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  • Hospital Waiting Lists.


    Last week I discovered that I have Gall Stones. The pain is manageable but I`m tired and feel dragged down. I`m OK really, though.

    I was told I would be sent for a scan fairly soon to see what what was going on. I`ve been told today the waiting list is 5 weeks long. So if the scan is going to be a 5 week wait, if I need an op how long is the waiting list going to be for that?????

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    The current waiting list time at the hospital I work in is 18 weeks from the date you're put on it.

    Although government waiting list targets are coming down all the time.

    Hope you don't have to wait too long.

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      Poorly you!!

      Poor you! I suppose you have to be careful what you eat and drink? Take it easy and look after yourself!!! Sue xx


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        Ooh I'm not sure about the waiting list thing but here's hoping they dont cause you too many problems whilst you're waiting

        Take care
        Shaz x
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          I had to wait about 11 weeks for my gallstones op. I only stayed in one night. I'm feeling for you having gone trhough it myself only very recently. You will feel so much better afterwards...just hang on in there....
          Hugs, Sue


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            Urgh, hearing about waiting lists really annoys me.
            I don't see why in this day 'n' age people have to wait so long to get repaired.

            I hope you are okay though. Its sounds painful what you have.
            Good Luck
            Av xx
            Sprinkles Sparkles