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Saturday 12th

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  • Saturday 12th

    Morning all

    Made 2 of the pocket bags yesterday posted the Elf one this morning and hope to get the other 2 done today. Reindeer and Santa. Then onto something new, have a load of ideas, Still to make up the vinyl coin purses and tissue holders, these are for the fair as someone does similar on Folksy. Did not want them to think copying but been making these for years only now can you get pretty printed vinyl. will get those done this weekend.

    As the weather is so bad not sure will be doing much else. Have to have the lights on all the time. As surrounded by trees the house is quite dark inside. Have a lot of programmes to catch up on the Craft one being one of them. Several people have said the same as me no business side such as insurance etc and unlikely to make a living on £200 a month.

    HAGO and BBL to check up what you are all up to x

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    Morning all - a bit on the dull side, treetops breezy and nippy outside. However, despite the national forecast showing rain the local one shows the sun coming out and a dry day with temperatures lifting slightly for us.

    Yesterday, some of you will have seen on fb had another go with some of Mum's sillk flower making stuff. I have boxes and bags of bits and bobs already cut out, part made up, wired up, lined etc so decided to take the plunge and just try putting some of them together without stressing about what sort of flower they were supposed to be and what needs to be done to make them. As I also have boxes of materials, wires, stamens etc and no tuition in this particular craft it's all trial and error as the few books I have really don't cater for total beginners. I'm one of those people who learns far better by being shown how to do something and getting those occasional little tips from someone rather than just reading about it. I really need to have a grounding in the basics of something before I can use written instruction for advancing my skills. Other than that, a bit more general tidying, few more bits cleared and disposed of, then another go at the ongoing family tree tidy up.

    Today, need to pop into Barton this morning, but nothing specific planned otherwise. Need to run the dishwasher so might get a batch of the new jars in there too.

    Caroline - productive day again for you yesterday. Don't know where you get your ideas from - do you note them all down in a book or do they just stay in your head until they become physical?
    Mo - glad the phone call was positive - fingers crossed that something actually gets done. Good work on the snowment and penguins - are you anywhere near having enough ready for the remaining events this year?
    Dave - can't resist the call of the celtic lands! Hope you can enjoy some time for cutting and some R&R.
    Shelley - life settling down into a new routine? How are the other cats, do you think they are coming to terms with the loss?



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      I have journals/notebooks going back years with ideas and sketches in. Swatches of fabric etc. Get them out when at a loss and look through them. Also add photos of things I have made as a memory jogger.

      So so many and more added weekly not sure will ever make all of them, lol

      Saw your flowers on FB they look really well made and am sure your Mum would be proud of what you have done.


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        Afternoon all,

        Rain rain rain.

        Its been a gray day, doesn't help with feeling sad, but looking on the bright side I did some card making yesterday evening it was very good for the soul.
        I have got some ideas about more and have started planning them. I have a sketchbook, a habit I learnt from art classes and jot down ideas and put in colour swatches or colour with pens/pencils. I also have a notepad on my tablet and will use it too for ideas. If I am trying to get inspiration I have a ringbinder with a photocopy of all the packets my dies came in arranged by make and I will flip through that or just look through my large stash of paper/card or even just the card blanks and things can grow from one thing. I have all my photos on my PC and will look through those too. Very useful when asked to do one similar.

        Caroline another day full of fabulous ideas, the Elf shoes are great. Its always a problem people thinking you have copied ideas when you have been doing it for years, maybe post one mentioning it is one from years ago?

        Linda those flowers look lovely, the glittery ones are not for me but I am sure people with love them at xmas. I am thinking of doing a few more cards with flowers but flatter ones so they post easily.

        Mo more work on the fab snowmen and penguins? or back in the shop? Hope it goes well.

        Dave keeping dry down in sunny Wales? Getting to grips with some cuts? Enjoy.

        Have a good day everyone.



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          Evening all...

          Yes Linda, you are correct, we couldn’t resist the draw. Been lovely today, nice and sunny, mild this morning, nippy toward teatime.
          Just had a beautiful pink sunset in front of us, right over Cardigan bay.
          Been cutting for a few hours this afternoon, fair bit on, bauble inserts finally finished, just need some ribbon...Sue can do that bit, my bows end up as reef knots 😆 got a portrait to crack on with for Pete’s, then the cut for Korrie in Aus, A3 thank God! She is on the autism spectrum so the amount of detail she sees and crams in is unreal, its her talent that many people with autism etc seem to have in one creative form or another.....then she sends them to me to cut 🤓😂😂....once Amy gets here on Monday with little man, I won’t have room to do a lot....still, brought my other metal detector for a bit of beach combing with the dog, get a bit of peace 😩😁

          Hope you’ve all had a goodun’, catch up tomorrow


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            Evening all.

            Late again, sorry.

            Shop day and now have to do 2 x 6 day weeks followed by 2 more days before I have a day off except Sundays. Could be some long days getting ready for the coming shows.

            Found out today that I'm losing another volunteer in early November her family are moving back to Northampton don't know how I am going to manage with just Jen and basically three useful volunteers. One other is a lady with learning difficulties who just loves to come in and s o c i a l i s e a couple of hours two days a week and the last one does 2 hours one day a week if she can be bothered. Definitely have a new lady starting after Christmas and hoping our long term sick lady will be back then too, now she has had a medical procedure for her heart. She is dying to get back, bored to tears at home but can't risk her coming in till she has had the ok from the hospital.

            Pete said we would win enough on the lottery tonight for me to leave ...................he was wrong LOL

            Must do some cleaning tomorrow. Pete bless him, has done all the washing, most of the ironing, and hoovered through today and is doing all the cooking on the days I work as well as turning for the shows. I should do more in the evenings but crackered after a day in the shop.

            I have lots of notebooks too Caroline along with a huge collection of saved inspiration on Pinterest, notes and photos on my phone as I see things and stuff floating around in my head. May get to use some or all of it one day.

            Glad you are able to feel some inspiration Shelley despite your sadness for crafting.

            Enjoy Wales Dave.

            Hope the inspiration for using the flower components is coming on Linda.

            Catch you all tomorrow.

            Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
            Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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              Originally posted by MornieG Jewellery View Post
              Evening all.

              Pete said we would win enough on the lottery tonight for me to leave ...................he was wrong LOL

              No I said I had a thought about winning the date wrong


              P.S. where are all the classic smilies etc gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci