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Friday 6th

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  • Friday 6th

    Morning all

    After a tidy up yesterday my sewing room is now ready to be used. Have got 3 bee key rings to do and my DS has decided she is coming tomorrow not Monday, grrrr. Good job all the other items are already in stock. Got to wrap their Xmas gifts and make a card today, so busy busy.

    Not much else planned better make some coffee muffins to go with the coffee tomorrow. BIL is putting a new light in the shower room and changing the light switch in the study. He is working for his coffee and muffin!

    Pouring with rain today but not snow thank goodness. We often get snow as in the same line and only slightly lower than the Devil's Punchbowl Hindhead. Often called little Switzerland as can have heavy snow, go down the A3 to Thursley and nothing, well known in the area. The tunnel helps now with the traffic as used to be lethal in bad weather driving round the punchbowl with a sheer drop.

    Not much else to report, pleased you are feeling better Linda.

    Enjoy your day off Mo.

    Love the baubles Dave.

    Shelley what are your plans?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all....
    No rain, just damp. We tend to be fairly isolated from snow, it usually dumps most across the north West and Wales before it gets to us but when we get it, being in a valley, cold air drops so it takes longer to thaw and every road out is up. We’ve been snowed in more than once.
    Busy here already, the school 20 doors down has has a leak and is flooded plus the power station a mile away has its four cooling towers demolished at 11 am so tv crews, people, roads closed for the exclusion zone....a farm is charging £10 a car to pull in and watch it....I’m staying in, not bothered....think of the dust....and what is probably in it 😬 ....There’s a live feed online, I’ll watch that instead, plus the dog will go into hiding, they said the blast noise will be heard in Shrewsbury about 15 miles away!
    Cutting today, started a lions face A3, Korrie, craft fair tomorrow, already got someone turning up for three possible four plus got a new cooker arriving....busy, busy...



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      Morning all.

      Day off but have to go and get Halfords to fit a new headlight then off Christmas Shopping. Tipping down with rain at the moment but forecast to become intermittent showers later.

      Delighted the sewing room is fully functioning now Caroline. See you are fully organised for Christmas as usual unlike the rest of us.

      Gorgeous baubles Dave, maybe I should clarify that and say 'Christmas Baubles' LOL

      Hope Linda is fully recovered and Shelley is rafting away on her new range.

      Catch you all later.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Well, 15 seconds, 4 cooling towers shook like hell 😆😆


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          Afternoon all,

          Grey and drizzly here but warmer.

          Caroline at least your sewing room is back to normal, makes it easier to do things quickly. Busy making, wrapping and baking, you have got a full day ahead.

          Dave, I have literally just watched the towers come down on the news, fantastic site, new skyline of hills looks lovely behind the dust. Saw the start of the lion on FB, looking good.

          Mo, good luck with the headlamp change and enjoy your Christmas shopping. I am making good progress with the coasters, from the small sample of people I have asked here, it seems popular.

          Linda, still on the mend? Hope you feeling better. Have you got an event this weekend?

          Today for me more work on the coasters, I also need to pop out for some supplies for the weekend. Not much else planned.

          Have a good day everyone,



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            Afternoon all. Finally got here - routine completely shot as sleep pattern non-existent, energy levels very poor, have now developed a rattling cough which makes me think I may have a mild chest infection, and back is slowing down things as an additional nuisance. However, appointment for massage is rearranged for early tomorrow morning and have warned my friend she's got a bit more work to do than the usual loosen up the muscles.

            Have managed to do a load of laundry and popped into Barton for a couple of chores, but am exhausted now.

            OH has been very good looking after me, doing bits of shopping and washing up, but looks like he's coming down with a cold so will need to be looked after.

            I'll have to get out and do some major food shopping early next week and will hope that will be the last major shop until the new year.

            Caroline - hope you got the orders made in time (sister still causing you frustration with timings!). Coffee muffins sound lovely, hope the effort you put in is appreciated.
            Dave - did think about you this morning and wondered how much disruption house rattling the blasting will have caused. Expect it will take a few days for the dust etc to completely settle; then no doubt it will get dusty again when they start to clear the site.
            Mo - You'll be ready for your Christmas break when it arrives - doesn't sound like you'll get much relaxation time until then, but do take care of you back/leg. Hope you got the bulk of your shopping done.
            Shelley - no event this weekend - I did have one booked at a horse rescue charity nearly Lincoln, but they had to cancel all seasonal events when their land was flooded by the authorities diverting rainwater during the recent bad weather. Finding alternative homes for 450 equines has taken priority. Has turned out to be fortunate as I would have had to cancel my attendance - can't stand up for more than 5 minutes without the pain getting too bad.

            Enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening everyone.


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              Pleased you are feeling better Linda but do not over do it and watch that chest.

              DS ordered the key rings and we arranged for her to come Monday, JL are now delivering the sofas on Tuesday so she cannot come Monday, go figure!. Anyway had to rush to get the key rings made etc but all done.

              She always leaves everything until the last minute. I told her in Sept that Waitrose were now taking bookings for Xmas delivery. She left it and now wonders how she is going to do the shopping for Boxing Day, when the family (not us) descend. I lost patience today and said it was her fault. Apparently she has so much going on could not deal with it. I give up. I know she is 82 but really?