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Friday 23rd

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  • Friday 23rd

    Morning All

    Put the right date today and day, getting better, lol.

    Off to the hospital about 9, fingers crossed we get a parking space last time had to wait 45 minutes! Lee is having his PSA blood test done today as well, they have a walk in Phlebotomist clinic and as for Urology at the end of the corridor quicker than going to the Doc's.

    House is all gleaming ready for big Sis tomorrow. Not sure what I did but oh boy did my upper back hurt last night, took ages to get to sleep think it was the mopping. Spoke to said Sister yesterday and she told me off as coming to see us not the house. Been lazy and ordered some duffnuts and swiss finger buns from Waitrose, just hope they have them in. If not round the local shop. Have asked them to sub so see what they come up with. Normally very good.

    Not much else planned as find this trip to Guildford exhausts us both. Getting a sandwich from the M & S in the hospital for lunch so that will be quick.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! Bright and and sunny and getting warm already. Forecast much the same for most of the weekend.

    Yesterday, collected and dealt with the gifted fruit, not much time for anything else, although I did have a go at some of the grass and weeds growing through the paving at the front as getting to the car was more like walking on a field than a path.

    Today, getting ready for a couple of days away, cats have sussed that something is up and not happy about it. They get nervous if I'm out for an hour or two, but I'm sure they will survive.

    Hope the hospital visit goes well Caroline, and parking isn't too much of a PITA.
    Dave staying in Wales for a bit longer and enjoying the beach walks?
    Shelley - any plans for the weekend?
    Mo and Pete - hope you have a good time at Hyde Hall.



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      Morning all....

      Warm this morning, took Flo for her morning walk, quiet as the grave, no wind, sea starts to go out at around 6:45am so at 8:00am there is plenty of beach, very still, no one around....heaven to just sit and take it all in.
      DIL and baby grand daughter came out of hospital yesterday....they don’t hang around do they?...they have named her Aderyn Mae. Aderyn is Welsh for “Bird”, they are both mad on bird spotting, also spend a lot of time in Wales around Anglesey, bird sanctuaries etc, Mae ( probably May really...) is her nan and sisters name too.
      We’ll wait for the visitors to die down then go over, we are here for a bit yet.
      Caroline, watch that back!
      Linda, couple of days away, can’t beat it....unless its work😁
      Catch Shelley later
      How’s Mo and Pete...

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        Linda, couple of days away, can’t beat it....unless its work😁
        Definitely not work Dave
        Will be tiring as a bit of travelling around and more physical activity than I am used to, but the enjoyment counters all of that, and I can slob around for a day when I get back before I hit the kitchen and preserving pans



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          Afternoon all,

          Sun has got his hat on....

          Just got back from the docs, nurse is happy and has given me permission to have a shower...yeah. Its all looking good.

          I have to go out and pick up Peppers pills and then pop in to Sainsburys for some things for the weekend, think salad is on the cards.

          Then maybe sometime in the garden pottering about, collect some apples and make an apple crumble with custard next week and cook and freeze some more.

          More work on the card this evening, its coming along well.

          Caroline hope the parking was ok and Lee's checkup went well. I said that, your sister is coming to see you not the house Hope your back is better and you have time to relax and recover before tomorrow. Sticky buns mmmm yummy.

          Linda hope your preparations go well for trip away. I really hope you manage to avoid the holiday traffic, its going to be busy because of the good weather. Safe travels.

          Dave the beach sounds like a slice of paradise. How do you pronounce Aderyn? Is it like Adrian? it a pretty idea for a girls name.

          Hope Mo and Pete are ready for the off and have a good time.

          Have a good day everyone and enjoy the weather.



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            Hi Shelley, it is a lovely spot
            Her name is pronounced Ad-air-rin...another one to put a dent in the 3d fortune 😩 😁
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              Ah thank you, a bit of a tongue twister. Well considering they won't be getting the 3d fortune till you shuffle off this mortal coil then I don't suppose it matters.




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                Late evening all.

                So hot here in Hyde Hall and going to be 29 deg tomorrow and 30 deg on Sunday. Set up on Thursday went really well. Staying at a nice little Victorian pub 30 mins away but traffic is light even in the morning. Had fabulous first day, sold so much of the more expensive items totally unexpected.

                Organiser put on a little Pimms party after trading today which was a lovely thing to do to get the traders together.

                Absolutely crackerd so off to bed.

                Hope your royal visit goes well Caroline and OH check up was all good.

                Enjoy your couple of days away Linda.

                Glad the leg is improving Shelley must be heavenly to be able to have a shower again.

                You love them all really Dave aand don't begrudge them a penny really Dave LOL

                Catch up tomorrow hopefully.


                Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.