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Hepatitis b jabs for kids

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  • Hepatitis b jabs for kids

    i know there's a few of you that work for the NHS, and was wondering if anyone knows ( or could find out ) when /if they started giving these jabs to babies/toddlers in the UK.

    it's cropped up for my daughter, in regular school checks. i don't have ( or at least don't think I have ) any records of their jabs,but the kids did have everything they should have had,just don't remember that one!

    I could try getting old of our old surgery, but can't remember tel no,and thought this might be quicker!

    hope someone can help

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    somebody out there , must know something!
    what about all youmums, have your kids been vaccinated for hep B? if so, how old are they?


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      I havent got any kids so i'm probably talking (typing)? rubbish but i'm pretty sure Hep B isnt something that kids get immunised against as a rule.
      Isnt it just if you are in a high risk job, like nursing?
      Hope some other people come along soon for you!


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        Here's a couple of links that might help:

        I cant remember it being a standard jab either and the only other reason I can think they might have asked about Hep B. is if your daughter has been immunised for travel abroad at any point...?


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          NHS staff, police etc. usually have HepB jabs, not children usually.
          Meningitis C is offered to teenagers i think.



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            It's a standard jab here, and has been fo at least 10 years, probably 12 if not more, so they are thinking my daughter would hav it, and I don't thinkshe has, nor the boys!

            I had a think when I got asked and it made me realise that back when I had the kids even in high risk jobs, they hadnt given us the jab, and anyone that wanted it had to pay!

            i'llgo have a look at those links tx beadslily


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              had a lkat the links and there's no mention of it! looks like they'll all have o go get done,as it is a standard one here in Andalucia!