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Sunday 6th

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  • Sunday 6th

    Morning all

    Pouring with rain and very cold. Think winter has come early. The local old boy's are saying a bad winter, due to the berries.

    Stitched out another elf shoe, will rinse today and make up the first one, list etc. for tomorrow. Also cut out a coin purse with key fob ring and matching tissue case. Made in faux printed leatherette. Will put some ribbon round and sell as sets at the fair. Ordered some packs of handbag tissues to add to them. May make some more today. Just thinking of stocking fillers etc. They are quick and easy to do, no lining required.

    Thinking of you Shelley and Pepper.

    How are you getting on with the resting Linda, cat's still needing cuddles. Perhaps as they get older they miss you more.

    Mo and Pete hope goes well today, we have rain atm not sure what you are like at Wisley.

    Dave sunning himself and warm......

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all! Very wet out there - certainly some very heavy rain until around 7.00am, but don't know when it started. Not actually raining at the moment, but expect it to start again any time soon; quite breezy at ground level, and nowhere near daylight.

    Yesterday, bits and bobs done, cut out the cotton/Christmassy jar toppers, finished knitting up all oddments of yarn and started next project - cardigan from war time pattern in 3-ply, so will keep me busy for a while.

    Today, won't be going to the farmers market - closes at lunchtime and rain not due to ease off until after noon; means I'll have to rethink a couple of Christmas presents as I have my own events elsewhere for the next two markets so can't get there Nov and Dec. Still need to pop into Barton later today to do a couple of chores. Have marked up jar toppers on the hessian, but want to put a line of stitching round the edge of each before I cut out as it's such a loose weave it won't take much for it to come apart.

    Caroline - going on steadily with the creativity
    Shelley - hope Pepper is holding her own this morning - thinking of you both
    Mo and Pete - pleased to hear you had a good(ish) day yesterday, hope today can match or exceed it
    Dave - glad to hear you're enjoying yourself; be a bit of a shock to the system when you have to come back to Blighty



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      Zig zag on a machine Linda on the hessian.


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        Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
        Zig zag on a machine Linda on the hessian.
        That's exactly what I've just spent the last couple of hours doing Followed by 20 minutes brushing ends and fibres from everywhere then vacuuming!
        Still got to finish trimming the individual toppers (more loose fibres everywhere!) but can do that later.