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Wednesday 21st

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  • Wednesday 21st

    Morning All

    Another lovely sunny day but need to start watering again, only downside of no rain.

    Cleaning downstairs today, dusting, hoovering and kitchen and utility room. Will do the floors tomorrow. Have ordered some doughnuts and swiss finger buns from Waitrose this week, just do not fancy baking.

    Have updated my Folksy store with the Royal Mail postage rates, luckily they have a bulk listing edit facility so easier than I thought it would be.

    Not much else to report, Lee is getting the garden looking wonderful again, been a bit neglected since his op.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! Dry, brightish but a bit cool and breezy out there this morning. Should stay dry today.

    Yesterday, another getting on with things day - shopping done, thorough vacuuming upstairs, and washed, rinsed and dried somewhere around 200 jar lids. Was offered a selection of jars and lids from someone who gave up preserving and is clearing out; only about three dozen jars of various sizes but lots of lids which I had to sort through. Unfortunately about 4 dozen lids had to be discarded because they were already used and/or the outer coating was damaged so integrity lost. Just got the bulk of the jars to wash now, but happy with what I have and have made a payment to go to various charities.

    Today, plans to remove labels from a dozen or so jars, sort above said lids into sizes and pack away, start the sloe gin for brother & girlfriend's (shh!)
    Christmas (/shh!) present. Also need to get things ready to start packing for my weekend away. Always family tree and/or crafting to do too.

    Caroline - sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy
    Dave - enjoying the fresh air and exercise hopefully
    Mo - busy with the shop and getting ready for your event? (Hyde Hall?)
    Shelley - did you get everything done yesterday? Hope vets were happy with Pepper.



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      Morning all...

      Bright blue sky here so far, just took Flo down to the beach, about a mile of sand, just me and someone else at the other end.
      On the bright side, on the home stretch with the coracle cut, went a bit nippy yesterday afternoon as the wind had picked up so I got a bit more done.
      Might walk part of the coastal path later.
      Everyone sounds busy and productive
      Hope people and pets are all ok....BBL.



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        Morning Linda and Dave, you both sound busy. I have cleaned downstairs been up the farm shop with Shiloh in tow. Bought 6 boxes of violas, 2 ferns and a hebe plus a pot of jam for a gift came to £24.00. Got 25% off all the plants. Just planted 36 violas and the other 3 items. Worn out now and resting, the house is gleaming, windows open, lunch prepped and in the oven.


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          Morning all,

          Sun is shining and its looking to be a lovely day.

          Plans for today are to tidy the workshop and the little stores, go food shopping, do some paperwork (pay bills) and then carry on with card. Had a brainwave about it yesterday so I am fired up now with ideas and keen to get on with it.

          Vets were very happy with Pepper and he thanked me for uncovering the problem with the Aspirin and as a practice they will prescribe it with more care about the possible side effects. I suggested they should perhaps write about it in a veterinary journal, maybe more cases will come to light and a different prescribing regime could be implemented. He said he would talk to the rest of the practice and come up with a plan.

          Caroline your home will be sparkling, glad the update went so smoothly, its nice when they do things like that, feels like someone has thought about it. It will lovely garden weather by the end of the week so its good timing for Lee.

          Linda another productive day yesterday and another today, I did actually get everything on my list done yesterday. Hope you get yours done today.

          Dave sounds inspiring, walking on an empty beach. Its good for the soul walking, hope the coastal path is not too difficult going and stay away from the edge!

          Have a good day everyone.



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            Well done Caroline, feet up for a well deserved rest and enjoy the fruits of your labours, gleaming house, beautiful garden and crafts waiting for you.



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              Afternoon all.

              Decided to take the day off, I am due several days in lieu of overworking my contract. Jen was in anyway and has plenty of help today so no need for me to be there when I could be here getting ready for Hyde Hall. Most of the product packing done and Pete is loading bit by bit. I will do the clothes later and pack them tomorrow morning. Having the van is making it so much easier.

              The landlord has arranged for the people to come in and sand the bathroom floor while we are away and hopefully replace the kitchen tap which is beyond dripping now and constantly running and wasting hot water. Cleaned the bathroom and kitchen earlier, I know it will all be covered in a fine dust anyway by the time we get back but makes me feel better that we won't be thought to be absolute slobs. Told them they must put dust covers over the soft furnishings at least.

              Everyone seems to be super busy, mind your back Caroline doing all that planting.

              Must get on and do some ironing, make a cake and get the clothing out to take. Seems the rain is going to be lovely unlike last year when we had a day of torrential rain and 40mph winds.

              Enjoy the pleasant weather.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.