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  • knee replacements

    just wondering if anyone has any experience of knee replacement surgery?

    looks like hubby is going to have to have a replacement, as last op ( just in January) hasn't solved the problems. Only had a brief word with spe******t yesterday( when he was called in to A&E to see him!), but basically he said that after a replacement any "hard" labour type jobs aren't possible. hubby's is a qualified mechanic, coach driver, and does various building type jobs. from what was said it seems he wouldn't be able to do anything like that, but am wondering if anyone knows anyone who has managed to carry on with those sorts of activities after a replacement? or has any other useful info.

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    I dont know too much about knee replacements. But what I do know is that th human body is extremely efficient and surprisng!

    Some people have been told they would be paralysed for life but have got up months later and walked. I have a family member who had a hip replacement and is doing fine with physical activities. I dont know the medics behind these things but I do think anything is possible!

    sorry i couldnt be more helpful tho. I hope the op goes well for your hubby


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      ive been told i wouldnt be considered for knee replacement surgery for at least 20 years because they only last 7 years perhaps hes been told he cant do anything manual because it will wear out quicker and they wont want to do it again too soon for financial reasons on the nhs
      Jan xx


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        One of my mates had 2 or 3 knee replacements after after sporting injuries, he was only told that he was not allowed to play contact sports anymore and was not restricted from any jobs, plus he was a lifeguard.

        That was in Australia though! I suppose it might depend on what sort of knee replacement it is and also how damaged the knee is. I would do some internet research if I were you and also ask the docs why he is not allowed to do those things


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          I've had one on my left knee. There's no way he'll be able to work a clutch afterwards, but knee replacements are only a last resort when there are no further treatments that will work. They last 10-15 years, which is why consultants are loathe to put them in younger patients, they can only be changed 2 or 3 times. Have a look at this link, but be warned - it's not pretty! It is, however, the most informative site I found before I had mine. I'm also due the right one.....................he won't do it until I'm virtually unable to walk.


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            craftyjan : nhs not a problem as we're in Spain, and generally I think it's a lot better here!Lot shorter waiting lists, and although cost is always an issue,they don't just seem to look at monetary issues, but the general overall picture.

            i don't think itwas so much that he wouldn't be allowed to do certain things, more that he might not be able to do them!

            pebbles : that's good to know, so ther might be hope of stll being quite active. though I guess it depends on the individual's level of fitness prior to the problems as well.

            Beadsage; Luckily (?) it's his Right knee, so the clutch won't be a problem!
            have looked at the site ( briefly so far) quite gross, but, yes informative!

            we have already done lots of ineternet research over the last few years. The problems started about 10 yrs ago, and he's already had 3 ops.

            his knee kept giving way, and he had an arthroscopy done in Uk after waiting a lLONG time, didn't really do much good, although he was falling over a bit less.

            he started seeing docs here as problems got worse, and evenually after scans, physio, mountains of drug, they realised he had a bursitis, which was removed and ( about 2.5 yrs ago), and that resulted in a really dramatic improvement, and much less pain. anyway it started again, and this time after scans last summer , they found that as well as a tear in the cartilage, a cyst ,and some arthritis, he aslso had some quite bad osteonecrosis, so all this was treated in the latest op in Jan, all was well at first, back on his feet in record time, but the surgeon did say it was a lot worse in there than they expected, and nw the pain is back ( not constant thank goodness) worse than ever. spe******t was called in yesterday to A&E to examine him ,(briefly) and said he'd recommend replacement, and we have an appointment at his clinic on 5th May, and scans to be done before that.

            Quite frankly, if they don't replace it, he'd rather have the leg removed, and has come close to grabbing the chain saw, and chopping it off himself, as the pain is so bad!

            sweet can but hope he is one of the more s resilient ones !

            someone at physio yesterday gave me a tel no for a local faith healer, so will probaly try that too!


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              Originally posted by Beadsage View Post
              I've had one on my left knee.

              I'm also due the right one

              Along with your elbow you're virtually bionic!!
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                I've got the t-shirt for wanting the leg off, so my empathies to him there! If it wasn't for the 'phantom pain' thing I would have sat on a railway line long ago! The problem with knees - and I've had about 25 trips to theatre - is that not one op is pain relieving, they're all about stability, so it's codeine for the forseeable future, I was asked by a nurse the other day how a TKR was, and the best news I could give her was that it's hell for the first year but it gets better - almost suddenly, you start thinking 'it works!'. It sounds as if he'll be much better with a new 'un, just don't let them put him on's a pig to get off!


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                  Originally posted by beadsbydesign View Post
                  Along with your elbow you're virtually bionic!!
                  Why do you think I'm playing with beads instead of driving low loaders up and down the A1?


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                    my doctor sent me for 1 xray said its osteoarthritus heres a prescription on repeat that will do you for a few years its like toothache so i can sympathise with every one else
                    Jan xx



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                      He's had tramadol, and every conceivable drug going. he even had some patches ,a morphine equialent, VERY srong and even they didnt stop the pain, just dulled it!