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Thursday 3rd

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  • Thursday 3rd

    Morning All

    Dry but very cold the heating came on again as dropped below 17.5. Walk later and hopefully will see a bit of sun.

    Went to the PO mid morning to send a sale package and 2 B'day gifts. Got back checked my email and another sale, this time the giraffe reading pillow. Packaged up and back to the PO. Good job only round the corner plus does the dog good. Folksy is working for me and so much less hassle than a website. Do join in the daily promotions etc which all helps.

    We have in the village a tool and hire shop, odd I know but he started from his garage then built a shop and offices in part of his garden. Big business now and busy first thing at 7am when the workmen turn up for different things. Anyway useful as needed masking tape and polyfilla. Shiloh can come in there, gets treats and cuddles and they are so much cheaper than the big diy chains. Only thing they were out of was radiator end caps, not the valve one just the cover.

    Yesterday when the postie finally turned up! Sheeting, bells and card arrived. Still waiting on the beads for the angel heads but can finish off the first Xmas bag and continue with the others. Red and green pearl card still to arrive.

    What are your plans today? Linda a jamming session, Mo shop or painting, love the new baubles. Shelley how are you and Pepper doing? Dave sunning himself in fr of climes?

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Good morning all. Could never have asked her to leave the decision had to be hers. She loved coming in and the bit of social interaction with people outside of her home was good too.

    I have been pestering my Assistant Jen to book leave for months, apart from anything else if she doesn't she will lose it at the end of the year. Left it so late and she knows this is our busiest time of the year and decided to take two consecutive weeks off towards the end of this month. I'm going to be working 6 days a week when I need time between shows to get organised for the next one quite apart from the physical aspect of being on my feet for 9 hours a day each day. Not a happy bunny here but not worth the hassle of saying no and causing bad feeling all round.

    Hey ho another day in paradise.

    Glad most of your orders arrived Caroline and you can get on. Well done on the sales too.

    Hope Pepper is holding up Shelley.

    Bye for now.

    Mo XX
    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Dry and almost still here this morning, but decidedly chilly.

      Yesterday was another day of mostly sitting in the chair, watching athletics and knitting. Did have a wander round the new shop and pleased to see that although it's a comparatively small space and they have an awful lot of stuff in it there is still room to move and look at things (will be even better when the novelty wears off and there aren't so many customers milling around!). Got some hessian (not decided fully whether to use for table cover or jar toppers) and some red cotton with small gold stars fabric for Christmas jar toppers.

      Today, another load of laundry to do, need to make a start on marking out and cutting the jar toppers, but can't do it while I've got two large moggies occupying my lap/chair. Jamming has slowed down considerably - still fruit in the freezer but not rammed full, however storage areas are full and overflowing so really would like to wait until the events start and some jars are sold before I start making more. (That's tempting fate as someone is bound to turn up with a bagful of something that needs to be used quickly!) Still athletics to watch so no doubt more knitting will be done. Need to order some more jars once I check how stocks of the various sizes/shapes stand, and update my list of dry ingredients too.

      Sounds like you're in for a busy day Caroline, now supplies have arrived. Great news on the sales too - a steady flow of orders is the best way and fingers crossed it continues like that.
      Mo, sounds like you've got a tough time ahead with having to do so much time in the shop. Don't suppose there's any chance of any of your other support being able to do a little extra time or change their usual hours to support you a bit?
      Dave must be having a great time as we haven't seen him here for a few days
      Shelley - any noticeable effect from Pepper's change of medication or is it too early to tell?

      Piccy of me having my first cuppa yesterday morning! - not much room to spare

      George & Bert 011019.jpg

      HAGO, BBL
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        What are you on about Linda, you have plenty of room, those poor moggies having to squeeze in the chair with you on it, lol


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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          What are you on about Linda, you have plenty of room, those poor moggies having to squeeze in the chair with you on it, lol



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            Afternoon all,

            Dry and the sun is out, not too cold.

