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Monday 19th

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  • Monday 19th

    Morning All

    Can feel it getting warmer and as have relatives coming for coffee on Saturday this is the week for a deep clean. Only my sister, bil, nephew and nephews wife. If it had been my sister and bil would not be so worried. Hospital on Friday which will give me a break. Lee is gardening.

    Not much sewing this week but may re start my Poldark x stitch. Watched the first episode of the new series last night and loved it as normal.

    HAGO & BBL x

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    PS Found out how to add link and sig etc. Go to your account, user settings, account, scroll down and tick show signatures.


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      Morning All! Clear and dry, but cool and breezy this morning. Possible dampness this afternoon.

      Yesterday, seemed to be fairly busy but not sure I achieved much - delivered a couple of orders, mooched round car boot but only purchase was a few books to boost the reading pile. Got home and was going to check blackberries, but a friend messaged to say she had some plums ready, so I went round to collect; she does like a natter so it was over an hour before I got home. Lazy bath in the evening and bits of family tree fitted in round everything.

      Today, a busy day and routine already out of kilter as OH is up and about and getting in my way. chiropractor's this morning, then delivering a couple of boxes of stuff for charity/car boot to someone in the same village. En route to appointment hoping to pop into a couple of shops in Brigg for a few bits. This afternoon will have to look at preparing the plums and tidy up the freezer to see if I can find room for them. Also want to check in our hedge to see if there are any more ripe sloes. Doubt I'll get any vacuuming done as OH will be back from his mother's before I get chance to get the vacuum out. Young cat varying between being scared of everything and unsettled because of wind and wanting to be on my lap and cuddling. George seems to be going strong at the moment.

      Caroline - hope you get some stitching done - I haven't touched anything for days, must get back to it.
      Dave - being Welsh again? Hope you get some good weather and can get out for long walks.
      Mo - back to the shop today; is your new lady with you again? Sounds like the demo on Saturday was a success, so worth the journey; hope you've both recovered from the travelling.
      Shelley - shop closed, so catching up with all sorts of jobs. Hope you get time for some crafting and some feline company/cuddles.



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        Morning all....

        Was going to come down today but had nothing else doing so came down yesterday afternoon to glorious sunshine, was throwing it down earlier but lunchtime onwards should be clear and sunny. The sea around Cardigan bay is so calm again it looks like a huge pond from here, it might bring out the local dolphin pod especially if it warms up later.
        Don’t know what we are doing today yet, depends on the weather.

        “Eustie” in his coracle and the water are cut, just need to cut the bushes behind him. It was going to be a full A3, 70+ hours but their budgets will only run so far ...and not that far so its the central image only, A4 portrait now which I’m actually happier about as I think the volume of detail for the bushes and trees around him in A3 landscape would have overpowered the subject.
        Got it here plus a few others that need some time spending on them if I can.
        Good spot about the signatures Caroline, I probably won’t add mine this time but can now advise new people instead of adding links that I have to remove.
        Linda busy foraging again, good luck at the Chiro’s.
        Hope everyone has a great day.



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          Afternoon all,

          Sun and showers here.

          I am not doing much today, card making and readying the kitchen for a new (to me) dishwasher. Mine has been rubbish for awhile and I have tried everything, cleaning thingy, checking the salt, cleaning all the filters, getting new filters, using more rinse aid, using less and so on. Its probably about 15 years old maybe more. So I have given up with it, it leaves food residue on everything and white streaks on the glass ware. So found a second hand one and Simon and I will be going to collect it today. its only in the centre of town so no distance at all. Its quite new, they are selling because they are getting a fitted kitchen and all new fitted appliances.

          I went and changed mine to show my signature, how did you do yours Caroline? Its nice because there are no actual links and is neat and tidy with all the info needed. Take it easy with deep clean, don't do yourself in or you have a lovely clean house but you are hobbling around with a bad back.

          Linda it does sound like you did get a fair amount done yesterday, hope today is as productive. So glad George is doing well, young cat sounds very sweet. Hope you get sorted at the chiropractors.

          Dave sounds like a good decision on the cut, sometimes less is more. Weather is looking promising for the rest of the way down my way, hope you get it too, remember its Bank holiday next Monday and don't get caught in the traffic. Enjoy.

          Mo back at the shop till your next event, hope you find time to fit it all in, at least if you still have your new help it should be easier.

          Have a good day everyone.



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            Shelley follow as I said above. Enter your text such as website name etc, then highlight the name and select the link logo, a new screen comes up so you can enter the http thing. Save and centre the text if you want to.


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              Ah ha, success Thank you Caroline, when my web page is updated I will go and add that. That will do for now.



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                Looking good


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                  Evening all.

                  Got a problem. Went to put my signature on and saw my email address which hasn't been live for the last 8 years so thought I would change it. Can't change it without password, no ides what password is as always logged in so went to 'change password' great they will sent it ik to my current email address.......... which hasn't been current for 8 years and can't change it without my password. Maybe I will leave it as is.

                  Shop day, not too hectic and new volunteer is great but she does talk a lot !!

                  Usual crap donations on a Monday but a bit less as they were all clearing out last week I think with 100 bags donated. Computer at work did an update over the weekend and all my quick links have disappeared and we have a stock take tomorrow and HO schedule of what we have is so way out it's no use filling it in. They haven't caught up with the fact I sent all my new goods back except christmas stock so I have a list with five items on, where they got that from I have no idea and no Christmas Stock at all. Couldn't organise a piddle up in a brewery.

                  Don't overedo the cleaning Caroline not worth it for a bad back. Hope the new DW is all you expect Shelley. Good luck with the cutting Dave and enjoy the lovely weather in Wales. Seems like you did a fair bit yesterday Linda, not even thought to check the sloes yet, really should look for the blackberries but no time before we go to Hyde Hall.

                  Have a good evening all.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.