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Saturday 20th

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  • Saturday 20th

    Morning All

    Welcome back Dave, enjoy your rest. Sometimes good to be back in your own bed, for me the best part of an end of a holiday.

    Linda are you all ready for tomorrow?

    Shelley, how is the leg today I do feel for you as you are struggling so much with it and pulls you down.

    Mo you sound as if you had a good day out with the famous Pete, cannot take him anywhere.

    Today back is still odd and stomach not too good, think your 'thing' has reached here Shelley. Hoping to do some sewing at least even if it is the embroidery machine. Trying to stitch out a steampunk design onto blue pearl card. Hope it works if not will resort to felt! The vinyl leather effect sheets have arrived for a book cover, all part of the Steampunk collection. Seems to have backed up a bit and not done much of anything.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny and warm, if a bit breezy at the moment. However, due for some light showers later in the day and temperatures not too bad.

    Yesterday, did very little - wasted a lot of time on t'internet and watching TV I'd recorded (even got round to watching the first episode of Wolf Hall, recorded Feb/Mar, but wasn't particularly impressed). Did work on the the jam jar tops again - have decided to do them a little differently so have been unpicking and restitching. Of course, couldn't resist starting yet another piece of embroidery before I'd got everything else in order!

    Today, final preps for tomorrow - just got to repack the "box of everything" as I've printed new signs etc, and make pack-up for lunch. Not sure what else, might do some more on the jam jar tops while the athletics is on.

    Caroline - certainly sounds like you've picked up some sort of bug - take it easy for a couple more days.
    Dave - glad you managed to enjoy some of your time in Wales, always nice to get home to familiar surroundings and your own routine though
    Mo - Hope the day in the shop isn't too much of a let down after a wonderful day out yesterday.
    Shelley - Hope the leg and the chest are showing some improvement today, and hope you manage to get the paperwork done. Sadly, I am not keeping on top of the vegetation at all, I'm trying to get some sort of tidyness into it after 10-12 years of neglect but aware I am fighting a losing battle; I am barely managing to keep access routes anything like clear

    Wonder how all our other fleeting visitors are getting on - hope they're OK.



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      Afternoon all,

      Sun is shinning again after a day and night of rain which was much needed. Looks like it hotting up for the rest of the week.

      Its been really busy in the shop again this morning, which is good.
      My chest is much better, but my idiotic leg has gone puffy again, still doing the ABs of course, it did take a week for it to go last time.

      Sorry to hear the "thing" has arrived in your part of the world Caroline. Take care and get well soon. The steampunk projects sound interesting. I have never had a problem with crowds and people, I actually enjoy getting out and I know some of the staff quite well and we have a chat. I also bump into friends and its nice to catch up.

      Linda, I am sure that if it were not for your efforts the triffids would have invaded your space Hope things go well for tomorrow.

      Dave, sleep well? hope its better today back to your routine.

      Mo, why not have another day out, still at the ceramics fair?

      Have a good day everyone.



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        Evening all...

        Had a better nights sleep last night, nice to go a-roaming but always nice to come home again.....
        Been sunny here with a couple of showers, looking to be sunny again next week.
        Not done anything today, just a bit of food shopping, unpacking etc.
        Hope all are well with the bugs flying around...



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          Evening all.

          Shop was boring as usual and hard work.

          Nice to spend the evening in the garden talking drivel and relaxing.

          Hope your leg starts to improve Shelley and you back Caroline improves.

          Good luck for tomorrow Linda hope you have a successful day.

          Off to Gloucester tomorrow to see a wood tuning exhibition, wow two days out in one week !!

          Have a good evening all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.