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Monday 22nd

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  • Monday 22nd

    Morning All

    Not looking forward to the heat this week but hopefully we will miss the worst of it.

    Lee has his appointment for his second eye on the 1st, doubt will be on that day as have to leave by 7am, will be back in the pm to check up on you all.

    Back to today, well got some of the vanish powder for pets stuff and putting on the living room carpet, the only room downstairs with a carpet but Lee will not remove as thinks will not be cosy enough. The other 4 ds rooms all have hard flooring and so easy to maintain. Personally I would have hard floors everywhere as hate carpets but love rugs.

    Not sure what else I am doing today apart from an early dog walk, just cannot be bothered about creating atm. I have plenty of stock and just keep rolling an item to promote across SM.

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning All! No signs of the forthcoming heatwave yet - it's dull, cool and breezy out at the moment, and somewhat muggy since we had some rain during the night.

    Yesterday, was a pleasant enough day, but sadly visitor attendance was low. That coupled with the fact it was obvious there had been committee changes sometime during the year and probable this was first time this person/group had had involvement with craft fair organising meant takings were down. If it hadn't been for many of the volunteers and one other stallholder the finance would have been a dire situation. Also there were open garden events on in two other villages within 5 minutes drive of this one - shame they don't talk to each other when planning these things!
    Did get a text to say there should be raspberries and more redcurrants available for picking by mid-week, so looks like another trip to Market Rasen is in the plans for later in the week. Felt washed out and drained when I got home so had a very early night.

    Today, haven't had a great night and not feeling up to scratch, but have nearly got kitchen and utility sorted with laundry on the go. Obviously got yesterday's stuff to unpack, paperwork to do and stock room shelves to jiggle around. Next event not for a fortnight so no major rush to get everything done. Think it will be another early night for me.

    Hope you get the dog walk done before the heat and stuffiness takes hold Caroline, and that your back feels a bit better this morning.
    Mo - back to the grind today? How was your day out yesterday?
    Dave - find anything exciting yesterday? Chance to get down to some cutting today?
    Shelley - glad to hear the chest infection is clearing, but really not good news about the leg - hoped it would be sorted by now.

    Take care everyone and HAGD


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      So sorry about your event Linda seems to be happening more and more now.


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        Thanks Caroline - it could have been a great deal worse - the company was good, the volunteers for the event were very friendly, the hall was very clean and modern and it wasn't too far from home. Additionally one of the other stallholders (who makes the most beautiful and high quality bags) who rarely makes a sale, actually made two sales and took two orders - so now she doesn't know whether to carry on or give it all up as she had almost decided to do!



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          This is always a quandary you do well, is this the turning point to success or a failure. If she had taken orders before then a cheap form of advertising. Sadly apart from the local one I still do have never had anyone contact me to buy at a later date. With all the internet access now so easy for people to get distracted by other products or even at a fair. They could go round the corner and spend at that stall not yours. A dog eat dog world.


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            Afternoon all,

            Grey to start with but sun is shinning now and the mercury is rising

            Not much planned today, however I have a customer coming later today, only time he can make it, to collect a large flight case I posted only yesterday evening on FB.

            After that a quick visit to the shops to top up the cupboards. Then more paperwork for the VAT.

            I also need to get out in the garden and tie up some unruly blackberries. They have started to scratch my legs as I go past.

            Hope the vanish stuff works Caroline, can't use anything like that, sets my lungs off, I have a steam cleaner to do the carpets. We have a completely carpeted house, only hard floor in the house is in the kitchen. Have a nice break from making, sometimes its what is needed.

            Linda shame it didn't go well yesterday, at least it wsn't a loss. Some you win, some you don't Have a relaxing day.

            Dave busy?

            Mo in the shop today?

            Have a good day everyone.



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              Evening all.

              Sunshine and cloud on and off all day but so hot in work. Could only manage about 45mins steaming during the day.

              Day out yesterdsy was a bit of a disappointment as far as the exhibition itself went. Some beautiful stuff but not enough variety of exhibitors. We had a nice lunch and a walk around the gardens and chatted to the birds of prey guy though. Still nice to have days out when we can.

              I would have hard floors all over too given a choice Caroline. So many beautiful rugs to make them cosy. We have wood floors throughout here with chinese and Persian rugs defining different areas in our open plan living. Hope when we move we have the same. Dont mind a carpet in a bedroom if we have to.

              Saw the "cable" on faceache Shelley thought you were good giving the guy a replacement foc. What an idiot.

              Sorry your event wasn't up to expectations Linda it's so hit and miss these days. Hope you recover soon and catch up on lost sleep.

              Have a hood evening all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Glad you had a reasonable day out yesterday Mo, must have just been nice to get out and about in this lovely weather.

                Yes, I felt it was the only sane course of action to give the customer no excuses to use the old one, which is one reason I kept it. I think I will put it in our "museum" as exhibit #1

                Have a good nite all.