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Tuesday 19th

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  • Tuesday 19th

    Morning All

    See Linda in the wings, hope we don't both post at once.

    Very cold last night got to -4 everything is twinkling but not good if out on the roads. We have to detour atm as one road is closed, Lord knows what they are doing only dug up a couple of months ago!

    Yesterday was okay, ended the afternoon holding the bags for Lee to put in all the leaves, lower back was not happy. Resting today with maybe some sewing. This weekend is going to be the last for making for the fair. Got another sale of 3 items yesterday that makes my 50th sale since reopening in May. Not much but I am more than happy.

    So pleased your car is back on the road Linda, must admit only having 1 miss when not around.

    Mo how did the donations go, how much was usable?

    Dave more cutting.

    Shelley any pic's on your cards?

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all...

    Good old frost last night...thick fog this morning.
    Got the logburner back in, reconnected the flue and sealed it up, it’ll be on today. Got the guys coming next Monday to do the other one, this one doesn’t need removing to sweep though, just the flue pipe.
    Printed a load of “Care” notices for the rear of my framed work as its surprising how many people fit above radiators or in freezing cold zones, in direct sunlight in conservatories etc....acid free natural fibre paper doesn’t like that, it might not be colour fast plus it expands and contracts hence only tagging it down here and there, gives it room to move without stretching so less chance of it warping.
    I’ve printed some bauble box notes saying “Only handle by the ribbon, not the join around the bauble” because the cuts sit in the 1mm recess at the join, if you squeeze at the joint it pops the cut out of the seam....public eh?
    Printed out proper little cards with prices, stall name etc on for each frame so it all looks neat and uniform.
    Bit of shopping today, clearing the garden up later, cutting to be done.
    Noticed my car exhaust blowing a little, repair bill probably be a lot 😩😆
    Linda, glad your car is less painfully fixed...
    Caroline, watch that back... today?
    Shelley....hows the cards coming along? gone yet?



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      See Linda in the wings, hope we don't both post at once.
      I was hanging around waiting for you to post first Caroline

      Morning all! Opened the back door to find the paths are more dry than wet this morning, for the first time in over two weeks Just got the much lower temperatures to deal with now - not good on top of saturated ground and not likely to rise above a maximum of 4 deg today.

      Yesterday - not the best of days, collected some lovely cooking apples from a lady in the village (even that wasn't straightforward), car went wrong on the way home, but best garage in the world sorted it; unpacked stock from Sunday and had a major major sort out in the store room and the reserve storage; phone call from MIL been taken to hospital (again) now home and OK; exhausted so another early night.

      Today - I am going to try and have something approaching a "normal" day.
      First thing to do is go and pay the garage for their wonderful work yesterday, then weekly shopping, pop up to brother's, nip round to local Lidl, fill up car with fuel, butchers on the way home.
      Someone posted on fb a traffic news item that there's been another accident on the same local road as the one on Sunday (3 died, 2 taken to hospital), but a few miles further towards the town we can't name because the forum thinks it is a rude word - 4th major accident in a month on local roads.
      Need to make at least two batches of lemon curd in the next couple of days, and get some laundry done while the drainage is working efficiently.

      Caroline - definitely need to rest your back today, but I'm sure you'll find something to keep your fingers busy. Well done on more sales
      Mo - glad the recent donations weren't all dross. As for the Christmas opening - well small victory I suppose, but would be nice if they'd listen to you and learn the lesson!
      Dave - still busy - when is the next fair? Anything before the end of next month?
      Shelley - glad your car got you where you needed to be The mechanics (bless them) came and collected my car - we're only a couple of miles from the garage albeit in the next village - and it was returned by one of them on his way home later in the afternoon. Their computer said it was spark plugs, so cleaning and replaced with new. No invoice yet - will be paying this morning on my way to shopping. I'll have a think about your suggestion for the preserves - I already do small jars of sweet preserves, both jellies and jams, so when I have time I'll do a bit of experimenting to see if it's the kind of thing that will be accepted in this area (they are very very conservative in tastes).

      Have a good day - back later


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        “Dave - still busy - when is the next fair? Anything before the end of next month?”

        Yes Linda, still very busy, next fair is the 30th of this month then I think I’m demoing at Petes outlet on the 31st then I’ve got the Artisan market on the seventh of December so three over around eight far 😁...



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          Careful on that paving Linda.

          Same fair date as mine Dave.

          Oh joy the gardeners are out in force, why do they have such rowdy equipment?


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            Afternoon all,

            Cold dry and bright here.

            Caroline take care in this weather, being cold is never good for bad backs. 50 sales in approx 28 weeks is about 2 a week, not a bad average.
            How did you know Linda was "waiting in the wings" ? When I check who's online it usually only me and lots of guests.

            Dave good plan printing care notices, why do people think things are indestructible. I enjoy that bit actually, printing and labeling and giving it all a unified look. You will be glad of the log burners this week, frosty and cold all over. Still got the bike, need to go over and do some pictures, last weekend his road was difficult to get to because roads round him were flooded. Will try this Monday to get to him.

            Linda it might not have been a good day car wise but so good to have the best garage close to you and get it all sorted and back in the same day. Sorry to hear your MIL is not well. Lemon curd mmmmmmmmmmmmmm one of my favorites.

            Mo back in the shop, hope its ok and not too many yacky "donations" and the window display is emptying

            My friend in Spain has just found out her step father died over the weekend so will be seeing her when she comes for the funeral, not sure when that is yet.

            I am going to get the light box out after I finish writing this and do some pictures. Also need to go and put some laundry in the machine. Simon is out at the club doing the last of the install, hopefully he can finish it off today. his SUV needs to go for an MOT next week, hope its ok, last time they said it might need new tires, I hope not all of them cos thats not going to be cheap.

            Take care all and have a good day.



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              How did you know Linda was "waiting in the wings" ? When I check who's online it usually only me and lots of guests.
              I usually log in first thing in the morning (well, after I've fed cats, opened curtains, tidied the kitchen and utility room) then I multitask checking my regular sites and email whilst waiting to see if Caroline - or sometimes Dave - is posting. We still manage to post duplicate threads sometimes, especially if I have to go out and just post without checking.

              MIL is elderly, chronically ill and seriously overweight. She also thinks the GPs don't know what they are talking about so won't contact them at the first sign of infection etc, and consequently she ends up in hospital because she's got so bad her neighbour or one of the many people who come in to "do" for her can't do anything else. We have tried to explain things to her, that early treatment saves a lot of time money and effort for everyone and she'd get better more quickly, but we don't know what we're talking about either!

              Went to pay the car bill and they won't charge for collection and delivery - so I gave them a generous tip for the Christmas party/share out etc.

              Lemon curd will have to be done tomorrow - I've started taking apart a piece of lace I've lost interest in doing and the afternoon and evening have flown by!