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Fat free fruit cake recipe help pls!!!

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  • Fat free fruit cake recipe help pls!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    Not been too well of late and finally went to see the doctor.

    It`s looks as though I have gall stones so in the meantime of being poked and prodded I need to go on a fat free diet.

    This is going to be a drastic change for me!

    I like to bake and have seen in farmhouse type shops a "fat free fruit cake" does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for such a cake??

    I`d very grateful if you have!

    Thanks in advance!


    C .

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    I generally think if its a Delia recipe it'll work... she has some online, but not sure if there are any fat free ones. But I know there are quite a few people who have gone off Delia for having an anti-Jamie/Hugh Twirlywhirly campaign saying that chickens don't have feelings and you can breed them how you like!
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      What about this one:

      1lb mixed fruit
      7oz soft brown sugar
      1/2 pint cold tea (no milk)
      1 egg
      9oz self raising flour
      Put the fruit and sugar into a bowl and mix, pour over the tea, leave to soak for 3 hours.
      Beat the egg and stir into the mixture. Stir in the flour.
      Pour into a 2lb lined loaf tin.
      Put in the oven on 180c 350f gas 4 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
      Leave in tin for 5 mins then cool on wire rack.

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        Rosemary Connelly does one which uses all bran soaked in milk (i think), tried it a few years ago and its pretty good. Don't have the recipe any more which I know is not helpful but it does exist maybe someone else has it, Selina


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          My Mum has a fab receipe for a fat free fruit cake, I have to say it is more fruit than cake but is lovely and I will get it off her and post it later this week (hope you can wait that long!)
          I also have gall stones, IBS and have just been told that I have reactive hyperglycemia. Basically means I have to avoid fat too much sugar and various foods that I am sensitive to.
          It takes a while but if you make small changes you'll be amazed at the difference it makes to how you feel.
          Keep smiling


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            I think Pauline gave you the recipe that I had.
            I had my gallbladder removed just 8 weeks ago and apart from getting the worst cold I've ever had in my life I really do feel a whole lot better since. I never suffered with pain just sickness before and it really got me down. Apparently there are a lot of us out there without one LOL! I had to go on a fat free diet but the upside was that I lost quite a lot of weight which was good, trouble is its creeping back up again now I can eat most things again.
            Hope you feel better soon, take care.



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              oh no, i'm sorry your not well sweety. i may have a recipe in my favourite cook book. let me get back to you. in mean time, hope you feel betta soon

              Dee x
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                Thankyou everyone!

                Hi There,

                Thanks everyone for your help: much appreciated!

                I do feel better than I did now I know I have to keep to a low fat diet. I`ve had a few days of eating pretty bland foods so on the mend now. Just got to keep to low fat foods.

                I`m waiting for a scan so not sure what they will do.

                In some ways it`s a good thing as I`ve needed to lose weight for sometime for health reasons but never have. Being in pain is a very good incentive to cut out the fats!!!!

                I`ll give Pauline`s recipe a go, it sounds just what I was looking for.

                Thanks again!



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                  I made the cake (actually 3 of them!)

                  I made the cakes from the recipe given to me by Pauline and very nice they are too!!

                  I made three; two to freeze... honest!!



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                    Nan's Tea Loaf

                    This is similar to the other recipe and was a life saver for Himself last year when a gallstone the size of a hen's egg nearly killed him. He lost two stone in under two weeks. He's fit as can be now, and can eat most things but still loves this cake.

                    You need a mug...use the same one throughout.

                    I mug tea
                    1 mug sugar (white, brown or demerara)
                    1 mug dried fruit (of any kind, chop big pieces)
                    1 egg
                    2 mugs SR flour
                    1 tsp any sweet spices (optional)

                    Make the tea good & strong. In a large bowl, disolve the sugar into the tea and add the fruit & spices. Leave overnight. Mix in the flour and egg, pop into a 2pint loaf tin, bake for an hour or until a skewer comes out clean.

                    I used egg substitute to cut out the fat in egg, as it's quite high when you need to be 100% fat free to prevent the pain. The Orgran egg substitute is great.

                    You can also use flavoured teas - Whittard's Christmas Tea, or Apple Crumble Tea worked really well. You can also vary the dried fruits - we used cranberries, dried pears chopped, anything for a different type. We made a Christmas cake version, a Ginger & Pear version, Cranberries and Orange by adding grated orange's really adaptable. You can even double the amount of fruit and get two loaves out of the same recipe without using double the other ingredients..

                    We still make the loaves today as they are a huge favourite in our house and with the crafter's at fairs to go with tea & coffee. The recipe was my Nan's from WW2 when they had few ingredients to go into cakes.

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