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Finding my Blog via google?!

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  • Finding my Blog via google?!

    Am I going mad and missing some major plotline with Blogs?

    I've just done a search on google for the exact phrase "Memory Box" and my Craft Forum chat appears on page 5 of the search but I cant see any trace of my Blog post anywhere?

    So I is a bit confused - I thought each Blog post created a web page but, even if I search for a very specific exact phrase from within my Blog, I cant seem to find it?

    Am I searching wrong somehow or missing something? Or have I forgotten some crucial forum advice along the way?!

    Although I'm really chuffed with my Blog cos its something I can give to specific potential customers & put on leaflets etc, I was just hoping others can start to find it through google if I get some keywords/phrases right but I must be doing sumat wrong so far?

    Ta v much for any advice
    Shaz x
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    Everytime you write your blog submit it to

    It'll submit it in turn to loads of search engine. When i've 'pinged' it it's shown up on searches within minutes.....also try technorati and del.icious.. or what ever it's called. They're good for building up traffic too.
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      Why should its rank?

      Google works using a voting system..

      A link = a vote..

      More votes then the higher you rank (basically) .. As you blog is so young it hasn't many links.. Simple as that.. !

      Hope that helps..

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        Thanks guys, I do remember reading something about young Blogs taking a while to establish themselves but I wasnt sure how young young was... basically, the linking I'm hoping to start doing soon (featuring other craft forum members' websites) helps me and them by slowly but surely moving us up the charts?

        Hope I've understood that right, I'm not very techie yet!

        Shaz x
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        Keepsake Kollections
        & Rossendale Ramblings!

        Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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          i visited your blog and noticed that you started it at the beginning of feb, is that right? there is so much information out there on the www, i think it can take a while for newish things to creep though, but it will happen. i'm pretty sure it took a few months for my blog to start appearing in google searches, and even longer to appear in image searches. but once it did, it quite quickly went from being the, for example, 100th link, to being in the first 10.

          hope that helps
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