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Friday 4th

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  • Friday 4th

    Morning all

    An odd day as very overcast, no rain atm but due a lot later. Think we will miss Lorenzo.

    Beads arrived and angels finished. Will continue the other 4 designs for the bags today. Have done one and listed this morning. As only listing one a day for the challenge with the angels with different coloured heads enough to keep the posting going.

    Once the bags are finished will set the machine up to stitch out the elf shoe components. Just need to find some sweeties to fill them with to photograph and display.

    Linda more resting and knitting? hope you are giving the poor moggies more room today.

    Mo are you at an event this weekend? You do so many get confused. If you are safe journey and hope a good one.

    Shelley how is Pepper and your leg, sorry not asked about the latter as thought it had healed. You have had a long hard slog with this problem.

    Dave sunburnt?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Drying up, slight breeze, autumnal temperatures but fortunately no rain forecast for day time today.

    Yesterday was another dossing around day, but I did get the hard floors downstairs cleaned and a load of laundry done, as well as ordering some more jars. Ordinarily I'd have coped with the jars I have in house as we're nearing the end of frantic cooking season, but as most of them come from Europe goodness knows what prices will be like next year when I need them, so getting some in before B-day.

    Today, came downstairs to find George had chucked during the night and had to wash the old blanket cover I have on the chair as well as clean up the lid of my laptop and the floor (he doesn't stay in one place while he's doing it), need to pop into Barton for a couple of chores, make another attempt to get some jar toppers cut out from the fabric I bought the other day (difficult to do it when you have two large felines competing for space on your lap). More athletics this afternoon, but unless Laura Muir pulls off something spectacular don't think it will be quite as exciting as the last couple of days.

    Still on a roll Caroline, but getting the sales as well so everything is worthwhile. Yes, more knitting and moggy cuddling no doubt.
    Mo, hope the shop isn't too onerous today, hope you're just about prepared for the show this weekend.
    Shelley - any noticeable effect from Pepper's changed medication routine? How are your chest and leg? Hope you're finding time to get some rest during the day.
    Dave - Hope you haven't encountered any weather problems and are having fun.



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      Afternoon all,

      Sun and showers here.

      More PAT testing this morning, someone has either given up or is on holiday or has taken on too much.

      I have to go and collect my car in a bit, on the way home pop in and pick up a couple of bits I forgot yesterday.

      Its been hard to settle and do anything lately, the new pills for Pepper doesn't seem to have made a difference, I am sure she is not happy now, but then she goes and does something that makes me wonder. It won't be long now though, I am getting to the point where I can't bear to watch her struggle. I think I will be taking her on Monday to the vet.

      Caroline glad you are keeping up with your challenge, my leg is good, I am going to start leaving it out to the air soon and let it dry up.

      Linda, must be something in the air, yesterday went upstairs late in the afternoon and one of the 2 younger cats had been sick all over the bed. Had to do a complete strip and have now filled the laundry basket up. Sort of ok because I put our winter quilt on, a bit early but it will be fine. In fact last night I slept like a log, I think it might have a good thing in the end.

      Mo busy in the shop, hope its ok.

      Dave and Sue brown yet?

      Have a good day everyone.

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        Evening all.

        Set up day at Wisley and managed to do it without getting too wet. Weather forecast not good for weekend but nothing we can do about it just hope the people down here are a hardy lot and come and visit anyway.

        Pete had a shower and the bathroom ended up with 6mm of water in it there is a leak somewhere. Bath is on a step and waste runs under it and water appeared at the lower level. All dried up by housekeeping and to keep them informed after I shower tomorrow morning. May need to move us. Only here for two nights LOL we are in an upgraded room after problems with housekeeping when we were in here in the spring, dont think this hotel likes us !!.

        So sorry to hear about Pepper Shelley I know you will do what is best. Glad the leg is finally getting better too.

        Caroline is on a roll again.

        Have a Good evening all

        Mo. XXX

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Shelley - I'm so sorry to hear that there's no improvement with Pepper and she seems to be struggling still. I know it's a heartbreaking decision, but I'm sure you won't let her suffer unnecessarily, and if the vet agrees it will be much better for her to go peacefully and without stress than to struggle on with no quality of life.

          Mo - fingers crossed that the actual weather defeats the forecast and you get lots of (paying) customers over the weekend. Flippin' annoying about the bathroom facilities being less than efficient - hope it gets sorted out.