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Sunday 18th

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  • Sunday 18th

    Morning All

    Up bright and early today, off for a long walk after the coffee has kicked in. Back for an almond croissant for breakfast. Finished the petals for the red glass, had a slight problem as can only do one due to a slither missing from the base of the last glass. May make up for display only and if someone is desperate they can have reduced. Got to order some clear tubes to put them in as easy to pack at an event or if sold online. Planning for my next project think making some bee coin purses, have the design ready on the machine just need to dig out some zips.

    Hope everyone achieved all you wanted to yesterday and Mo & Pete are okay no word on FB and a long journey to Kent.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! Bright and dry but very cool this morning. Fortunately the heavy rain shower I saw forecast for today has now disappeared and the day promises to be dry.

    Yesterday was very much a go with the flow day. Did get the jars and bottles labelled and had a shuffle around on the stock room shelves so I could get them in the store room. After that most of the time was spent on the family tree. Sadly found out that the traffic accident on Friday which occurred less than a mile away, on a road we use frequently, resulted in the death of two people and another is critically injured. Frightening as I had a close shave on that road recently, a matter of a couple of hundred yards from the site, when a big lorry pulled out in front of me - thank goodness emegency stop reflexes kicked in.

    Today, have promised a couple of deliveries around Grimsby area as I thought I'd take the opportunity for a mooch round a car boot sale, so going that direction anyway. Will try and remember to call at the "pound shop" type place on the way home as could do with some more sugar for preserves. No other plans, probably take things steadily as have a busy morning tomorrow.

    Enjoy your long walk Caroline. You're certainly turbo charged on the creativity again, shame about the damaged glass though.
    How did you get on yesterday Dave? More progress on the coracle cut?
    Shelley - another busy day in the shop? Hope you had time to get all your chores done and progress the card making.
    Mo and Pete - hope the demo was successful and you weren't too late getting home.



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      Enjoy the mooch Linda. We have rain more of a mizzle but still wet. Got the long walk in, saw the village hooligans feeding on someone’s front lawn! Roads can be so dangerous as people drive too fast and not concentrating, the Road which goes from Alton to Basingstoke is well known and always get the boy racers charging along. The same for the A34 Basingstoke to Newbury. Signs up on each road stating the number of deaths for the previous year but makes no difference as will never happen to them.


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        Morning all.

        Good day yesterday. Set off about 6.10am after getting up at 5am, neither of us are morning people, but once we get going are fine. Surprisingly the traffic wasn't too bad no actual hold ups just quite a lot of it as time went on. Got there in plenty of time after one wrong turn at the end, which turned out not to be a wrong turn just Google Maps having a hiccup. Good day in a fabulous setting The Friars in Aylesford, what an amazing place. We were given a quick tour at lunchtime and treated to lunch in the cafe there which was in the most fabulous old renovated barn. Demo went really well and the Chairman said it must have been good as everyone came back for the afternoon session and stayed awake LOL Problem demoing to mainly older people and mostly men is they get bored easily as many have been turning a lot longer than Pete and go home after the morning session if they don't find it interesting, so this was actually a compliment.

        Got home at 6.30pm as they don't have coffee and tea breaks just one for lunch and finish about 3.30. By the time we packed up and said our goodbyes and people like to have a bit of a chat it was just after 4pm so not a bad run home either.

        Lazy day today just need to make sure I have everything up together for Hyde Hall Thursday. Pete still has some stuff to do and to polish the things I painted yesterday and he will pack things up as I'm in the shop till we go.

        There were some terrible drivers on the motorways yesterday Linda. Sometimes you hold your breath as they manover. So many people seem to think that as long as they put their indicator on whilst pulling out straight away they are in the right. Lots of aggressive driving as well roaring tight up behind someone and weaving in and out of the lanes to get ahead. There are also the ones who drive in the third lane of a 4 lane motorway at 60mph when they should be in the inside one. It is useful that Google maps show where the fixed speed cameras are have to keep a lookout for the mobile ones though !!

        Hope you enjoyed the wander around the car boot. We decided not to go as it was raining quite hard at 9 so anyone that was there would have packed up so not worth it.

        Have to do a supermarket trip now then potter for the rest of the day.

        Have a good one all.


        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Morning all...
          Nice and sunny here...
          Don’t get me started on traffic, speeding etc, we have huge problems with people speeding through the village, quad bikers flying up and down, over the local open ground etc that is protected land....
          First cut is half done, off to Wales in a minute for the week ( yes..again..sea is calling..😁 ) taking it with me, no doubt will have a few dodgy days so can crack on with it..
          Hope the weather is good for everyone, it will soon be less busy when the kids go back to school...



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            Afternoon all,

            Sun is shinning and its promising to be a lovely week and the bank holiday looks good too.

            I am going to take advantage of the weather and get some clearing out of the workshop and little stores done this week. Then this weekend spend time on the garden, pick some apples and cook and freeze them.

            In the evenings card making. I also have fixed the problem with ARC's website so will finish tidying it up and then make a start on mine, now I know it works.

            Today nice and peaceful, pottering around filling the bird feeders, cleaning the bird bath and tidying up the fallen apples a bit. Now come in and starting on the card.

            Caroline, shame about the broken glass, but good for an example or testing ideas. Bee coin purses sound sweet. Hope your back is recovered.

            Linda hope you had a good time out and about, anything good at the car boot sales? Traffic is getting worse and worse, I am seriously considering selling my Triumph motorbike as its more worry than pleasure these days, long gone are the enjoyable rides out to New Forest or similar.
            When I return home, I have to turn right on to our forecourt to park the car, I sit in the traffic with my indicator on, waiting for a gap in the traffic on the other side of the road, twice last week a scooter rider overtook me on the outside, I was really angry because if I hadn't been more vigilant and had turned right I would have hit them. It would be considered my fault even though they made an illegal manoeuvre.

            Mo and Pete, so glad it went so well for you, you do deserve it. Enjoy your lazy day and take care out on the roads, they seem to be giving licenses to just about anybody. Some of the worst are the ones who drive expensive cars, don't use indicators, probably don't want to wear out the bulbs, think they own the road and expect everyone else to get out of the way.

            Dave off to Wales again, soon it will be home for a visit and Wales is home Didn't realise you were by the sea there, no wonder it calls. Enjoy and safe travels.

            Take care and have a good day.