            I have been the doctors for my leg still progressing just healing slowly, went to Sainsburys for a biggish shop, they didn't have Peppers licky licks for her pills so had to go to Waitrose which is not far at all, luckily they had them, so now fully stocked for a few days.

            Now just sitting and waiting for that call from the garage, took it in earlier for its MOT, one reason I did a big shop just incase I can't have it for a few days. We have always got the SUV but Simon needs to drive me as I am not insured. I didn't really want to drive it. Its a diesel and has things I don't like - electric windows and central locking. I think though I should get use to it so even if its only in an emergency I can use.

            Pepper is still holding her own, not sure if the pills are working, but we have to give it till Saturday/Sunday.

            I am feeling a bit better, I think I had a bit of a cold, sort of snuffly and coughing yesterday but its gone today.

            The garage where I take my car is literally 500 ft behind us as the crow flies so I walk back, takes about 5 mins. Right opposite the garage is a Scrapstore - Arts and crafts Resource Centre. I forget its there, I have no idea why.

            Its good for all kinds of basic stuff, redliner taper, card and paper stock, and lots and lots of weird and wonderful bit and pieces people have donated. offcuts of vinyl, and all kinds of paper/card. Things like empty thread spools, containers, pots, and loads more. I bought 2 white trays, about 1/4 of an inch high sides and one the size of an A5 and one an A4 sheet, really useful for keeping bits of a project together or use as a palette.
            Only downside is you have to pay a yearly joining fee of £19.50 but then you buy things by weight. So loads cheaper. Funny opening hours too, you need to check the leaflet cos its not easy to remember, only open 10 - 3 Monday, Tuesday, then 4pm -8pm on Wednesday, Thursday 10 - 3, closed Friday and then open the first and third Saturday. Whew, wonder how much business they lose cos of their weird hours.

            Well done on the sales Caroline, its nice when people like seeing your pets, I think its nice for pets to so******e with people and other animals. I am always wary of people who don't like animals.

            Mo did I miss something? One of your ladies leaving? Its a shame, such bad timing, never mind maybe someone will turn up. It going to be busy in the evenings for you.

            Linda, that looks very comfortable for you, the cats look very happy too. Hope you enjoy the downtime, I am sure you will get busy before you know it.

            Dave and Sue tanning nicely, drinks in hand.

            Have a good day all.



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              Evening all,

              Well got the call, the car failed, needs some welding and something to do with the suspension. Thats my pocket money gone for the month.
              I suppose its not too bad, I couldn't buy a car a good as it is for under £300.00 so at least I will be able to drive it for another year, he says mechanically its very good, just needs the welding.

              He did mention the clutch needs replacing, that will have to wait for a bit. I haven't really noticed it but other people do, I suppose I have got used to it slowly declining.

              Have a good evening,



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                Sorry not better news about the car Shelley. At least you have someone trustworthy to do the work. You made me laugh about Simons vehicle, ours has all the bells and whistles, electric windows, keyless entry, central locking plus parks itself. Internal (must be switched off if dog inside) alarm, external alarm. Cameras. Talks to you etc, etc... took a while to get used to but fine now.


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                  Forgot to say Lees cousin rang and wants 3 of the fox lavender linen sachets. This selling lark is getting to be fun.


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                    Evening all.

                    Gosh Shelley sorry to hear your leg is taking so long to heal thought it was doing well.

                    Our new van has manual windows ........... never had a vehicle without electric windows and we have had some old cars in the last few years, really throws us, you go for the button to lower them and it's not there LOL Valerie is great though, Pete loaded her for tomorrow except for the last few bits and pieces. I have to go pick some ivy for decoration in the morning as well. Not too convinced that this event is going to be in any way a success this year. They have reduced it to two trading days instead of three, we set up tomorrow and the weather doesn't look too good either.

                    Had delivery of our Christmas Cards in work today at last and as usual not as the delivery note so just book in what we have and leave the arguments with HO for later.

                    Hope Dave is enjoying his holiday.

                    Linda hope you enjoyed your relaxing day with the moggys.

                    Have a good evening all.


                    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.