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Tuesday 16th

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  • Tuesday 16th

    Morning All

    Dry again today but could do with some rains as the borders are so hard. Plus hate watering takes so long.

    Downstairs for me today, that will be the whole house. Did sort out another box of craft papers etc yesterday. Found 2 reams of cartridge paper which I use for bookbinding infills etc. Will move stuff around in the workroom today to get to the boxes of papers in a corner, well Lee will move stuff around!

    Pleased about your event Mo and that Valerie performed, hope the shop is not too stressful for the next 3 days.

    Linda what are you brewing up today?

    Shelley how is the card?

    Dave resting and cutting?

    HAGo and BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, bit of a breeze and feeling a little on the cool side, but dry.

    Yesterday - surprised myself how much (housework) I got done, mainly in the three hours OH was out of the house in the morning. Managed quite a number of those jobs that are only done very occasionally as well as all the planned regular tasks. Spent a lot of the afternoon on more tidying the family tree, then a little bit of stitching in the evening (just a small butterfly for a jam pot cover, didn't get to doing the map).

    Today, apart from arranging continuation of my pli, no specific plans. Plenty to be done, and might get on with the lemon curd making ready for Sunday's event.

    Sounds like you're making steady progress with things Caroline, hope you are still being careful with your back.
    Great news about the event, Mo & Pete; very pleased to hear sales were better than expected and that Valerie is making life easier for you.
    Shelley - hope everything is OK, did you get to the doctor's about your chest infection? Hope the summer bug didn't come to anything.
    Dave - Enjoying the Welsh scenery?



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      Morning all,

      Sun is shinning and it hot again.

      I have not been too bad, funny tummy mostly gone just left with aches and chesty cough. I didn't go to the docs, because when I woke up yesterday the worst pain had eased off, but I think its still there. I might give them a call this afternoon.

      Yesterday I had to go into town to the bank, took ages but all sorted now.
      I was intending to pop in and say hello but I get kept getting interrupted and distracted.

      Today I have to spend time ordering the stock for the big sale, then when it arrives it needs putting in it's box and wiring up ready for the customer. Also need to do the paperwork for it.

      I have not done any cards for about a week now, I just don't have any energy and the days have been busy in the shop and then by the time I have done dinner, tidied the kitchen, sorted out the cats pills, dinners and litters, tried to keep some sort of order with the housework, the day is ended and I am ready for bed.
      Today should be easier in the shop so I won't be so tired hopefully.

      I also haven't started any cards because I want to get the VAT done and all the paperwork for the business sorted, once its done I will enjoy making cards. I don't enjoy it if there is something nagging at me that needs doing. There is no hurry, I have done the ones for the customer, just waiting for her to collect them and pay. I have known her for years, she is the epitome of the scatty brained and will go where the wind blows. She will turn up when the wind blows this way

      Caroline glad you are taking it easy and letting Lee do the heavy lifting. Mind you he needs to be careful too or else you both will be broken

      Linda its amazing how much you can get done if you are just left to get on with it Lemon curd sounds lovely, one of my favourites.

      Dave on the way to Wales? Safe travels. Hope its lovely when you arrive and Sue can enjoy it this time.

      Mo and Pete so glad the event went so well, just what you needed when have had to make a big outlay on Valerie who behaved well for you, all good. Hope the shop is not too hectic.

      Have a good day all,

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        Glad to hear you're no worse Shelley, but it does sound like you should be taking things as easy as you possibly can (I know it's not easy when you're running your own business and you're the one who has to do everything on a day to day basis).

        I hope you were right and today has been less chaotic in the shop. Forget the card making for a few days and get some early nights and some rest.



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          Evening all.

          Sorry to her you are still poorly Shelley. Hope you went to the docs and they were able to help, rest up.

          Day one of three at the shop and had conference call with new CEO, very impressed. He admits he had no idea what he was going to face when he took the job on but is tackling it all head on and being very up front with it all. Lots of redundancies over all the three companies but little in the frontline retail other than natural wastage with no replacements where possible.

          Nothing else really, usual Tuesday.

          Safe journey Dave have a lovely time.

          Night all.

          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
          Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.