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Saturday 16th

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  • Saturday 16th

    Morning All! Wet outside, but not actually raining at the moment. Overnight rain must have been less intense than forecast as we're not in immediate danger of flooding and internal water levels are within normal range. Pretty sure the extra pumps on the sewage/drainage system were on again last night before levels started rising.

    Yesterday, despite the tiredness I managed to unpack the fair stuff, do the paperwork and repack ready for tomorrow's event. Sat quietly for a few minutes while friend's funeral service was on, since we couldn't be there in person. Spent a lot of time trying to sort out card reader, did research on other options and ended up ordering SumupAir (thanks for the pointer Dave). Local fb group stallholders very enthusiastic about it, some have used it for a number of years without problems, and only one person less than impressed. One lady from the group sent me a link for a discount of 35% off, which made it affordable this side of payday, so hoping I'll be up and running early next week.

    Today, as weather has been much quieter overnight have managed 4/5 hours unbroken sleep, although still tired. Started off the day with a nose bleed, but that's stopped now. Plans: general tidying, last checks of stuff for tomorrow, pumps will need to be dismantled and hoses emptied, soak in the bath, more sleep if I can manage it.

    Might be able to catch up with who is doing what to some degree:
    Caroline - still busy with lots of new ideas, visits to markets, garden centres etc. Hope you are both well.
    Mo & Pete - busy with creating more beautiful items for your next fair (next weekend?). Saw the latest bauble on fb and think it is just as gorgeous as those already done.
    Dave - back to the cutting, framing etc. Restocking the outlets and getting ready for more events?
    Shelley - busy in the shop, but coping OK I hope. Managing to get some work done on cards and hopefully selling to shop customers.

    Seem to have lost Cheryl

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    Morning All

    Pleased your rain and the pumps seem to be behaving Linda. Which sum up did you go for must admit tempted by the no phone one but a bit too expensive atm plus never get asked if I take cards at the local fair. My paypal reader cannot connect in the village and cannot get internet on my phone I am on a PAYG though so that could be the problem.

    Not happy with the peony did not chose the right colours, can use for something else though. On reflection took so long to stitch out think will have to look for a different flower or use organza as the base could not sell at this rate. Used a whole reel of the base colour this was a smaller reel than my normal 1000m's about 250mtrs so a lot.

    How is the making coming along Mo for your fairs have you finished the snowmen and penguins?

    Dave what are you working on?

    Shelley thank you for the link may get the 40cm one as think this would hold the reading pillows better. Have also ordered some photo backing fabric which I can cut up and fit in the light tents etc.

    Hope Cheryl is okay.

    Today sorting some more stock. Dismantling a cupboard ready for the new carpet and maybe sort the cupboards and drawers out to get rid of rubbish.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      Which sum up did you go for must admit tempted by the no phone one but a bit too expensive atm plus never get asked if I take cards at the local fair. My paypal reader cannot connect in the village and cannot get internet on my phone I am on a PAYG though so that could be the problem.
      Went for the SumupAir Caroline - like you I looked at the no phone one and would love to have been able to order that, but it's way out of my price range. My phone is on PAYG and it gets internet - when the signal is strong enough. My problem is that the handset I've got doesn't seem to have much internal storage as I'm constantly getting notifications that "internal storage is low", but it is a very cheap phone and I only wanted it for the camera, phone calls, voicemails and texts. I think the first pension payment is going to be squandered on a handset that has more internal storage - once I can find out what I need to look for on the spec (might as well be written in ancient Greek for all I understand all the information given); and I don't want all the fancy film watching, music etc etc stuff so don't want to overpay for something I won't use.



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        Morning all...

        Dry here, no wind, no flood defences so the river has started to drop again orcthe Welsh swell hasn’t got here yet.

        Got the logburner out yesterday, wasn't too bad considering its a double door one.
        the bolts that hold the flue collar on the top had rotted as there was no rain cap on the chimney so I had to drill those out and fit new bolts. The enclosure is lined with slate tiles so they had to be cleaned and re-grouted, all ready now for the sweep on Monday and a rain cap fitted.

