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Wednesday 2nd

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  • Wednesday 2nd

    Morning all

    Dry but cold here this morning. have to walk to the PO to drop off some parcels, dog can come with us today!

    Waitrose order, pocket toppers and you never know if the white sheeting arrives can make up the bags properly. Maybe some beads and bells as well.

    Thinking of you Shelley.

    Hope everyone else mis okay, will BBL to check up on your news. x

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    Morning all.

    Chilly one here only 6deg at the moment but the sky is clear and the sun is shining.

    Shop day today but I have Jen in as well so going to take a half day this afternoon from time owing to me for BH and crack on with stuff for the weekend. Always intend to get to get far enough ahead for shows but always seem to be playing catch up just not enough time to do everything.

    Hope your fabric arrives Caroline, hate to think you are sat at home with nothing to do LOL as if ...............................

    Thinking of you and Pepper Shelley.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Bright and chilly here too, but we do have a noticeable breeze blowing in the trees and bushes.

      Yesterday - achieved nothing, but did watch the first couple of Strictly programmes, some of the athletics and got some knitting done.

      Today - have a couple of "running around" chores to do, weekly shopping, and there's a new Boyes store (family owned small department store chain) opened where Lidl used to be so want to investigate there and see how much and what sort of stuff they have. More athletics on this afternoon.

      Caroline, enjoy the walk this morning and hope all your deliveries turn up on time so you can make progress with everything.
      Mo, hope you make excellent progress getting stuff done for the weekend.
      Shelley, thinking of you and hoping life is still peaceful and comfortable.
      Dave, enjoying the sun, sand etc...........



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        Good luck in the shop Mo but at least you have hope and can get your half day in.

        Never heard of Boyes Linda. We have Elphicks in Farnham they are privately owned by an old Farnham family, opened in 1881. Small but tbh I find better than some of the large dept stores.


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          Never heard of Boyes Linda. We have Elphicks in Farnham they are privately owned by an old Farnham family, opened in 1881. Small but tbh I find better than some of the large dept stores.
          Boyes is northern based Caroline, first store in Scarborough,but it sounds much like Elphicks and they started in 1881 too. And, yes, they are compatatively small but often have items which can't be found in the larger stores (not that we have many of those round here). Just had a look at their web site, and they are much more widespread than I thought, but mainly concentrated in the north of the country and Yorkshire/Humber area - certainly haven't reached central, south or south west. And they are often cheaper than buying from elsewhere, plus you can go in and wander round the stores just looking without being hassled by assistants asking if you need any assistance, although there are always staff around to help if needed.
          My kind of store



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            Sounds just like Elphicks, I love it in there. We also had one in Cranleigh, Mann's they are still there as well and doing well.


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              Morning all,

              Sun is out but its nippy.

              Pepper is still here, I have a telephone visit with the vet this afternoon. I remembered last night that he gave me a pill for her breathing if it got worse. he said to use it if she was having difficulty breathing and her normal medication wasn't working. He also said it might make her a bit agitated, not sure what that means. I did some "research" browsing the web and it seems some people have been using this medication (Bricanyl) for several months with their cats and had good results. So I am going to see what the vet says. I am not sure how to administer it, its a 1/4 of a tablet so I am guessing it can be crushed and added to a lickylicks, but I want to double check everything.

              I think that if her breathing was better she would eat more, she is keen as usual when food arrives, tucks ins but then only eats a small amount. She will come back to bowl and eat more during the day/night but I think if she could breath better she would eat better.

              So she may yet continue for awhile longer if it works.

              With these cooler nights last night when I got into bed I felt chilly round my shoulders and thought wouldn't it be nice to have a shawl to put on. So I found some leftover balls of wool and am going to crochet a shawl.

              Hope the walk was pleasant Caroline and the dog enjoyed it too. Hope your supplies arrive.

              Mo glad you are getting some time off, hope you can get lots done.

              Linda we don't have any shops like that anymore, they are all big names, apart from one hardware shop owned by a lovely couple. They have just about everything for the house, garden and pets that you could want. It is an aladdin's cave of a shop, not very big but very full. We are on friendly terms with them and they know of our business (we are within 15/20 minute walk) and recommend each other when appropriate as they do some electricals and we do things they don't that they get asked for.
              I even bought our till from his brother years ago. He had a computer shop that closed and no need for the till.

              Dave and Sue browning nicley?

              Marion, things ok?

              Have a good day everyone.

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                Wonderful - a glimmer of hope that Pepper's problem is medication related and can be resolved with advice. Fingers crossed that the vet can offer some positive advice.



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                  I spoke to the vet and she explained it all to me and agreed it was worth a try. So I have given her a dose and will give her more tomorrow, it will be a couple of days till we can tell for sure if it works.

                  As you say Linda a glimmer of hope and a less stressed me