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Thursday 22nd

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  • Thursday 22nd

    Morning All! On the dull side and quite cool out there at the moment. Tree tops are moving around quite a bit but not much breeze at ground level.

    Yesterday, managed to get the tasks done, spent a bit of time on the family tree, and knitted the first hand puppet/teddy bear for the charity collection - my friend has volunteered to do the sewing up so I am just knitting the pieces and it's so basic I can do it whilst watching TV. Had a message from a lady in the village offering plums, pears and apples (had some from her last year and she had remembered and messaged me direct before putting them on the village fb page). Also Broadlined the cats so I'm not in good books at the moment!

    Today, need to find some pear recipes (not offered pears often so not many recipes in the file), go and collect the first batch of fruit and find somewhere to keep it over the weekend. Also need to start getting stuff together for my social events this weekend and sorting out travel times etc. Nothing else planned other than general cleaning, but doubt I'll get bored.

    Caroline - having a day off from housework I hope
    Mo - are you just about ready to set off for Hyde Hall?
    Dave - still in Wales, or getting ready to come home?
    Shelley - progress on the card? Hope you managed to get some time on it around all the shop customers and other work.


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    Morning all...

    Bit of a mixed bag of weather yesterday but it stayed nice and warm.Put the coastal path walk off because it was a bit showery but the forecast is for dry weather next few days so we can fit it in then.
    We are looking to be here until Tuesday but had message from son number 3 in the early hours that “ Baby is here” that was it, ...whether that means DIL is in labour or actually had it, I’ve no idea....he’s a man of few words, waiting details... girl 6lb 10oz....grand number four.

    Coracle cut 95% done.
    Linda up to her ears in fruit again, quite a few damson trees along the hedgerows here but they aren’t rip yet...
    Caroline, any more sales?
    Mo, ready for the event?
    Shelley busy?

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      Update: have been and fetched the fruit. Had to return the tub of blackberries as I'm overrun with them in our garden.

      From "I didn't want to give you too much" I have 4.4kg plums, 6.3kg pears and 6.9kg apples! Might have to have something from the freezer for tea so I can find room to put the plums in; pears and apples are wrapped up in bags and boxes and tucked away in the store room.

      I am going to be very busy for a few weeks!



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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shining and its lovely and warm.

        Yesterday I did manage to do most of the tidying and sorting out in the workshop and the little stores. Still some work to do in the little stores, next week for that job.

        Today not much planned, had to pay the bills this morning and placed another order for shop stock as a result of another customer sale. I also need to sort the tax for my car, not as straight forward as it could be, because I get the standard rate of PIP I am entitled to 50% off my road tax, if I got the higher rate I would get a 100% reduction. That would be easy to deal with but as its only 50% I have to send all my car documents and my statement of entitlement and a cheque to the DVLA.

        Still working on the card, its looking good and is fun to do.

        Linda you are going to be busy. We once had a surfeit of pears, pounds and pounds of them from Simon's mum, the guys spent two days mashing and preparing them and made about 25 gallons of Perry. It was too strong for me, but everyone else seemed to think it was fine, but that was in our much younger days when all that counted was how soon it got you on the floor We also made about 5 bottles of Plum wine, now that was lovely, almost like a Port.
        Nowadays I bottled our pears, no alcohol, ready for xmas.

        Dave sounds like you are having a good time and Congrats on the newest addition to the clan.

        Caroline, a well deserved rest till your guests arrive, then full hostess mode? I think you will find yourself back in the swing of things next week with creating.

        Mo back in the shop, good plan yesterday taking a day off and using it to get ready for the weekend. Hope today is ok.

        Have a good day all.