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Friday 22nd

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  • Friday 22nd

    Morning All

    Had another 3 sales yesterday at this rate keep removing stock going to the fair and having to sort out replacements. Long may it continue.

    Sewing today not sure what may start the Sashkio bags from remnants. Need to order some cord stoppers. The bees are drying but had to order some gold brooch pins as did not have the right colour or size.

    Need to pop to the PO to drop off the order, pick up some Hellmann's whilst dodging showers. Have an hour between 8 and 9 when should only be 12% precipitation.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Wet outside, but not raining at the moment. Should have a dry day until teatime then another shower, but hopefully not too bad. Definitely not as cold as earlier in the week. Looks like Caroline, Mo and Pete are in the for worst of the country's weather today.

    Yesterday, sorted out new mobile phone, delivery expected today (fingers crossed). Picked and packed stock for tomorrow, finished deconstructing the abandoned lace piece, not sure where the rest of the day went.

    Today, not sure how it happened but kitchen looks like a bomb site at the moment, so much clearing and cleaning to do. Last check on stuff for tomorrow, t then assuming phone arrives try to get everything sorted and working for taking card payments and transferring essential information.

    Caroline - definitely on a roll with the sales; the move over to Folksy was obviously exactly the right thing to do.
    Mo - in the shop again today, hope the window repair is holding up and the sales shelves aren't quite as crowded as they were last week
    Dave - any news on the progress of car exhaust? Everything ready for the weekend now?
    Shelley - did you get your cards sorted out or shop too busy?

    HAGO & BBL


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      Morning all....

      That Caroline is selling like a goodun’ 😁...well done, long may it continue...
      Linda...having one made bespoke, fitting it next week at some point..everything ready for the weekend....apart from the car so far, luckily its weekend after next.
      Sue is off to the Sams shop right now for a morning shift....she’ll probably alter the window display again and ruffle a few feathers, they seem to get very territorial about who does one likes manning the till either, Sue was in banking, its no biggie to her, and they keep telling her to slow down πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.... does this happen in your shop Mo?
      Had an invite in e-mail form to go and see the metal cut out from the template that I made for the coracle trust, going at 9...hope they haven't edited it before cutting it...
      Cutting when I get back....again 😁
      Got to dash, BBL.



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        Had an invite in e-mail form to go and see the metal cut out from the template that I made for the coracle trust, going at 9...hope they haven't edited it before cutting it...
        Ooooh! Exciting!



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          Morning all.

          Rain, rain and more rain today with possible thunder.

          Well done on the sales Caroline, people are on the buying frenzy for Christmas now so hopefully it will increase even more. When we make stuff for shows and someone comes along before and buy something it is nice that they have but you almost say thank you through gritted teeth as you have to replace it LOL

          We are not territorial about the displays at all. I like doing the window but I do it mainly because I work Monday and Tuesday which are the days it normally gets changed. Jen likes doing them as well but we have different styles and tastes but that's not a bad thing it gives the customer variety. There are display shelves in the shop and models to do as well. She had the idea for our Christmas window and did most of the work on the preparation so she ended up doing it all and loved doing it. We encourage anyone to change the models and the displays if they want to and have the time but it's not everyone's forte. Our lady with learning difficulties likes doing it so she does the odd model and we can make some small changes or additions when she leaves but it gives her so much pleasure when she is done.

          Hope you manager to get everything sorted Linda and the card reader arrives.

          Pete has his regular pupil today and I will be getting on with decorations. Need to do some photographs for his latest magazine article but it's so dark here at the moment even in the conservatory where I work. Have to do some more tags, put all the ribbons on them and the pendants, brand all the new goods and may flick a duster around but that's bottom of the list at the moment.

          We had an inquiry from a new co-operative craft shop in Somerset about buying some of our work for the shop. Makes a change from SOR which we won't do anymore as you always end up with damaged goods or even items going missing and you can't insure against shoplifting. Will see if it actually comes to anything.

          Must get going catch you all later.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Morning all,

            Dry, dull and looking like rain at some stage today.

            Well done Caroline, another 3 sales, happy dances for you. You do seem to have done well with Folksy, I am sure its your choice of product and quality of make that does it. They are always very pretty and useful.

            Linda hope the phone arrives in time for you to have a play. Hope the kitchen cleaning is not too bad and the sorting for tomorrow goes well.

            Dave that sounds exciting, going to see your creation in metal. Surely they would have told you if they changed anything or do you not have control over that sort of thing?

            Mo another day getting ready for the last event of the year, must be exciting and a teeny bit sad to hang up the stall for a while. It is nice that you all share the duties in the shop, its also good not to have to the same things all the time. A new outlet sounds useful and not on SOR sounds excellent.
            I find that is funny about people buying things but then you have to replace it, I often get people who say oh have you got a so and so and when I say oh yes here you go they say "oh but its your last one" I have to bite my tongue not to be sarcastic, what do they think I am going to do if they buy it, go and cry in the corner? Why do think its on the hook with a price if not for sale? No I just reorder and am happy I have sold it.

            All this talk of window displays is quite coincidental as I am going to doing our windows over the weekend. I have ordered some new lights which should arrive today. Then its clear the windows, one at a time, clean, fit the new lights and put things back in a new display, mostly the same stuff but rearranged to make it look different with some xmas lights and bits for sale too. Luckily the weather is warming up, so it won't be too cold in the windows over the weekend.
            And yes I am very territorial about the window display but as I am the only one who does it its not a problem, I will accept Simon's critic and maybe change one or 2 things either cos hes right or just to make him feel part of it all

            Depending on how it all goes I may get some time card making, probably will do the re-photographing at least.

            Simon has finished the installs, he just needs to go back and get the nice big torch of ours he left behind. His SUV needs to go in for a MOT next week, glad he got it all done, he could use my Ka but there is not as much room for big speaker boxes.

            Have a good day everyone.



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              Just got back from seeing the sample of the steel cut out. Its going to be cut from 1/2” steel plate, life size and will need four men or a mini tractor to lift it as it will be about eight feet tall to the top of the coracle on his back...and stupid heavy.
              One is going outside the museum, one will be sunk into concrete on the riverbank but they need planning permission for that one πŸ˜†πŸ˜†...nothing edited, as designed.