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Beware the killer sewing machine!

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  • Beware the killer sewing machine!

    Just a warning to all of you who use sewing machines, I was happily sewing away the other day and all of a sudden there was a ping, twang ouch!!

    The needle snapped and the pointed end flew at my eye, about 2mm from the corner of my eye, I might add.

    I am going to B & Q tomorrow to get some protective goggles! Hehe!

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    wow you were lucky! could have been really horrible!

    i think the reason I don't sew is that I remembering years ago, my mum calling me in to the room where she was using the machine, asking for help! her finger was firmly sewn into the item.needle had gone traight through nail, bone, and out other side! i just ran out of room and she had to sort it out herself!


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      now i know why i dont like sewing machines they should come danger warnings im glad it was not worse i think the goggles sound good bit hard to see though
      Jan xx


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        Googles it must be!!


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          Oooh that's so nasty!

          At least I wear glasses when I'm sewing.

          And apparantely you're not a "true" seamstress until you've sewn your finger! I nearly did it once when I was using MIL's machine and it was on zig-zag stitch instead of straight. Fortunately I was using the hand-wheel and the needle only went down to my nail-bed. That must mean I'm only nearly a true seamstress!

          I was chatting to a lady once who used to work in a sewing-factory with big huge industrial machines. Oooooh ... some of the stories she told me involved a big punching machine that punched the rivets into denim jeans. I'll leave that to your imagination .....
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            Craft-related injury time!
            I've got a large scar on my knee from using my previous pyrography kit. I needed to finish a commission and the kit only worked when there was a weight on it due to a loose connection. I held it against the table with my knee and ended up with a large blistery burn! D'oh.
            Still got a scar there now.

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              Blimey that was a close call

              When I was a kid, my dad was in the rag trade and used to deliver work to outdoor machinists (they werent actually outdoors o course, they were sewing in their own homes, not in the streets ) so I remember being shocked by many needle-right-through-the-finger stories when I was little

              Shaz x
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                oooooooooooh that was a close one. I snapped a craft knife in college once and the blade bounced off my eyelid (luckily I managed to shut my eye in time).

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                  All these stories are making me cringe.
                  Im glad I have no need to use a sewing machine.

                  Glad you are okay though, that could have been really nasty.
                  Av xx
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                    Think on the whole I would rather be an im-proper seamstress!! :0)

                    I daren't say anything now for fear of tempting Fate, but sew far (rofl) I've not managed to stitch my fingers. However, I have been attacked by a fried egg tonight!!!
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                      hehe - funny!

                      You should try teaching a class of 25 gcse students who have a habit of discussing there love life, etc whilst on the machines!! I once had a needle through the finger moment with an AS student! Not very nice. The girl it happened to was fine, but the rest were all screaming and being totally girly about the whole thing!!

                      Plus when I was on teacher training a year 9 thought she had swallowed a pin, as she remembered holding it in her mouth (!!) and the next minute it was gone!!! We had to send her off to get an x-ray, but they didn't find anything. (lol - will never forget that!)
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                        Cheers Sam. I'm not letting any of my girls on the machines tomorrow now.
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                          i go through machine needles at a rate of noughts and when they break they can go of with some force most of the time i wear glasses and i have been known to bring my saftey glasses home from work for the odd project !!!! and i have sewn my fingers(thankfully only the ends) and also stapled them to a book once as well
                          while i knit i think




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                            Oooh the same thing happened to me, right near me eye. Gave me the fright of my life! I also considered purchasing some goggles! lol

                            I hate the sound of a needle breaking it always makes me jump.

                            Thankfully no fingers sewn yet. But ouch to everyone that has!!!
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                              Lucky escape I reckon... but yuk - all these maiming stories are making me cringe too