have ever been Gas certified? Probably an electric range? Glad you are getting the recognition you deserve and the work.
          Saw the towers go down on the news, its so annoying when people don't want new houses but they want kids and grandchildren and so on, where do they expect them to live, oh it makes my blood boil, sorry my rant over

          Mo hope the shop wasn't too bad, I am just about to go and open up now for our half an hour on Sunday. Bit different though becuase I don't have to go anywhere.

          Linda glad you are getting better if only slowly. take care of yourself, rest and don't overdo it when you do feel better, that always gets me and I go a step backwards and have to rest again.

          Today not much planned, more card making and watching the snooker final. May do some more crochet, feet up in front of the fire while its on. Interesting final Ding v Mcguire not seen these two in a final before.

          Friday late afternoon I went to the fridge to get a bit of chocolate and dropped the packet on the floor, bent over to pick it up and as I did so the fridge door slowly closed so as I stood up I got one heck of bang on my head as it collided with it. The air was blue, very blue Simon administered some TLC in the form of a hug while fighting back the laughter. I ended up with a lump on my head, the lump went down overnight but it is still very tender.

          Now my keyboard is flashing at me, it wants new batteries, first since I bought it over a year ago.

          Take care everyone and have a good evening.



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            Yes Shelley, I’ve been Gas Safe reg’d for 38 years, mine expires January as it only lasts for 5 years then you need to be retested. I’m not renewing mine as I’ve no intentions of working on gas appliances again. It is a gas range but the only gas work needed was to swap the rubber flex for connection.