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Thursday 18th

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  • Thursday 18th

    Morning all! Was rather dull outside when I got up, but it's brightening up a little now; quite breezy and definitely a bit cooler than of late. No rain forecast for today.

    Yesterday, took most of the morning doing shopping and running errands, got frustrated on the way home as of the three regular routes I use one had major road works and the other two had roads closed but with signage that didn't tell you until you were actually on the road, so a couple of annoying backtracks adding time and mileage. Made a rather large batch of blackcurrant & damson fruit cheese in the afternoon and that was about it.
    George had a little more to eat yesterday - only a couple of mouthfuls at a time, but was attending the food bowl every hour or two, still drinking lots of water though, but it was still very warm.

    Today, must do labels for the fruit cheese, but also need to start gathering stuff together for Sunday's event. George and Bert had had a reasonable amount of food for breakfast, so not quite so concerned about George. Have realised he's due his annual check up very soon, so will see what results of that are.
    Didn't have the best of nights last night and feeling a bit sniffly again this morning, so will see how the rest of the day goes.

    Caroline - hope you're OK. How is the back this morning?
    Mo - back in the shop again, hope there are lots of customers and little "donations"
    Shelley - beginning to sound like you've got some deep seated infection coursing around your body. I do hope this latest lot of ABs are 100% effective, that leg of yours should be sorted by now.
    Dave - hopefully enjoying the Welsh sunshine


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    Afternoon all,

    Not as sunny as it has been and we had a little rain overnight, a bit fresher today.

    I am taking the ABs and hoping the leg will improve. Its not actually the wound thats infected its the skin around it, so from about half way down my calf to my toes is red and warm and last time it was puffy but not this time. It got better for about a week and a few days but flared up again. Docs taken another swab, will find out Monday what it tells us.

    Linda, glad to hear George and Bert have perked up, probably a sign it is the weather, this morning my 3 were much more like their normal hungry selves. Hope you get everything done in time for your event and your snuffles don't turn into anything worse.

    Caroline, I hope they were all free phone numbers, ringing Canada can't be cheap.I do think there is some sort of fluey/coldy thing going around and I think different people get varying degrees of the symptoms, I know someone who got a really bad tummy upset, and I had a bit of everything, upset tummy, head cold, achy and chesty cough.

    Dave and Sue enjoying balmy Wales?

    Mo last day in shop for the week, hope your trip tomorrow is excellent.

    Have a good day everyone.



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      Evening all.

      Cooler here too with a bit of a shower earlier but nice again now. We have a little routine when I get home from work we sit in the garden and mull over the day with a drink of some sort, when it's hot a nice cold larger. Winter it's in front of the woodburner with a mugiof tea and coffee.

      Great start to the day in the shop managed to sell a dealer £110 of jewellery but things slowed down after lunch.

      Looking forward to our day out tomorrow.

      Mo. XX
      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Lovely routine Mo, nice when the day starts well but it kind of leaves you expecting more.

        Have a lovely day out tomorrow and safe travels.

        Have a goodnight all.