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Tuesday 20th

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  • Tuesday 20th

    Morning all

    Cleaning for me again this time the rest of upstairs. So shattered yesterday fell asleep in the chair watching Dragon's Den, had to rewind as woke to Lee trying to wake me up!

    Following on from the sale at the weekend, the lady rec'd yesterday and was so pleased she ordered the same bag again (last one) plus 4 other items. These items she is taking to Canada at the end of the month as Christmas gifts for relatives. Have now made 25 sales through Folksy in the last 3 months. Not bad going as more than I sold on my own website.

    Ploughing through Etsy and altering all the postage rates. The order yesterday worked out exactly right. some items have gone up but others have gone down.

    HAGO and BBL x
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    Morning all! Dry, but hovering between bright and cloudy at the moment. Still coolish but should warm up as the day goes on.

    Yesterday, another seemingly busy day - popped to Brigg for a quick look around charity shops (got lucky in the Oxfam book shop with a couple of preserving books), Wilko didn't have what I wanted but found a couple of other bits. Then went to chiropractor's, followed by a trip to drop off the stuff for charities, see their lovely rescue staffy and a quick chat. Came away with a bag of knitting yarn, several balls of yarn and a pattern to knit a few teddies for the OCC shoeboxes and several small boxes of jars and lids from someone who has given up preserving. Also collected another 800g sloes from our hedge and about 500g blackberries, then prepared and bagged the 3½kg plums I was given on Sunday. Had to do a major jiffle around in the freezer to get everything in and there is no room for anything else. Will definitely have to get cooking next week when I'm back from my couple of days away.

    Today, laundry to do, weekly shopping, couple of bags of clothes to drop off for the women's refuge charity, major clean up in the kitchen required, then might have time for a proper look at the books I got yesterday.

    Caroline - you must be careful, sounds like you tried to do a bit too much yesterday. Great news on the Etsy sales though
    Dave - seems you've picked a good few days to be in Wales, hope you're getting out and about and plenty of relaxation. Good call on the A3 coracle cut I think - need to see a picture of it, of course
    Shelley - did you get the dishwasher? Is it all plumbed in and working or do you need to wait for someone to do that? It's one of those luxury items that becomes a necessity once you've had one I think - would hate to be without my little one but that's probably because it's so useful for the jars and bottles. BTW youngest cat is not sweet at all he's a 6kg unpredictable, one eyed monster - but we still love him
    Mo - I have a similar problem with LinkdIn (or whatever it's called) - have tried several times to get in and delete my account but not managed it yet and I can't remember the login for my old hotmail account which I haven't used for umpteen years.

    Back later, HAGO


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      Morning Linda, meant to say Folksy sales. Just closed my Etsy shop so must have had that on the brain.

      Walked the dog, dropped of the parcel at the Post Office, ours opens at 7am and closes at 10pm. Inside the village shop but very handy. Cleaning finished now for a sit down and cool down. Always get so hot cleaning look as if just stepped out of the shower!

      New books Linda that will keep you occupied, enjoy the shopping and errands.


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        Morning Linda, meant to say Folksy sales. Just closed my Etsy shop so must have had that on the brain.
        Ha! Ha! I should have realised Caroline - you've told us only recently you were closing Etsy and concentrating on Folksy! I can only claim it was too early in the morning syndrome when I posted



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          Morning all,

          Sun is shinning, warming up slowly.

          Yesterday went and bought the dishwasher and yes it is in and working. It was quite easy really to plumb in because we are taking one out, all the pipes and taps etc are the same and it was just a question of unplugging one and plugging in the new one. Did a load and all is fine, no leaks, and clean dishes It meant the evening got late and we had quick bite to eat at about 9pm and then flopped in the chair recovering. We decide to leave moving the old one till today as we had done enough yesterday. Should have a couple of strong people about to ask for help too. Simon did all the lifting and moving, luckily we have a sack truck so not all bad.

          Today doing something about the old DW, I am going to have clear a path in the little stores to move it but thats fine, fits in with my plans to tidy the little stores and put lots of things in the big stores. I have given up waiting for my friend to move her stuff and will just put my things in and when she comes to get hers she can move mine. Can't put it off any longer.

