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Sunday 14th

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  • Sunday 14th

    Morning All

    Lee moved a lot of workroom stuff upstairs, all sorted and put away. Another box to do today. Still to finish the sorting of my sewing room as need to move things around but that can wait. Thought the sorting of paper etc would be easier to do.

    Back is better but know I have to be careful for a few weeks as can feel the strain if I twist in a certain direction. Annoying but these things take time and seem to take longer now older.

    Good luck today Mo & Pete.

    Linda what are your plans for today?

    Dave more cutting or prepping for the trip to Wales.

    Shelley have you finished the Chinese card yet?

    Cooked a joint of gammon yesterday, easy lunch today and more rest. May even get some reading done.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Obviously rained during the as very wet out there, possibility of a shower mid-morning.

    Yesterday, went out to have 10 minutes chopping veg down at the front and ended up spending over an hour doing stuff - chopped the long grass at the front, drifted onto the triffids/bushes in the "bed" at the front then decided I needed to clear choppings, together with the last lot I did which was still there. Got brush and rake on the job and ended up doing the front, lots underneath the leylandii, some down the side and the pile of stuff at the back the cats had claimed for a "comfy bed". Nearly a builder's bag worth! In the process I uncovered a grating but it was clogged up to paving level with compacted earth and roots. Nightmare trying to clear that, made some progress and was about to give up when the grating lifted and I could get underneath. So another half an hour trying to get more cleared out - bricks underneath the concrete narrowing the space so don't know what's happening until I have another go at clearing and see more.
    Had a lengthy sit down after that, watched GP qualifying then made some gooseberry jam. Ended the day with a long soak in the bath and a peruse of my new preserves recipes book.

    Today, OH has decided, for the first time in his life, he wants to go out and look round a car boot fair. When we get back I have a lot of labelling to do and GP to watch. Not making any other plans.

    Glad you're taking it steady Caroline, paper sorting is very necessary and good to do.
    Hope Mo and Pete have made it to the venue OK and setting up is going well.
    Dave - on the way to Wales or just getting packing sorted?
    Shelley - your customer sounds like a right madam, but I'm sure you're used to dealing with all sorts of people.
    Sarah - gone quiet, hope all it well with you.

    HAGO all, BBL


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      Morning all...

      Detecting this morning, not been for two weeks.
      Mounted some work for Aunty San at the craft centre for the Glen Miller weekend next week, need to drop that off...
      Framed my last A3 yesterday, dropped it into Pete’s, saw the new outlet..
      Got some cutting pending, might have a chop if I’ve got time...
      Got to get the cutting kit together for Wales, we go tomorrow, always take some in case its either too wet or too hot...
      That’s about all for now....
      Have a goodun, be back later on.



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        Afternoon all,

        Sunny and hot again, I don't think we have had a drop of rain now for about 3 weeks. Grass is going brown, I suppose I will have to start watering it again.

        Last night I realised that I think I have come down with this summer bug thats going round. Last Tue/Wed I felt awful all day and had really bad indigestion and heart burn. I thought it was post AB tummy upset and tried to get a milky drink thing down but I felt so queasy I only managed a sip, partly because I am lactose intolerant and find milk difficult.
        Anyway I have had no energy, snuffles and now a sore throat, funny tummy is gone but I now think I have a chest infection, I am very familiar with the symptoms. I am going to see the docs tomorrow, probably more ABs but different ones. Oh joy.

        I also realised this why I haven't made anything for a week or more, I have been struggling through each day, going to bed early, sleeping like a log, struggling to get up and so on. I have just been managing to keep up with the bare minimum. Plus Thursday, Friday and Saturday was all go in the shop there was no time left. Once I start the ABs and fighting this bug I will feel more like making. I was a bit sad because there were so many things I wanted to do in the garden while the weather has been good, just couldn't do it.

        Oh well, on wards and upwards, no point sitting around moping, I am making some decorations for a reporters note book I bought the other day, has good hard covers but nothing to show front and back, so I am going to make something to affix so I know. Something gentle.

        Caroline very sensible, paper sorting, if I am in the right mood that can be quite enjoyable. Glad the backs better.

        Wow Linda you did do a lot, hacking your way through the undergrowth, did you come across an lost city Clearing the grate might help with drainage. Take care you don't do your back in.

        Dave how was the detecting, find anything? Have a good time in Wales. Safe journey.

        Hope things are going well for Mo and Pete.

        Have a good day all.