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Wednesday 20th

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  • Wednesday 20th

    Jumping in with the thread before Caroline arrives

    Morning all! Still dry (yay!!!), promise of sunshine this morning and a small but noticeable rise in temperature.

    Yesterday, chores done, good deed done, decided to take apart a piece of lace I'd started and lost interest in - been sat at the side of my chair for a few months. Seem to have gone into a general tidy up mode this last day or so.

    Today, lemon curd - got all the stuff out ready and partially cleared and cleaned kitchen. A few bits to print off this afternoon, and might make a start on getting ready for event on Saturday. Hoping my new card reader will arrive today, so will need a bit of time to read the blurb and get it working.

    Hope everyone had a productive and enjoyable day yesterday.
    Back later to see who is doing what.


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    Morning All

    Got here before me Linda, running a bit slow this morning.

    Off out for coffee today (Jenny) long chat and catch up on what we have both been doing. Put the world to right's etc. Need to go to Country Market first for some odds and ends and must fill up with petrol. almost opposite CM will try to cross the road and do first, then have to cross back again! By the time I will go no cars on the road apart from a few poodling like me. Just remembered CM have a boot sale today, so could be busier than I thought. Oh well go with the flow.

    Not much else planned, may stitch out the bee wings this pm for the brooches and the bees tomorrow. Need the wings first as they are then applied to the bee.

    Sorry about MIL Linda, we found with Lee's Mum she got the same think they are frightened deep down that if they are ill may not come out of the hospital. Lee's Mum was in Royal Surrey for 3 months and they would not let her go back to her flat, she had to go to a nursing home. It was harder to find a placement than in a care home.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      Morning all...

      No frost this morning, must have been cloudy last night.
      The craft room needs a good tidy, I’m now tripping over stuff as I walk through it, plus I’ve got loads of boxes from deliveries that I normally break up and use as dividers for when I carry framed work around in bags, they stop the frames rubbing against each other, so that will be the job of the day plus sorting out all of the mount board off cuts that are too small to use and doing a skip run.
      The mount cutters and oval cutter all need a blade change too.
      I’ve got boxes from years ago full of stuff that will “Come in at some point”...that point is here, it hasn’t so its going...need to be brutal and dump it.
      First craft fair is in 10 days and I’m taking a lot of stuff so
      i need to wipe all of the frames over, check none are scratched, get them in order etc so when the day is here I just pick up and go....just need to find it all first 😩😆



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        Good morning all.

        Dry here at the moment high winds forecast for later.

        Day in the workroom for me. Managed to do 20 tags last night before dinner so I didn't fall asleep. Christmas pendants today, then there are all the odd things to do like putting the ribbons and swing tickets on everything and still have to do the branding on the larger things.

        Sorry to hear about your MIL Linda so difficult to cope with, hope she makes a speedy recovery again.

        Enjoy your girlfriend time Caroline, so relaxing and the time goes so quickly you wonder how you have kept talking for three hours solid, well I always do. Hope you have got over your depleted Mojo glitch, sound as if you are back up and running on full steam again.

        Looking forward to seeing the cards Shelley.

        Housework is such a pain Dave even if it is in your mancave. Badly need a clearout here too just never seem to have the time. Going to have so much to do when I retire it will still never get done LOL

        Have a good day all.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Morning all,

          Bright, dry and a little warmer.

          Linda you are on a roll with the sorting and cleaning, it does happen sometimes, the mood just takes you. Hope the lemon curd goes smoothly, ha, pun not intended
          I do think that when they get older they don't want to go into hospital because they think they won't come out again. My mum was the opposite, she liked hospital, better than being on her own and I think she liked being spoilt, no housework, meals presented and someone to talk to. She did actually die in hospital.
          Hope your MIL improves.

          Caroline,enjoy your girls morning out, hope the errands go well. Bee brooches sound pretty.

          Dave I am surprised with 2 log burners that you don't burn all your scraps for fire starting or just as a way to get rid of them, saves a trip down the dump. All the cardboard boxes we get are saved for fire lighting, we burn most of our card and paper rubbish so long as its clean. Its the best way to securely dispose of unwanted paper work, no way to reconstruct ashes Apparently those intent on stealing your ID will spend the time to piece together shredded and even cross shredded paper. They only need bits of it to make it usable.
          I hope your clear out goes well and you will be able to enter the room safely

          Mo enjoy your day creating, on the downhill run to the next event? I think your new blingy bits will sell well.

          Today Simon needs to go back the club, they have added more speakers to system, so more wiring and he will have to go back tomorrow when they arrive, hopefully it will all be finished tomorrow.

          I did all the pictures yesterday evening, going to spend sometime sorting and cropping them, hopefully post later today/evening. The new lightbox is very good, very versatile and just the right size. Being able to put the lights where you want (strong magnet) and dim them is excellent, should make avoiding glare and dark spots easy, but I do need to work out the best configuration, yesterday was quite close but I think it could be better. I also used the black background, seemed to make them pop more.

          I need to put more laundry in the machine, and get the stuff off the radiators and into the tumble dryer to finish off. A bit of tidying up in the kitchen and living room, need to run round with vacuum tomorrow.

          This week is the first week since Pepper died that I have felt more connected to the world, feels like I have been floating about, feel more grounded and its all a little easier. I was feeling a bit weepy at the smallest thing, that seems to be abating too. The other 2 cats seems to have settled into the new routine. Just realised its only been about 6 weeks, feels like forever ago and yesterday at the same time.

          Take care all and have a good day.