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Saturday 7th

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  • Saturday 7th

    Morning All

    Well the day has arrived for a visit from my sister. Got to dust the cabinet on the landing as got missed the other day due to all the furniture in front of it.

    Not much else planned, crock pot lunch of chicken casserole and dumplings, can keep warm until the visitors have gone. Shiloh will be a nightmare!

    HAGO and BBL to check what you are all up to x

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    Good morning all.

    Hope the day won't be too traumatic Caroline LOL Hope she buys a lot and doesn't complain about the prices !!

    Shop day again. Managed to get several things when Christmas Shopping yesterday. More to go but think I can get most on line or locally. Traffic was horrible, fighting for car parking spaces. Had a blond moment in TKMaxx and wandered off with someone else's trolley, completely oblivious. By the time they caught up with me on the next floor I had put two other items in it and still not noticed that the rest of the goodies in there were not mine. I used to love shopping now it's a bit of a chore. Resisted the urge to buy stupid and unnecessary Christmas decor, some of my old shopping habits sneeking back in I think !!

    Hope Linda is fully recovered and anyone who has an event has a good day, sorry lost track of who is doing what.

    Have a good day all,

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all,

      Still feeling grotty - have now developed cold symptoms on top of the cough so although am sleeping quite a bit not actually making any impression on tiredness levels.

      Have managed to get to my friend's this morning and after a good pummelling my back feels a lot better and muscles should be nicely softened up for the chiropractor to work on them on Monday.

      Just had an order in for a dozen jars of cranberry sauce - sold my last jars at last weekend's event so I'll have to make some when I'm fully fit. Fortunately I have a recipe that allows dried cranberries to be used as I don't have any fresh ones.

      Hope "the visit" goes OK Caroline - don't let her bully you on the prices - it's bad enough that she has little appreciation of the amount of time required to get orders completed.
      Mo - know what you mean about the shopping - it just isn't fun any more (unless it's crafting stuff of course )
      Dave - got an event today I think? Hope it's a good one for you.
      Shelley - Still busy with customers in the run up to the festivities?

      Back later, HAGO


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        Afternoon all,

        Its dry and dull here but not too cold.

        Caroline I hope its all gone well with your sister and Shiloh wasn't too much of a nightmare. What does he do that makes it a nightmare?

        Mo, made me laugh, I guess you went a delicate shade of red, did you find your trolley? Must admit I hate TKMaxx, but then it doesn't have much I want.

        I have had the opposite happen, but while I had my hand on it, I was looking at something and had one hand on the trolley when I felt a tug, turned round to see a lady not looking at the trolley but trying to pull it in her direction. At first I just pulled back hoping that would make her notice what she was doing but no she pulled back So I said Excuse me this is my trolley, she turned round ready to give me a mouthful, looked down at the trolley, realised it wasn't hers. She didn't say sorry or anything similar, she just grunted and pushed the trolley at me and flounced off. I looked around and there were a couple of other people looking amazed at what she did, we all shared a smile and we went our separate ways.

        Well done on resisting the impulse buys and getting it mostly done.

        Linda, Sorry to hear you are still not recovered and have more symptoms. Glad the massage helped and hope the chiropractor fixes you Take it easy with the chutney making, sit when you can and keep warm. I have a stool in the kitchen to perch on to rest the legs. Get well soon.

        Dave out at his event, hope its going well.

        Today I need to go out and get some petrol for the car and put some air in the front passenger tire, it was completely flat yesterday went I went out to go shopping, didn't realise till I had got on to the main road (about 10ft) but by then I was in the traffic and had to go with the flow so I did a u-turn asap and came back. It made the most horrible noise and a funny smell. Don't know what the smell was. Blew the tire up using my little pump that runs off the cigarette lighter. Went shopping and came home, traffic was horrendous, put off going to garage to fill it using the machine. Not sure why it went flat. A bit worried about the smell, hopefully it was related to the tire and is now gone.

        Finished the periodic table coasters, two sets of 6, one is the Noble Gases and the other The Air That We Breath. Found small plastic boxes that they fit in perfectly so even presentation sorted. Just need to make some labels with a bit of an explanation and branding on it.
        I will do some pictures when all done and put them on my FB page as its a pain trying to post them here. It seems I have used my allocated space even with just one or two pictures. It wants me to delete all my old pictures, thats fine but it does make some posts look odd. I deleted lots that were very old but I don't really want to delete anymore. I will let you when I have done it.

        This afternoon I have more stock to price and label up and put out in the shop, this time of the year is really good for people wanting stuff now becuase its all getting too close to xmas for deliveries. We sell loads of mains plugs, batteries, Power supplies, extension cables, bulbs and so on.
        More card making later, interrupted becuase of the coasters.

        Have a good day everyone.



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          Shelley - I won't be going anywhere near any cooking for a few days yet - I can barely stand for more than five minutes and am too tired to concentrate properly, plus it is far from hygienic while I'm still coughing and sneezing all over the place. I'm not even cooking for me yet - OH is still dealing with meals and washing up, bless him

          Hope you got your tyre sorted out - funnily enough I have concerns about the front driver side tyre on my car which seems to be losing pressure faster than I'd like. Fortunately, we have a brilliant place just round the corner - local village lad and his father in a tin shed - so I'll get mine round there when I'm fit enough and see if they can find the cause.

          Hope you got the pricing done in between the myriad sales



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            Linda - hadn't thought about the hygiene aspect, very good point and why you have the kitchen certificate

            I didn't get my tyre done, too busy in the shop and I am going to take it to my car repair chap just behind us as I think I need a new wheel, there is a dent in the rim and I think it has got a rim leak, where the air escape from the bead and rim round the outside of the tyre, it last for a while then gets to a certain point and just loses all the air.
            Monday for that.

            Still up to my ears in stock, just getting to the end of the pricing and labeling now, will go and put it all out in a minute.



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              Evening all...

              Had a rather successful Artisan fair...
              Sold a few more baubles...
              I’m partway through a tiger cut...
              Had an invite to a knobby fair in a manor house because my stall looked “presentable and different”..😁
              A photographer wants to do a collaboration..
              All good in the hood so far...


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                Well done Dave, it is all sounding excellent for you.
                Glad you did well at the fair and are home safely.

                Have a good evening all and sleep well.