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How did you get into crafts?

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  • How did you get into crafts?

    I don't know if this question has asked before but how did you all start with your respective crafts? I love being nosy!!

    I started card making just before my first daughter was born - my mother in law bought me some stork peel offs and I used them to make the birth announcement cards. As Anya was born in the November I then started making Christmas cards too and it spiralled from there! I've already bought the things I need to make the announcement cards for my second child (due July) and now I just need time to make them! I have a feeling that my life is going to be much more hectic once I have another baby......:lol:

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    Ive been into fashion since I was a teenager and had designed loads of outfits and went to fashion college, so Ive always been interested in design and creating.

    Obviously I didnt make it into the fashion industry,due to my mind numbing, IQ dropping,desk job I surf the net alot.
    I love old photos so I must have been looking at old edwardian pictures on the net and seen a picture of some scrapbooking, I looked into it more and saw that it was a big craze.
    I have since found places to buy charms, beads, books, old pictures etc and it all goes towards my obsession with mucking about with bits n bobs and see what I come up with.

    So the one good thing to have come from my dull job is a new, affordable fun hobby.

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      Parents for me.. My dad makes pots for a living and my brother makes furniture and chess sets and all kinds of stuff..

      My sis makes cards and me I make craft websites

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        I was an artistic kid from the start - which is surprising - my Dad is a Design Engineer but my Mum can't even draw a "figure of eight cat" as she puts it.

        Went to college, first thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer, then a photographer (after experimenting like Einstein in the dark room) and finally got my degree in Applied Graphic Studies (Graphic Design to you and me).

        After giving up my career in Graphic Design to support my partner Danny, in his mobile phone unlocking business, I now design all of his stationery, website etc. and use my spare time to flex my creative muscles on jewellery making.

        (stops for breath). Think that covers it!!

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          my mum and my sister are both arty crafty people, but i didnt try it until last year. i did a silversmithing course and thought why dont i try beading. i dont know why i didnt do it before. i've still got a lot to learn but thats the fun of it

          i've also taken up knitting now i've got children and love that too


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            Mine started with a christmas gift. I had always loved candles and someone bought me a candle making kit for christmas 2000. I was hooked I found a supplier of wax and fragrances and i havent looked back I took a little break when I fell pregnant in 2002 unforunately I lost my baby at 22 weeks and crafting was my saviour I threw myself into allsorts of crafts cardmaking, beading, scrapbooking but I eventually came back to candlemaking and launched my business last year after finally having my daughter in 2004.
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