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  • Skincare

    I went to a Virgin Vie party last night.Loads of women gather and look at beauty products and try them out.
    It was hosted by an Ulrika Johnson lookalike who was lovely, she looked about 35 but apparently she was nearly 40!!!A good advert for the products she sells.

    Anyhoo, after having a makeover and my feet bathed in a tub of hot water and some foot soothing product I pondered on getting some products.

    There was such emphasis on cleansing, toning and moisterising that I thought Id better get something.

    I ended up, after alot of doubt and reasoning to get a set and some eye wrinkle cream.

    It was justified by things like, people spend a fortune on clothes or shoes which will last a few months or only be worn once but they hesitate to look after their skin which is going to be with them for a very long time so it needs to be looked after.

    So I ended up spending nearly £60 which will last me a few months, so a tenner a month isnt bad.

    Do you all have a skincare routine?
    You youngsters, what do you do?
    Can anybody pass on any beauty secrets.

    Yes, guys can join in too.

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    Ive been using Oil of Ulay for, well for ever really!

    I use a face wash with micro beads (must use water, cant stand the feeling of just clenser/toner) and day and night cream. I've tried other things in the past but always come back to the same thing.

    £60. a month is a huge amount ot me, but if I didnt have a mortgage or kids I guess it would be ok.
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      Woooah there, £60 a month!!!

      £60 *over a few months* so it works out about a tenner a month which is ok.

      Id never spend £60 a month on any beauty products, theres no guarantee itl work.

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        Hahahahahaha I should learn to read properly.

        I guess I buy cream and face wash every other month max so thats about.....£11 per 2.5 months ish
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          hehe, I bought some eye wrinkle cream(my worry area)which was nearly £20, makes me want to work out how much itis per dab per eye, luckily you only need to use a little amount each time.

          It makes justifiable sense tho.We have to take care of our skin/bodies, its gona be with us for a long time(she says as she thinks about pizza)

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            i use boots time delay range. it isnt too badly priced and they do have good 3 for 2 offers. i got a bit upset in boots the other day as when i went to the till the sales assistant gave me a few sachets of eye and lip correction stuff. she said you may as well have these their free.
            i know i may look haggard after disturbed nights with my 2 year old but ithought i hid it better than that :shock: :roll: :lol:


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              I wouldnt take it personnally.She was probably trying to get rid of it so they can meet their targets or not get in trouble with her boss.


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