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getting rid of Ollie!!!

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  • getting rid of Ollie!!!

    For a week during the summer...... he's just got a letter to say he's been accepted fro a bursary on a violin course in ampleforth college. What a relief.... coz he wouldn't have been going unless he'd got the bursary it costs nearly a thousand.
    He's been very lucky with teaching and funding for his violin playing and singing (singing soon to become piano studies due to his voice breaking) because he was accepted onto a tallented and gifted scheme where he's given 5 hours tuition on a sunday every week and now this course on top!
    Don't know how he'll cope away from home as his head is permanently in the clouds.
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    sounds like good news im sure he will cope but will you cope wondering if hes ok when my daughters went away with school i spent the whole week worrying if they were ok hoping they wouldnt get home sick and that they would remember to put their dirty washing seperate from clean clothes but i survived and they all enjoyed there stay away from the rest of the family
    Jan xx


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      Oh well done!

      He'll be fine - and I bet you are looking forward to it eh?!


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        Thats fantastic news
        Congratulations to Ollie!

        I used to be a violin player until i fell out of bed one day and broke my left hands little finger. Had to give it up as a result, the little mite never worked properly since.

        I'm sure he will have a fantastic time
        It will be you doing all the worrying. He'll be all 'cool', but secretly im sure he will miss you too
        Av xx
        Sprinkles Sparkles


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          That's great. I'd have never got a bursary with my clarinet playing - it wasn't bursary standard, even if someone had me playing at their wedding.

          I'm sure he'll have a great time!
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            That's great news. I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time - we'll need a report, obviously.



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              Fabulous news!He's obviously very talented to be offered a bursary. Well done Ollie
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