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Saturday 13th

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  • Saturday 13th

    Morning All

    Blue skies, no clouds, birds shrieking in the trees, dog snoring!!!! what could be better.

    Have not a clue what I am doing today, know what I would like to do but me thinks Lee may tell me off as involves moving boxes around on the stock shelves.

    Who is at an event? good luck if you are I think may be Linda but lose track of days.

    Enjoy Saturday, HAGD and BBL x

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    Morning all! Feeling cool, dull but muggy this morning.

    Yesterday I finished off the piccalilli and made a batch of blackcurrant jam, and in between attending to things on the stove I sorted and repacked the stuff to go to charity (just got to arrange to get it out of the house now). Pooped by the time I'd cleared up and cleaned the kitchen and spent most of the rest of the day watching the Nadal/Federer tennis match and more tidying up on the family tree.

    Today need to nip into Barton for a couple of things - must do it very early as it's Bike Night and not only will they close the whole centre of the town but there will be thousands of people descending. Have got stuff ready to make a batch of gooseberry jam, then there will be the GP qualifying to watch, and if it's not too muggy I'll have a bit of time outside clearing up some unwanted vegetation.

    No events this weekend Caroline (need the rest after the last very busy weekends). Listen to Lee - you shouldn't be heaving boxes around yet after your back troubles recently, find something less physical to do.
    Dave - what's the sleeper situation? How is the shoulder?
    Mo and Pete - getting ready for tomorrow? First time in the new van so fine tuning the placement of everything?
    Shelley - maybe you'll have time for a bit of crafting today, but good that you've had a busy time business wise. How come you're doing the PAT testing? Do you not have your apprentice with you now, who was showing so much promise?
    Sarah - hope your absence means business has been booming in the shop for you.

    Off to get chores done, BBL


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      Morning all...

      Grey here but dry. Not much on as going to Wales next week so probably just tidy the craft room etc. Need to grab a 400x 500 frame, and mount a cut in it.
      No events but Pete now has the new outlet keys so I need to go and pick my space. He’s renting shelves out for some income, I get wall space because I am the only one at his current outlet plus I demo for free when he asks.
      Apart from that, nothing else doing...
      Have a goodun all.



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        Linda....sleeper situation nearly 8 ft long and 250mm deep, too heavy for me to drag around so my mate Phil who does landscaping and fencing is coming round Monday after next to do it we’ll both handle the sleepers ( Both got bad backs 😆 ) and he’ll build me some decking too.


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          Afternoon all,

          Sunny, warm but a cooler breeze today.

          Another very busy morning here in the shop. Practically non stop from the moment I opened the shop at 10am, customers waiting and then it just continued.
          All went well except for one customer who had booked an amp and a pair of speakers convinced she had booked a single powered speaker, well as we don't do them it couldn't have been, any way she got on her high horse and tried to upset and cajole and plead with me to change the universe to suit her, I manged to apologise, when I could get a word in, and she and her partner have gone of in search of something else. Wouldn't surprise me if they turn up at the close of shop, cap in hand asking for help

          Caroline No, no box lifting nonono. Give your poor back half a chance, it can wait the boxes aren't going to run off. Enjoy a relaxing day, get back to a 100% and start off slowly.

          Linda you have been busy lots of yummy things made, kitchens cleaned and more. Enjoy a rest in front of the GP.
          We do all our own PAT, we do PAT for other people, schools etc. Its a very unclear regulation, it is not law, but the H&S bods have seized on it as the one means of trying to eliminate unsafe electronics. Simple things like how often it needs doing varies depending on what it is, an office printer that never moves may need it once every two years, or communal kettle maybe every 6 months. Some things may not need it for 3 years. Also if a product is brand new it doesn't need one for a year minimum and again could be longer. Our equipment get done once a year. We also have procedures for checking things as they come back and if anything is suspect its looked at. If you hire out power tools you may PAT the item every time it goes out.

          You don't need any qualifications to do it, "a competent, trained person" the training is in the use of the PAT machine and visual checks.

          Oh and it doesn't need to be called PAT testing because it stands for Portable Appliance Testing

          So glad you are getting help Dave, those sleepers sound massive. You are going get some more good exposure at your friends shop

          Have a good afternoon everyone,



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            Oh and it doesn't need to be called PAT testing because it stands for Portable Appliance Testing
            I did know that - a slip of the typing fingers (because of general useage) I think. Same as "PIN number" and I am sure there are others that don't come to mind at the moment

            I have experience of the unclear regulations - I remember one year, when I was gainfully employed, whoever had arranged for the various bits of equipment to be done, a memo went round saying that personal mobile phones were included and HAD to be tested! (load of tosh!). After the testing was done an office colleague went to unplug something (don't remember what it was) only to get a shock and we discovered not only was the plug casing broken, but there was a chunk of plastic missing. Obviously the "competent" part of the testing had been ignored!

            The food labelling regulations are equally unclear and open to individual interpretation



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              Evening all.

              Hope you refrained from the lifting Caroline and saved your back.

              Don't you just hate it when the customer is so wrong and they won't accept it. Had a customer bring something back once for a refund, it still had the ticket on which belonged to Barnardos next door, and no till receipt. She insisted she bought it in our shop. Regardless of the Barnardos ticket I told her without a receipt she wouldn't get a refund. She then asked if she could have a credit note ............ what part of NO do you not understand lady. Thick or what.

              We have been told that even if we have a brand new light in its box it still has to be PAT tested now. Always used to be one year after purchase but they are saying that it may be faulty so need to check !!

              Good move Dave with getting help moving the sleepers. i think every Manager in our company has a bad back with the amount of stock we have to shift. Bags of books are the worse and boxes of china, nightmare.

              Nice surprise today an ex volunteer dropped in a pot of her homemade jam, Rhubarb, orange and ginger, sounds yummy.

              Valerie the van is loaded ready for the off at 7.30 tomorrow morning. We will get home about 2.30 Monday morning so managed to get the day off to recover. Weather forecast seems to be not too hot and dry, perfect for under canvas. We don't get a lot of set up time and always a rush where I get grumpy and Pete tries to calm me down, bless him. I'm fine once we get going.

              Have a lovely Sunday all.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Linda I sometimes think that they make deliberately confusing so that the proverbial buck can be past till it falls off a cliff somewhere and is never seen again

                Oh exciting Mo you have named her already. I am afraid apart from Woosid they were always just the van. I hope you have a good journey there and the set up is not as bad as you think it might be and you get a lovely day out and about.

                I don't usually have this problem with customers but having dealt with the husband and then the wife you can see who wears the trousers, poor man. To top it all off she sent him to us with a toddler in tow, not a good idea in our shop, definitely not child friendly, little terror kept kicking things halfheartedly as if to get attention, I ignored the little so and so.

                What!!!?? new out of the box, what is the world coming to. You can't test a bulb, either it works or it doesn't, its the fitting thats likely to be at fault in most scenarios. Mind you come to think of it these new fangled LED bulbs have some electronics in them.

                Enjoy the event and I hope you do well.

                Safe travels.