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  • Identity Fraud.....

    ....this was always something I've just read about, until this morning. Well, it sucks. Extreme suckage.

    Checking my current account online, I noticed a transaction to top up a mobile phone. It was from O2. I've got an O2 phone, but never top up my phone by more than £10 each time. This was for £30. Ok, maybe I topped up by £30 and I've dozily forgotten about it. Spent hours on the phone getting through to O2, finally got through and they said it's topped up another phone, not my number. Phone your debit card provider they said.

    That took hours too. Got through and the chap went through the list of transactions for the past 7 days. Luckily for me the fraudsters had tried to spend huge amounts and they'd all been refused as I don't have lots in my account. The amounts were really scary though, the highest was £1758!! Anyway, the most they took was £30 for the phone, and I'll get that back soon. O2 have now 'killed' their phone's sim card too. Sods.

    Pain in the bum though, got to cancel my card everywhere and wait a week for a new card then get my various accounts like PayPal reset with the new one. The inconvenience is a total pain. I am so glad I'd run the balance down to £1.92, and that by the time money went into the account last night the bank had noticed all the transactions and put a stop on the account. They were trying to phone me this morning but I was phoning O2....

    It's really horrible, like someone's watching you, following you...I'm creeped out by it.

    I just wanted to say to everyone to be really careful where & when you use your card. Sadly the bank and O2 couldn't give me any clues as to where the fraudsters had got my card number.

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    how awful lucky you noticed i bank on line so i can keep a check on whats come out day to day my brother had money taken from his account and they traced it back to a garage someone opened a catalogue in my hubbys name wasnt till we got a bill for a stereo that we found out had fraud people round and allsorts it went to court they caught someone dont know the outcome yet but weve been told to check our credit rating as it could of been damaged
    Jan xx


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      People who can openly do that sort of thing are the lowest of the low... up there with burglars in my opinion. Hopefully what goes around comes around and they'll get their comeuppance very soon.

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        What an absolute nightmare Jules Can't believe your bank took so long to notice either. Ours is pretty hot on that kinda thing, once when we were getting lots of failed orders on the website we put through a test order with hubby's credit card and as we did it quickly we missed out details like phone no. on the payment page - the payment went through but 2 minutes later (at 9 o'clock at night) hubby got a call from the card company to check it was actually him using the card!!!
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          Aw, that's rubbish, I wonder where they got your card numbers from. Debit Cards are not very secure though, I used to use mine online but don't anymore, I have a credit card for online purchases as you are more likely to get the money back off this. Your funds on a debit card are not usually insured.

          I guess the most frustrating thing about the whole thing is having to replace all your card though


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            Jules I can really sypathise. I had my account emptied (Luckily I only had about £400 in it)about 3 years ago. I was stood at a the cash point and there was a dodgy bloke hanging around I actually thought he was going to take the money as soon as it came out of the machine and when he didn't I was so relived I thought no more about it until I checked my account two days later and it had been emptied. The bank were less than helpful and it was just before I went on holiday so I had to borrow money from my family until it was sorted. They did get the person on CCTV so that was good.



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              Creeped Out...

              ....I can't belive how bad I feel over this. It's such an invasion of privacy, like someone's been through my handbag...

              It's creeped me out a lot more than our garage break in the other month. I just wish I knew how they'd get my details. The bank couldn't or wouldn't give me any details as to the large transactions, but they have said that everything like this is passed to the fraud squad of the Police and will be investigated. I'm not really reassured by this.

              I'm a bit freaked out by them asking me to make sure that none of my children had 'helped themselves' to my card to top up their phones before the bank's fraud dept would take it further. I suppose they had to ask, but my children just wouldn't do that. I hate the implacation, although I know why they made it.

              We're celebrating the oldest's son's birthday today even though he's not 22 til Monday, but he's going back to Uni tomorrow. It's been hard to stay cheerful, and get on with making meringues etc for a pavlova, and doing the chicken for fried chicken for supper.

              I am just really cheesed off about this. Incredibly so. Maybe it's my own fault for being complacent. Going to go and sew in a minute, for therapy.

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                Oh Jules - I really don't know what to say.

                But hope you are able to put it to one side for the birthday celebrations.


