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Thursday 14th

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  • Thursday 14th

    Another flying visit before I set off for my second day at the fair.

    Not news - but it's raining, and forecast heavy rain all day. Lovely :/

    Have a good day everyone and hope your day is less wet than mine.


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    Morning All

    Good luck for today Linda x

    Mo I love sparkles and crystals are perfect forget what Pete says just like Lee does not understand bling!

    Dave busy as always.

    Shelley what are your plans for today?

    Quite busy this morning, Waitrose about 9am, let's hope it is quieter than last week. A driver that we have had for years has been poorly and off for 6 months. He came with Edward last week, I opened the front door and he shouts 'I'm back'! woke up all the neighbours and probably the village, lol.

    Resin in the rest of the jars and taping to hold the flowers in place, then Mike Frost Carpets are arriving to measure up for a new carpet in the study at 11.30. Watching the Apprentice this pm.

    May get the embroidery machine started on the peony flowers to go in the tear shaped baubles, with a tea light.

    HAGO & BBL x


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      Afternoon all,

      Its been a mixture of rain and sun here, but cold all day.

      Linda hope it doesn't rain too much for you and that you have good event. Safe travels.

      Caroline hope the delivery was peaceful and the carpet measuring went well. The resin should be set by now? Enjoy the Apprentice, I watch it occasionally but sometime the tasks that are set seem silly to me. I prefer it towards the end.

      Dave in Wales? hope its not too wild and woolly for you.

      Mo in the shop, any repairs done yet?

      Its been a busyish day in the shop, got some paperwork done, ordered some spare parts and did some hires. Also managed to tidy up the garden, put away the last of the garden furniture and did the bins ready for a 1/2 ton delivery of coal tomorrow, heat for about 6-7 weeks

      Finished another card last night, tonight I am going to photograph them all, then label and pop them in cello bags ready to put on the rack and post pics on FB and here.
      Then plan and prep some more

      I went to go to the shops at about 5pm and my car wouldn't start, probably needs a new battery, I will sort that tomorrow or early next week. Simon will probably try charging it and that may work but if it fails in this weather I would rather have a new one. So I am waiting til 6pm and Simon will take me in his SUV, so glad to have 2 vehicles, we have always had at least 2 and usually my bike. Its too dark and cold to start messing around under the bonnet.

      Have a good day all and stay warm and dry.



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        Evening all....

        Wales was freezing cold this morning, very strong winds, rain, so we packed up and just got in. Again through Powys, snow on the hills, sleet all the way through.
        Just got to unpack it all again, sort it out ready for March...
        Flood warnings here on the Severn again...
        Got to get the logburner out before Monday so we can have the chimney swept and a rain cowl fitted...
        Stay safe all..

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          Evening all.

          Hope your day was a good one Linda and you got home safe.

          Look forward to seeing the new cards Shelley. Always something with vehicles hope it gets sorted quickly and easily without too much expense.

          Glad you made it back safely Dave. Bit of sleet here but worse just above the M4 and surrounding hills.

          Shop day and lordy they did come and replace the lead flashing yesterday. Hope they did it right, won't know till the next storm. Jen attacked the Christmas window today, left her to it as mainly her idea and she has put a lot of work into it. When she asked my opinion I gave it but tried to stay out of it apart from that. We have very different tastes and I think there is too much toot in it. Every time I thought she had finished another bit of plastic was added. Had to remind her that the window was also to sell product from, not just a display of props LOL May have to be sneeky and remove some bits on my days in on the pretext of having to display more goods to sell.

          Pete reminded me today only 40 days to Christmas day, sure doesn't sound a lot. Day off again tomorrow so back on the Christmas Decorations.

          Think I may have a sort out of my Christmas box tonight as Pete is at turning club and see what I have squirreled away over the last few months and what I need to get still.

          Had all the booking forms for 2020 events this week so my head is going around trying to think what I can fit in with work.

          Have a good evening all and keep warm.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.



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            Evening Everyone! Had a fun day company-wise at the fair, but not enough in sales to cover costs. Goodish trip there this morning, hair raising trip home especially when the idiot van driver (think small/medium furniture removals van) overtook me just as I entered a very large and very deep flood on a narrow and dark country road. It was like being submerged, I couldn't see a thing out of any of the windows and the car was grinding to a halt because I was in the deepest part of the flood - I called him a very nasty name. Went through half a dozen other full road floods, some of which I didn't actually see until I was in them.

            Pleased to be home, but found OH had to get the pumps out as we are in danger of flooding again.

            Have very reluctantly had to call off the trip to Essex to our friend's funeral as conditions from here as far as Cambridge are so bad even my brother is reluctant to risk the trip.

            Feeling shattered from the stress, but need to stay up tonight to attend to pumps. Will be cat-napping in the chair.

            Hope you're all safe and well and enjoy the rest of your evening.


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              Sorry the event wasn't a financial success Linda and the journey was so bad. Then to be confronted with more flooding problems really is awful for you. Hope you can get some sleep, good luck.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Thanks Mo. The rain has stopped for the moment and the well is no longer filling up at an alarming rate. The lake on the other side of the house is reducing slowly now we've got the pump going there.



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                  Evening all,

                  So glad to hear you are all back home safely, Linda you sound like you had hairy drive back and from the sounds of it that van driver deserved to be called a nasty name. Shame you didn't cover costs.

                  Glad you made it too Dave. We need to do our chimney too but now its cold its more difficult to arrange, we need a mild night where we can let the fire go out and get it cleaned the next day. However we have just discovered one of our long standing customer's day job is a chimney sweep so should be able to make it work.

                  Very happy to hear they came and did the flashing Mo, hope it works. I think I agree with you about the display, just quietly take bits out til its ok.
                  Pictures of the cards won't be till Monday now, my light box, studio thing is too small. I did some looking and found one that is bigger but not huge, I have one that is enormous for cards and one that is only really any good for something like jewelry. The new one has movable LED strip lights and they are dimmable and its just over a foot square. It is going to arrive Monday, so pictures then.

                  Its time now to settle in for the winter and keep busy during the long nights ready for spring.

                  Take care all and sleep well, hope the water stays away Linda.