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Wednesday 17th

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  • Wednesday 17th

    Morning All

    My back is bad again, not as bad as before but not happy. My fault lost patience with Lee as he was not quick enough to do what I wanted and humped a large box upstairs. Got told off. woke this morning very stiff, so behaving myself from now on! Got bored and wanted to do some more sorting but paper is heavy. Today not doing anything.

    My previous web hosts that I had the terrible trouble with last year took the funds for this year even thought the account should have been closed. They have ignored all emails and have found a number so will ring today and not budge until they give me the refund and close the account. Writing to the bank to ensure nothing else is ever paid to them either. Done through a business debit card so hard to stop as not showing as a recurring payment. So annoying just wish these large companies acted in a business like manner but they do not give a s..t about the small people just the bottom line.

    Rant over. Sitting in the garden room with a book and iPad today, so boring.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning All! Bright and dry outside, possibility of a light shower later this afternoon.

    Yesterday, didn't do a lot, got a batch of lemon curd done and cooked some blackcurrants and damson juice to do a fruit cheese; will need to pulp that today then cook down and add sugar before it can be potted. Rest of the day was very bitty, family tree, cross stitch, up and down every 10 minutes putting food down for cats, taking it away to prevent flies, trying to find something they'd eat that wasn't poison! Bit concerned about older cat as he's suddenly attending the water bowl rather a lot (probably not getting a lot of liquid as he can't lap very well, and barely eating any wet food). OH's cold seems to have returned.

    Today, weekly shopping, but need to go to Grimsby for a couple of bits, also a chore to do in Barton. Keeping an eye on the cats - both acting bit out of character, but could be heat, their age, or any combination of things. If George doesn't show signs of getting back to normal in another day or two I'll see what the vets have to say.

    Caroline - sorry your back is bad again, you really will have to be more patient, and you'll have to put up with a very boring day today whilst you rest up. Very annoying about the website hosting issue, things like that cause so much aggro and disruption to people's lives, and certainly doesn't do their business any good in the long run - word of mouth is a very strong tool!
    Mo - sounds like, at long last you've got someone at the top end of management who has got a realistic outlook on things and is prepared to take sensible action to try and get things back on track, and be open about it at the same time. Sounds like a treasure!
    Shelley - another one who needs to take things steady; hope you've improved a little more today but don't go overdoing it and set yourself back.
    Dave - hope you're having some good weather and able to get out and about.


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      Afternoon all,

      Sunny and hot again, supposed to rain Friday but we will see.

      This morning got up early, rang the docs and went and saw someone at 10:45. Yesterday afternoon I noticed my leg, which had been fine for a week or so had flared up again. Doctor agreed and so now more ABs, she said they would also help my chest which she listened to and declared a rattle in my right lung at the bottom, yes I said thats where the pain is. So confirmation chest and leg infection, luckily the same drug should get both. Bah, just when it was looking good.

      Anyway don't feel as washed out as last week and my tummy has settled right down, so eating well again that always helps. I did a lot of the things I needed to do for the business yesterday so now start on sorting paperwork for the VAT, Probably get the worst of it done by the weekend.

      Caroline, what can I say...I hope its not too bad, don't think boring, think healing. You must have some handwork you can sit and do, crochet, knitting or embroidery maybe? I am a bit envious, being forced to sit in the garden and do nothing except read or crochet, would be nice at the moment, foot up, soaking up the sun.

      Linda sounds like you have got a lot done. With this weather cats often go off their food, maybe the older cat is making up for water because he is not eating so much wet food. But yes older cats and increased water consumption needs to be kept an eye on. Hope hes ok. Maybe try feeding them later in the evening when it gets cool.

      Mo makes a nice change having a sensible, approachable person in management, hope it makes life easier for you.

      Dave and Sue having a great time? Hope so.



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        Evening all.

        In the shop today and the weather hasn't been too bad but trying to spot with rain a bit now on and off.

        Not good news Caroline and Shelley health wise. Hope you can both take things easy and get well soonest. Might be a case of taking them to the small claims court Caroline if they won't play ball. Sometimes just the threat of it bring about a satisfactory result. I should claim interest too on your money.

        Sorry you cat is not to bright either Linda, hope it's nothing serious.

        Another day in the shop tomorrow then a day off on Friday which I'm really looking forward to as we are going to Waterperry Gardens in Oxford to see a ceramics show. Supposed to pour with rain but it doesn't matter.

        Have a good evening all.

        Mo XX

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie