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  • Happy or rich?

    Yep, me again, complaining about my job/life.

    Do I want to sit in an office job for the next 35 years, with a reasonable income and health plan, pension etc or do I do my own thing and be happy.

    I received a business pack from a bank last week, read the first section, seemed obvious and straight forward.

    Im happy to work hard.I have no life as im sure ive said before.

    I dont know where Im going with this, just complaining, panicing, looking for other people to do all the scary stuff etc.

    I shall go now and wait for you guys to kick me up the butt, like i need.

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    can you do a bit of both. get a decent part time job and try and set up your own business gradually
    a business may take time to plan and get up and running, after all you want to do it right.


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      A friend suggested that and it seems like a great option.
      I think its the best idea if i can handle the few hours Im sat in an office/shop.

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        I worked full time and started my own business a few years back now and waited for it to grow large enough to support me.. at that point i gave up my full time job and just work on my own business..

        Playing it safe is good if you bills to pay ..

        You have to work like a dog and all hrs god gives.. But if you won't it your get it..

        Now i'm still working like a dog but it not messing about with a full time sort of job no more..

        Good luck as always

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          Ahh bless.
          I think what is really narking me off is trying to find the bits n bobs i need to see even if my ideas look good/if I can make them/what others think of them etc
          Im still at the trying to source things stage and if its tough to get them now its gona be a really b*gg*r if i cant get them if I had a company to run.

          I wouldnt mind if i could just get on with things.
          Sadly that doesnt stop me from buying charms and acetates, so Im spending but not making.

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            I don't know if anyone is having the same problem as me. I shall explain, and then you'll all say "no"!

            I work 9-7 Monday to Friday with Thursdays off - usually spent renovating a flat so that me and my partner have somewhere to live!

            I work 9-6 Saturdays and 10-4 Sundays. My regular job is supporting my partner in his business so I have personal as well as professional ties at work.

            Oh, and I also live on my Mum's livingroom floor at the moment!

            I would like to do more for my jewellery making - craft fairs, promoting the website etc. but as you can see, I have very little time to do it in. If I take time out of work, my income will suffer (unless I take holiday but there is a member of staff leaving at the end of this month which will make taking holiday almost impossible).

            So, at the moment I am stuck with my jewellery as a hobby, which is why I am trying to organise going to craft fairs at the end of the year to give myself plenty of time to prepare.

            The moral of this story (if there is one) is, if you can spare the time to go part-time and spend more time building a craft business - go for it! Don't hold back - you only live once. When I get the chance, I'll be doing it.

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              Oh Utopiapoppy-Youve put things in perspective, I sound like a otal moaning minnie!!

              Good luck, hope you acheive you goals one day soon.


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