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Saturday 24th

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  • Saturday 24th

    Morning All

    Hospital visit started off okay, found a parking space then discovered the ticket machines would only take coins! Sorted at the pay station. Got to the blood place and he had a bit of a wait but not too bad. Whilst Lee was waiting popped back to M & S Food in the foyer and got some sandwiches for lunch. After the blood down to Ophtalmology got his eye test done and a happy bunny. Saw the consultant all good from the op but..... concerned about Glaucoma the pressure is slightly elevated but could be because of the drops etc. He now has to go back in 6-8 weeks to have the levels checked again. Poor Lee got so down yesterday pm as he had been so positive as seeing better than he has for years, started wearing glasses at 17. He thought this would be the end of it. I did suggest that better safe than sorry and as they may have found something before it is too late to help.

    Back to today just need to waft the stick hoover around and Lee is putting Vanish powder on the carpet to freshen up. Then wait for Waitrose to delivery the baked goodies as well as shopping, hopefull before they all arrive. DSdid say she would ring when nephew etc arrive at theirs.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! Very hot and sunny here already and the same all day.

    Yesterday, some niggly things to annoy us during the day, but nothing major. Took the shine off the journey and early evening, but found a promising pub to try for dinner, if we're in the area any time.

    Today, already very tired - never sleep well in a "strange" bed, someone's car alarm going off sometime afteer 3am. Not sure how long it had been going before I decided to go and check it wasn't mine (it wasn't). Finally stopped after about 20 minutes - for 2 seconds then started up again, and continued to do that for another 10 minutes or so. Visit to bathroom, trying to get back to sleep and the car alarm went off again. Heard the clock downstairs strike 5, but think I caught a couple of sessions of sleep of about 45-50 mins and finally woke at 7am. Need to pop into the local supermarket to get sandwiches and salad and a couple of other bits before we head into the main town. Brain isn't going to be working well today, and I'll have to try and get a snooze between end of the afternoon and the evening event.

    Great news on the sales Mo
    Enjoy the company Caroline
    More beach walks Dave
    Did you enjoy the shower Shelley?



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      Morning all....

      Clear sky over the bay, forecast says full sun all day, highs of 27 deg, the beach will be packed, we’ll probably be up by the harbour wall, as long as there’s shade to be had for me and the dog....Sue can sit in the sun all day long. Hopefully the heat will draw the dolphins out, not seen them once this year so far.
      The coracle cut is finished, can’t post it as its a commission, the jead of thectrust likes the snap, just wants see it in the flesh, I haven’t cut the A3 part away because I’m guessing he might jiggle his budget a bit and be going to want more of it cut in.....
      Nothing more to report, babba doing fine, keeping them up all night 😁
      Mom has had an appointment come through for a cataract op......5.30pm which hasn‘t impressed her, it is at the Nuffield and will only take half hour then she’s over to us...can’t please em all 😂



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        Morning all,

        Glorious sun, going to be a lovely day.

        I have not much planned for today, going to go with the flow. Working on the card, pottering in the garden, enjoying the weather.

        Its going to be an unpredictable day in the shop, Saturday of a bank holiday weekend, already had one rescue hire and the man from the fair has been on the phone checking availability of some bulbs, he is on the common this weekend, a long term customer. So it could be a busy day, intermittently.

        Caroline, it must be a bit depressing for Lee but as you say at least it has been caught early. I know how he feels, I have been wearing glasses since the age of 5 so having my cataracts done and not having to wear glasses and being able to see better than I ever have, is just bliss.
        Hope the visit goes well and Waitrose come through with the goodies.

        Linda, shame your journey wasn't the best. Sorry your sleep was disturbed by car alarms, they are so annoying and apparently useless, no one seems to bother going and checking or call the police. The alarm could be going off and all your belongs stolen and no one the wiser till the morning when you have a flat battery and no car hifi. I don't think they even deter thieves. Hope the visit goes well and you have a wonderful time.
        I didn't have my shower yet, Sunday, that was the one proviso, it needed to be 2 days after my last dressing change, so I can take off the old one, shower, make sure its thoroughly dry - in the air for awhile, then re-dress it.

        Dave you are going to have a glorious day weather wise, enjoy. Hope you see the dolphins, maybe take a picture or two and do a dolphin cut?
        Only half an hour? is that actually for the op? it took about 4 hours to get my eye ready for the op with eye drops every hour, then the actual op, then recovery for about half an hour then home, took all afternoon. Second one was at 8:30 in the morning, op didn't actually happen till 12:30. Hope it goes well what ever.

        Mo and Pete hope the weather isn't too hot for you. Well done on the sales, its always a surprise when you make the big ticket sales, I don't know why, but it is. Shows you can never judge your customers from their cover Hope today is just as good if not better.

        Have a good day all.



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          I think the prelims take a while but the actual op itself I don’t think is any longer than 30-40 minutes, bit of recovery then home.
          She was in and out in a nick nack when they did the first one...this one may make little difference as there is degeneration too.

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            Yes, it was only about 30-40 minutes for the procedure, but the preamble took ages. if she has had one done then she knows what to expect, should be fine.

            Best wishes to her.