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Saturday 21st

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  • Saturday 21st

    Morning All

    4 mug rugs completed, apart from hand sewing on 2 of them. 2 more today and start on the cup wraps.

    Had an email to say an order form ebay for my vintage china had been delivered. Checked the door step, no. As I have been home found that a bit odd. Checked on MyHermes and it appears the order was sent to no.2 not no.3, that is fine but no. 2 are on holiday so not delivered there. Have emailed the seller as they need to contact MH to find out who took it in, I am not prepared to lug around the houses to find who has it. Not a happy bunny. This is a set I collected back in the 80's a Denby porcelain called Rhapsody, so pretty but over the years it has got reduced some what. Found the afternoon tea plates and cups and saucers, plates arrived last week. If successful will see what else I need, think the next thing may be breakfast plates.

    Today as above more sewing, dog walking and anything else that takes my fancy.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Good morning all.

    Another beautiful early Autumn morning in Wiltshire.

    As the weather is supposed to turn tomorrow we decided to make yesterday our day off and went to Kingston Lacey, must make the post of our NT membership. Not overly impressed with the house, just not our style but one or two nice pieces of furniture. Interesting history and the gardens were lovely, made all the better by having a Japanese garden and a Maple walk to it. Leaves just starting to turn, it will be glorious in a couple of weeks.

    Shop again today then we will work Sunday. Still lots to do for the Christmas shows, Pete has some orders to finish and before we know it the first show will be over and done with and Christmas will be really on the horizon.

    What a pain about your delivery Caroline. I hate it when we have to tour around looking for the items or they leave a card saying you weren't in when you were and it's at the post office, which for us is a trip to the far side of next town. We don't seem to have too many problem with Hermes and to be fair we are not the easiest place to find but they use local delivery people here who know where everyone is more or less.

    Enjoy the last of the good weather all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all! Bright, sunny and warm and due to remain so during the hours of daylight.

      Yesterday - finished the chutney but not yet come up with a name for it, tidied up a bit of paperwork, gardening neighbour brought half a bag of spuds and half a dozen onions (hers are up to 500g each, so not a minimal amount!), returned a couple of jars of chutney and bottles of sauce in payment. Not much else, more family tree stuff (still tidying the tree) and bits of knitting (still making teddies for the charities).

      Today - last minute bits for tomorrow (curd is out of the freezer, lunch and drinks to make and pack), no other major plans but thinking about caramelised onion chutney with neighbours gift, and still lots of plums etc in freezer to use up.

      Still going strong with the creativity Caroline; flippin nuisance about the parcel - some of these companies seem to have forgotten that it's the customer who pays their wages (many of them are excellent though)
      Sounds like a very enjoyable day off Mo - I wish we lived nearer to NT and other similar properties, although I'd be going on my own as OH isn't interested. Moot point as we have less NT properties in this area than they have on the IoW according to one map I saw a couple of years ago.
      Dave - any markets/fairs this weekend? Hope you're getting up to date with the orders.
      Shelley - sounds like you had a stressful end of the week - hope everything is sorted out now and you have time to breathe!



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        Parcel found, tried no. 6 as know she sometimes takes parcels in for Sarah. Checked no. 7 and they had it, she did think having my name on was a bit odd but she is scatty.
        What on earth possessed them to deliver to no. 7 when it should have been no. 3?

        At least you've found it, and hopefully it is all intact.



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          Afternoon all,

          Sun shining again, probably the last day

          Quieter day today, so far. Got the laundry out to take advantage of the sun. About to run round with vacuum then pop out for some mozzarella for pizza, had sandwiches instead yesterday, it got so busy I couldn't make the shops.

          When all that is done some more card making, on a bit of a roll, have a few on the go and enjoying it.

          Thanks to Dave I have sorted my picture problem and have now been able to add more pictures to my post in Your Craft Projects titled Latest Makes.

          Glad you found your parcel Caroline, so annoying having to play detective for your own parcel, hope it was in one piece.
          I bought all my china in Debenams years and years ago. I bought all the bits for a 12 place setting. One of the reasons I picked the design was because it was one they would keep spares for years. I also found loads of it secondhand twice in the local charity shops. My cupboards overflow I also use it everyday, my friends find this odd, don't you keep it for best? No I like to eat off nice china everyday, nothing bugs me more than odd plates, bowls etc. I also bought a 12 place cutlery set for the same reason.

          Good plan to take advantage of the sun Mo. I would quite like to wander round NT places, Simon wouldn't mind for half an hour, but then he would be bored. Hope the shop is not too bad today. Only 500 days...I thought wow thats not long...oh hang on thats about 18 months, never mind it will roll round eventually and we will all say wow how time flies.

          Linda keeping the ball rolling How about Harvest Chutney? as it is all sorts, it reminded me of a harvest festival display. Today does seem calmer, it goes like that, some days there is no time to think, other days I have to check I have turned the Open sign round

          Dave are you demoing today? or was it tomorrow? Hope it goes well.

          Ok on with the vacuuming, put it off long enough now

          Have a good day everyone.

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            How about Harvest Chutney?
            I'm so glad you've suggested that - I'd thought about it but wasn't absolutely sure it was the right one. I've had a few suggestions from members of a fb group, but again nothing hit it spot on. I think Harvest Chutney is the favourite now I'm out at a fair tomorrow, and busy Monday, but will give it some serious thought on Tuesday and make a final decision. Thank you



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              Shelley, I don't think either of us would walk around a NT property by ourselves but together it's huge fun. We share a love of oriental ceramics and both have our own likes too so you feed of each others enthusiasm and learn to appreciate the others view on things as well. One of the best things we have done, joining the NT.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.