        Glad you thought the Sumup looked better, the only downsides to the 3G one are cost but then again you aren’t paying for a monthly phone contract to support the connection, (the 3g cost is only equal to about 3 months of phone rental) can only do 55 transactions per charge ( we should be so lucky eh?) and you can’t add an external printer...
        ...As I said previously, a friend of mine was at a function and only hers would work out of all of them and she had a poor signal too. Linda, at 35% off, its a steal 👍🏻
        I’d get one but most of my work goes via the outlet, I’ve never been asked about card payments either, might step it up a notch next year though.
        I’m cutting another cat as the last one is in Hawaii now and another owl as he’s flown the coop too..

        Bought some square favour boxes and shredded tissue for my baubles and have just had delivered a beech print stand at just over 1/2 of the price of those on Amazon to add to the rest of the paraphernalia that I lug to these fairs but it will free up table space.
        Hope all stay busy and dry..



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          I feel the same Dave with only 1 event a year now not worth it. Think the sum up looks good though.

          I get internet out and about but not enough to work the paypal app which is a shame. Atm do not want a contract phone as hardly ever use it. Only if out without Lee which is about 4 times a year that I have got there and when I am on the way home. No I do not use a phone driving but the phone connects to the car, so only tell the annoying woman who I want to call. She even rabbits if I use the car and no phone is present. My language to her at times can be quite bad!!!!
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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, bright and cold here.

            Linda glad to hear the water is subsiding and you should get some uninterrupted sleep. It has calmed down a bit in the shop, started another card this afternoon, waiting for my new photo box to arrive and then will do photos.

            Caroline, sometimes things don't work out how we had envisaged it. Its the way of creating. I think the 40cm for you is better, you do have more 3d projects that need it.

            Dave, that was quick work with the woodburner. Our fire has a back boiler and is cemented in with some special mica and cement mixture. It has a 6 inch flue then breaks out into the main chimney, sweeps seem to manage fine.

            Mo a day in the shop? Hope its not too bad.

            We do seem to have lost Cheryl, hope its only temporary.

            Not much planned for today, minding the shop as usual and starting a new card, a wreath based design this time. As you will see from the pictures soon , I have really got in to flowers and foliage this year. Looking forward to some spring flowery cards. Think I will treat myself to some fancy double sided dies that do some very pretty flowers for my birthday/xmas. I prefer flatish ones, not full 3d flowers, going to combine them with my chinese dies.

            Still have to charge my battery, probably a job for tomorrow when we are closed during daylight. Not really worried as we have his car and I don't have to go anywhere.

            Have a good day and stay warm and dry, enjoy.



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              Evening all.

              Shop for me today. Jen bless her with the best of intentions has filled all the shelves with product grrrrr. Her policy is the more you have out the more you sell where in fact the customers just stand there and their eyes glaze over, too much to take in, so they walk away. I have sold stuff today and not replaced any of it and there is still too much out. I'm never going to educate her in the nuances of product display. The shop looks like a charity shop at the moment and I hate it. She is so good in lots of ways and don't want to upset her, she is playing by the last managers rules when she was a volunteer and not by mine.

              Glad you have some respite from the threat of flooding Linda, you must be exhausted. Hope it continues to improve and you get some rest.

              Looked at Sumup too and may get one next year to use without a phone as a back up to the iZettle. No point now as we only have a single event left.

              Had a message from a crafting friend today who we did Blenheim with in previous years. We both decided to give it a miss this year for lots of reasons. She went there on Thursday, the second day of trading, to find the car parks more than half empty, only a single coach in the coach park, no queue to get in at opening time and a load of disgruntled exhibitors. Think we jumped ship at the right time. Just got to hope that the alternative we have decided to do is the right one for us.

              Enjoy your card making Shelley.

              Sometimes you have to do prototypes Caroline to see if they are worth the effort. Just done that wit the Swarovski crystal pendant and I think they will be worth doing. Going to do a proper one tomorrow and see what it actually costs. If it's as quick as I hop then I will do several and they won't be one of a kind although every turning will be different. Need some affordable items as well as the OOAK.

              Nearly time for Strictly. Have a good evening all. keep warm forecast here for below freezing tonight.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.