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                  Oh golly it's really pants that that has happened to you.
                  I know at least 5 people this has happened to in the last 6 months one of them had had money spent on an on line gambling site and they told her to check that it wasnt her usband!!! it makes you just want to put your money under the mattress!
                  In our local paper just last night two people had had their bank accounts emptied and they traced it to two seperate cash point machines in the town.
                  I mean really where are the police when they are putting the devices on the cash point machines!!??
                  I'm really reluctant to use cash point machines now and try and go inside the bank if i can, or get cashback in shops but then only in shops i trust like M&S (don't ask me why they feel safer!)
                  All the people i know have got thier money back, i think banks are quite good t that these days but that's no consulation to you i know.
                  Hope your fried chicken is good, have a large glass of something strong to wash it down with!


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                    Oh no Jules - at least as you say they haven't taken huge amounts from you which is a good thing. When I use cash machines I put my purse over the keypad with my hand underneath and type the number in that way. That way if the buggers have put something on the machine then the camera that they use to see your pin number doesn't get anything. I can't remember where I picked that tip up but I use it all the time now! I also glare at people who get too close when I'm putting my pin in the supermarket - and I make the girl take it out of the holder so I can cover it more - it annoys them but I'd rather have annoyed cashiers than someone get my money!
                    Hope the birthday celebrations were good!
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                      Feeling Better

                      The celebrations went well, as did the fried chicken supper & strawberry pavlova for afterwards...

                      I was going to take a pic of the pavlova as it turned out very well, but the family got to it before I had the chance!

                      Funny thing last night though. #1 son decided he wanted to buy something from eBay for his Wii. He worked out that he had enough cash in his bank and then did the Buy It Now option. He's there twiddling away, and suddenly says, Mum, it won't let me use my debit card. Well, I'm paranoid now so I went to look. PayPal wouldn't let him use his card because there was £265 in his PP account so it was using the balance already there.

                      Where did £265 come from? OMG....panic. Well, after half an hour of panic, we sussed it. Back in January when #1 bought his Wii from his Crimbo money, the seller wanted payment by card or by bank transfer, and #1 had paid by echeque quite by accident. The echeque was cancelled and a card payment sent instead. So, as the echeque transfer was already in motion, the cash was transferred to the #1's PP account and not back into his bank's been sitting there unoticed for two (nearly three) months whilst the boy has been living off crusts not having enough money to eat properly and wondering where on earth all his cash has gone....!!!!

                      Good grief. I have asked him just how he managed to not notice £265 going missing, and he doesn't know. At least, with the extra cash, I don't have to worry about him in his last ever Uni term. We also took him to Costco so he's taking enough meat for a term's dinners back with him and it only cost £34!

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                        Another thouht is if you have a cordless phone, people with scanners can listen in and get your details when you pay for something with a card over the phone.
                        Supposed to be better now digital is here but my thoughts are the crooks are always catching up with the technology...
                        We changed our phones to ones with cords when we heard this!!


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                          I wouldn't mind discovering a couple of hundred pounds I had forgotten about!

                          With the card fraud, have you reported it to the police yourself? A similar thing happened to me a few years ago, I had a few transactions from a cashpoint in Indonesia for over £700 each! (Back in the days when I earned money lol!) I noticed it on my bank statement, and my bank weren't entirely helpful, but I did get the money back eventually..

                          Anyway, they did advise me to call the local police, which I did, and they were very nice. They took all the details and asked where I had used my card recently as there had been a spate of it in my local area, and all the victims had used their card at the same petrol station, which was the one in my village!

                          It turned out they had a few dodgy staff members there who were doing something to the card machine where they could read the magnetic strip and send the card details off to people who could clone the card and use it to withdraw cash from cashpoints. A few months after it happened it was all over the paper, as the police had enough evidence to prove it.

                          It did help that I knew how and where my card had been cloned, and I'm still quite wary about using my debit card in petrol stations!


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                            My next door neighbour just had Mint call her yesterday about some 'funny transactions'. Turns out someone must have cloned her card and used it to top up mobile phones for £30, spend £200 at Tescos and buy music. Last time she used the card was in Argos at Christmas, so someone has been sitting on it for a long time!! Selina