          Vets later with Pepper to get her nails done and a checkup. Also need to pick up some bits from Sainsburys.

          The card came together very well, happy this time so the fun bit begins.

          Caroline I do worry about you, don't overdo the cleaning its not that important, I bet your visitors don't spend there time going round testing how clean everything is with white gloves Its you they have come to see. Well done on the sales, Folksy seems to be working out well for you.

          Linda another busy and productive day, the freezer full is a good sign of a plentiful harvest. I have always had a DW as far back as I can remember, I have more interesting things to do than the washing up and it does such a good job of it and it keep the kitchen tidy as you can just put all the dirty dishes in it, shut the door and hey presto tidy kitchen. It takes 2-3 days to fill it and then it gets turned on. Over the years I have collected more than one of things so its not a problem.
          Oh youngest cat sounded sweet as he wanted to sit on your lap to stay safe from the weather, has he really got only one eye? We had a ginger tom years ago that spent the last 3 years of his life with one eye, amazing how they adapt, you would never know after the first couple of months he got it completely sorted.

          Dave enjoying Welsh Wales? The weather should be good for you.

          Mo back in the shop, hope the help is working out.

          Take care all and have a good day.



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            Oh youngest cat sounded sweet as he wanted to sit on your lap to stay safe from the weather, has he really got only one eye? We had a ginger tom years ago that spent the last 3 years of his life with one eye, amazing how they adapt, you would never know after the first couple of months he got it completely sorted.
            Youngest cat (Herbert, but Bert most of the time), is the size of a small jack russell terrier and a bit heavier - doesn't really fit on laps very well!
            Yes, one eye only. When he first appeared in our garden years ago he was absolutely petrified of people and most other things. I was trying to make friends with him and after a couple of weeks spotted that his left eye was just a ball of blood, so warned the vets and set about trying to catch him. Six weeks later he finally succumbed to hunger and got caught in the trap we'd been loaned from a rescue charity (it was also very good at catching hedgehogs and next door's cat!).
            Took him to the vets, who had to leave him in the trap overnight as he "was a bit lively"!!!!!!! (he was going bananas to the nth degree). Vet rang me the next day to update me and consequence was that damage was too much and the eye couldn't be saved.
            One of the nurses took him home for recovery for a couple of weeks and she named him.
            When he was fully recovered I brought him home and opened the carry cage in the garden, expecting him to shoot off and disappear. He's still here six years later! Pictures - Bert on the footrest of my armchair, the tabby cat is George.
            Bertie 130619.jpgChez Ford 300915(2).jpg080319 Bert having a really tough time.jpg



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              Thanks for that Linda. They are a handsome pair, each in their own way.

              Well done on the rescue. Years ago when a beautiful blue Burmese turned up in the garden with 2 kittens about 8 weeks old or so. The Burmese responded to puss so we called her Bagpuss and eventually Baggy. We decided that her kittens needed to be humanised soon or they will never take to people. They would keep their distance so their was no chance of just picking them and bringing them in.

              They would come in the kitchen for food with their mum through the open kitchen door, we didn't have a cat flap at this time, but if you went through to shut the door they would just bolt out.

              So Simon hatched a plan with a long bit of string to close the door through the windows. Once they were in and eating, pulled on the string as fast as possible and hey presto 2 trapped kittens. We kept them in the house for about 3 months and soon they became the sweetest, most loving little cats.

              We had to let them out sometime and when it became apparent that Mum was about to give birth again and that would be just too many cats having to stay in. We didn't just open the door and let them out, we took them out, one each, and let them go so they knew we had let them out and they hadn't just escaped. As they went off exploring Simon and I looked at each thinking the same thing, will they come home? Sure enough several hours later they came in and that was the start of them being with us for the rest of their lives.

              All our cats and our one dog have been rescue animals, I got our dog Eddie, from the rescue pound near Evesham when we live up near there and all the cats have arrived one way or another by themselves except for Pepper who was born next door and the lady was new to cat birthing and I helped her with some advice so she gave me pick of the litter.

              I think its good to help animals in need and don't like encouraging puppy and kitten breeding by buying from breeders.

              Off to the vets with Pepper in a bit.

              Have a good evening all.