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I'm actually being pro-active for a change....

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  • I'm actually being pro-active for a change....

    Ok, so after finishing mypsych degree last year things on the job front have been a bit slow! I'm doing some volunteer work with vulnerable women, but my long term goal is counselling psych...getting there is the hard part.

    When i go to apply for a job, no on really cares too much that I have a degree, its all about annoying NVQs and the like, which rightly or wrongly I refuse to do when i have a flipping good degree!!

    So i decided today to enrol on a distant course in supporting children, young people and famillies, i've seen a lot of jobs in this area but I dont have specifc qualifications, and i can do it as quickle as i like, i have a year to complete it, i'm sure it wont take me more than 6months! Its not like i do much else! lol!

    Hopefully, once i start the course i might be able to get a job in this area!

    Its so annoying tho, bcoz I know i could do any of the jobs that i've applied for..if someone would just give me the chance!!!

    so, anyway, heres to being officially a student again!


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    Good luck with whatever you do do as they all sound like worthwhile roles and you deserve a lot of respect for your perseverance. I love studying through work... I've got a degree but have also recently completed an NVQ in Customer Service followed by an A1 NVQ Assessor Qualification, and I'm now looking at Social Sciences degrees through the OU.

    Hope all goes well and you get a job that you enjoy.

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