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  • Pennsylvania visitor...

    ...see now my funky Traffic Widget has just told me someone "from" Pennsylvania found me through (good news! )

    ...but left me via (not so good news )

    but maybe they were only ever interested in tattoos anyway....and at least they got a glimpse of what I can do before they left!....and its the risk you take of linking other sites....and I'm kinda chuffed someone found me through google anyway!....and maybe if I hadnt put a random post about tattoos on my Blog, theyd never have seen me in the first place....

    If you were me, would you be disappointed or pleased and would you change anything you're doing?

    Shaz x
    Keepsake Kollections
    & Rossendale Ramblings!

    Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!

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    well just goes to show doesn't it!
    You do get international visitors apart from me, so that could potentially mean international sales!


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      It's interesting isn't it!

      It's so surprising where people come from, or what they were looking for to begin with!

      One thing is that they found you.
      Even if they did go to another site, they may have read your blog and bookmarked it. You just don't know.
      Av xx
      Sprinkles Sparkles