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Monday 30th

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  • Monday 30th

    Morning All

    Last day of September and looking out the window Autumn is here. Should be dry this morning as need to run some errands and hate dodging rain then sit in the car damp.

    Stitched out the other angels, all hand stitched up ready sitting in a basket waiting for the beads etc. My next project the pocket topper Christmas bags, not a problem as have all the supplies. Well all except the lining, lol. Partly made one up yesterday and looking good.

    Thank you for all your good wishes yesterday, we had a great day and good to be among people that understand a big wedding is not always needed. Mum paid a deposit on our maisonette and with the kitchen white goods, longer lasting than people stuffing themselves at a reception. Marriage can last a lifetime a wedding is just one day. We did what we wanted to do and my parish priest at the time was so sweet about it all. Did have some of the ladies from Mass sit at the back but that was okay, the church is for all.

    Religion is such an emotive topic and generally comes from mis-understanding and listening to old wives tales. I go to mass on and off, Lee sometimes comes with me. We stop for the coffee and chat afterwards and whilst I am sure people know Lee is not one of the flock, they never ask or comment. Just make him very welcome as if he is part of the church. No judgement.

    HAGO & BBL xx

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    Morning all! Lovely sunshine here at the moment, not too cold and breeze in tree tops not excessive. Forecast is for a pretty good day.

    Yesterday - lazy morning and breakfast with friends, lengthy journey home, but did nothing much when I got back, except eat tea, watch GP highlights and go to bed.

    Today, for the first time in I can't remember how long I didn't have to get up for the bathroom in the middle of the night. Still feeling tired from routine disruption but think I might have a niggle of a cold so that doesn't help. Spent half an hour clearing up the kitchen and utility and cats are more clingy than ever (doubt they've missed me, probably just the change in the weather). Not sure where it all came from but have three loads of laundry to do - first one in the machine now. No major plans for doing other things, but need to think what will need to be done in the coming days and decide best time to do it. Still a few apples in the store room, so need to inspect them and if still useable do something with them. Apples promised a couple of weeks ago haven't materialised and neither have the damsons I was asked about - good and bad aspects to that.

    Sounds like you're really on a roll again with the creating Caroline - look forward to see more pictures in due course.
    Mo - hope the shop "donations" aren't too disgusting today, and that you have some help for at least part of the day. Nice to hear that more realistic sales targets are being set.
    Dave - have a good journey and hope there's some sunshine and warmth whilst you're there.
    Shelley - Shop closed today? If there aren't too many business and household tasks to take up time hope you can get some more cards done.
    Wonder if any of our occasional visitors will drop in today? Would be nice to hear how they are doing.



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      Afternoon all,

      Dry but cooler, definitely autumnal now.

      I had a nice lie today not too late as my friend from Spain is here. She is out at the dentist now, when she returns we are going out to Sainsburys for some food and a look at the clothes.

      This evening I am doing us a fry up, one her favorites and ours so that will be good then a last evening together before she is off tomorrow to her dad's for a visit before flying back on Wednesday.

      Not got much done on the card front over the last couple days while she has been here, seems a bit rude to turn my back and get stuck in So really looking forward to doing something tomorrow evening.

      Glad you had a lovely day yesterday Caroline, definitely agree with you about big weddings, we didn't have one at all Simon's mother also helped with buying our first home and then also when we upgraded to the shop. Much better than a wedding it has proven to be the very best, firstly as an investment, secondly for peace of mind, no one can throw us out and there is no mortgage to pay, this has been a godsend when the business was new and income was uncertain.

      Linda glad to hear you had a nice time with friends and arrived home safely. I don't know how the laundry does that either, one minute the basket is empty and you have done it all and then hey presto its full again We are still picking apples, its never ending this year, its a shame we are so far apart, you would be welcome to as many as you wanted.

      Dave off on his holly bobs? Hope he and Sue have a wonderful time.

      Mo back in the shop, hope its not too bad.

      Have a good day everyone.



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        Evening all.

        Shop day and it was a better Monday than of late.

        Came home and did the final branding of product for the weekend. 100 gift tags made on Sunday and Pete put the hanging hooks on the penguins and snowmen today. Accessory box to check over tomorrow evening and giving the large hanging decorations their tartan ribbons. Really hoping the back end of this hurricane misses the southern half of the country at least, no fun trading from a shed and a gazebo to no one in hurricane conditions.

        Glad you have a nice time Linda.

        Safe journey Dave.

        Hope the fry up went down well with all Shelley. Lovely to have visitors but nice when they go to and you can get back to pleasing yourself.

        Glad to see you are well ahead on the Christmas gift and decoration front Caroline.

        Catch you all tomorrow.

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie