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Friday 15th

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  • Friday 15th

    Morning all! Had a comparatively quiet few hours and the lake at the side of the house reduced considerably during the late hours last night, but it has just started raining again so probably have to get the pumps going again within the hour. Local forecast looking like mainly dry for the next few days, but TV forecast doesn't agree with that. Don't know what to believe.

    Managed about 3 and a bit hours of sleep in the chair downstairs, but still feeling a bit sick with the tension of yesterday, and not being able to go to the funeral. Woken up around 4am-ish by cat clattering out of the cat flap then wailing for "the staff" to let him back in a few minutes later.

    Lots of clearing and cleaning to be done, especially in the kitchen. Everything from yesterday to be unpacked, sorted, re-packed and listed ready for Sunday, but all will be done around a quiet few minutes of remembrance this morning, how we feel and what needs to be done to contain any weather.

    Dave - pleased you made it home safely and have battened down hatches
    Mo - glad someone made a decision and acted on it to get the window repaired; hope it's a permanent repair, or at least long lasting
    Caroline - still being productive and still full of ideas
    Shelley - sounds like you've got a particularly busy life at the moment - hope you are looking after yourself and the mogs

    Probably back later, but HAGO

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    Morning all

    Oh Linda you are really going through it weather wise atm. Sorry you cannot make the funeral but with the flooding probably better to be safe. Sorry the fair was not that good and with an idiot on the roads just not on.

    Wayne was a lot quieter yesterday Shelley think he has settled back into the deliveries. Apparently JL had him in the store handing out samples of food, he is a good ambassador as very friendly and cheerful. Hope you get your car battery sorted.

    Don't blame you for going home Dave the weather looks dreadful.

    Well done on the window replacement of the original fix, let's hope this one works! Good luck with the decos today.

    Can you let me have a link to the 12" light tent Shelley. Mine is about 8" and the large ones is too big but could do with slightly bigger for larger items.

    For me today, home finishing off the first peony and checking that the resin in the bottles has set. Just need to add the loose flower and those are all done. Need to check the stock list I started for the fair, sort out some more bits and pieces and the props. Saturday week only seems a few days ago it was 8 weeks to go, eek.

    HAGO and BBL x


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      And just to a insult to injury my card reader won't work - several embarassing moments at the fair trying to take payments and finally discovered it was "downloading a software update" - except it wasn't. I've had several goes at it, leaving it going for up to an hour at a time, but it gets up to about 14% download then card reader disconnects and reconnects and it all starts from scratch. I even switched it all off and left it overnight, then turned it back on again, but same thing happened.

      Finally gave up and uninstalled the app and reloaded it, now the card reader won't connect to the phone - keeps telling me "there is a problem please try again" - after the 20th time I give up.

      Would help if I understood how these things are supposed to work, but I'm completely lost with it all.

      Thinking I'm going to have to buy a new reader, but that's not useful when I'm in the middle of a busy period of events. I'll email the company when the cat vacates my lap and I can type a considered query.

      Looking forward to the end of this year and hoping next year is less unpredictable!

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        What is your card reader Linda?


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          It's an iZettle2 Caroline. I've only had it year and used it less than a dozen times. Less than impressed at the moment


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            I had the iZettle and gave up in the end now have a paypal reader. I know some people have problems with that. Waiting for Stripe to bring one out they are trialing in the US atm. I use Stripe as an alternative to Paypal on Folksy.


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              Thanks Caroline. I spent a lot of time investigating options before I went for the iZettle, but I think I might need to start from scratch again. It's annoying because I only really need it for May/June and November as I rarely do events at other times.


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                Morning all...

                Dry, clear here today, river is up again, the Environment agency are making a decision later about deploying the flood defences.
                Need to unpack the last of the stuff we brought home...
                Need to get the logburner out...
                Linda, water problems again...hope it recedes quickly so you can get some sleep..
                Card readers....the SumupAir is getting great reviews, I know a lot who have them, no complaints. They work even with a poor signal and do a 3g version if you don’t want to hook up to a phone, 1.69% per transaction. If you know someone who has one has one, if they send you the link you’ll get 30% off atm...
                Everyone else sounds busy, have a goodun, stay safe.



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                  Morning all.

                  Sorry to hear you are having so many problems to cope with at the moment Linda. We both have iZettle and have had no problems with it so far, touch wood and that superseded Paypal which we didn't get on with at all LOL Think you pays your money and takes your chance ! Just had a look at Sumup Air out of interest. The phone free one looks like a great option and maybe next year we will look to get one to supplement our iZettle.

                  Hope the rain doesn't come to much in the next couple of days, the worry and the lack of sleep must be very stressful.

                  Time is going very fast Caroline. Can't believe we will be doing our last event of the year at the end of the month and we are looking at next years bookings already, scary. On the plus side I'm getting nearer to retirement.

                  Christmas decorations again today after a trip to the farm shop for some veg.

                  Have a good day all, keep warm.


                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Going for the multi-option approach on the card reader - Dave the SumupAir looks viable and I've just asked a local fb stallholders group for any comments as I'd rather listen to the people who use the gadgets than the people who sell them! I have also emailed the iZettle people to see what help they can offer with my predicament.

                    Watch this space!

                    PS: more rain expected tonight, so another night sleeping in the chair downstairs


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                      Afternoon all,

                      Dry here but cold.

                      Strange morning, woke up and was feeling really dizzy. Smon had to get up and open the shop. The coal arrived, glad he was there to do that. I went back to sleep and then woke up at about 1pm feeling better but not 100%. Not sure what it was all about but it happens about once a year or less, its usually combined with a funny tummy, well I had the funny tummy yesterday so probably a delayed reaction. A quiet day today.

                      Linda so sorry your doing battle with the water again, but I have to say you do seem well prepared what with pumps and well rehearsed routines for dealing with it. Hope you get some sleep, it not what you need at your busiest time and you get something sorted out with the card reader. Ours it a fixed one on a telephone line, we have been having a niggley problem with it for years, I have to plug it in to the internet every so often for it to update, it won't do it over the phone line but it takes money no problem. I don't suppose you have the option to plug it into your router rather than doing it wirelessly? No idea if it would work, but worth a thought.

                      Glad to hear your delivery was more peaceful this time Caroline. I had the same problem, one too big and one too small, now I will have the 3 bears
                      This is the light box
                      There is a 20x20x20, 30x30x30 and a 40x40x40 option.
                      I went for the 30cm one, just a bit bigger than my 20cm one, but it has better lights, movable and dimmable too.

                      Dave hope the water stays low for you too. Have fun wrestling with the woodburner.

                      Mo so glad the repairs have been done, hope it works and you stay dry, it really is a false economy to ignore leaks they only get worse and do lots of unseen damage. Time is flying, can't believe it will be 2020, it sounds like a sci fi date

                      Take care all and stay dry and warm.