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help - links from my blog not working, but do in draft!

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  • help - links from my blog not working, but do in draft!

    Please look at my blog if you may be able to help.
    I've put up some links tonight, I have just realised they are the first links I have done. And they do not work from the blog. Now I have been using these links all night, and I copy and pasted them out of the address bar, used in word, and back to the blog editor. I don't understand why they are not working.
    I had a look at my settings, maybe I have some link out button disabled?
    I would be most grateful if anyone may know of anything, as its late and some of them are links to people on here's blogs.


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    In my blog, (wordpress) I add links through the icon button. It looks a bit like the one above the quick reply box in here. The one that looks like a world with an 8 on its side lol

    Any use?

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      My initial thought would be that you may not have deleted the http:// that is in the box. that would mean you had http://http://xxxxxxxx
      That would stop it working.

      Are you using the add link option which puts up a template box?
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        having looked at your blog I think you have probably not used the add link button.
        It says link
        write the text you want to see on your post. high;light and click link and then enter the url
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          The add link button doesn't work on my wordpress blog, so I can't at the moment use short links, like words, but it does work when I write a web address into the main body of the blog.

          I can't understand why yours are not working. Have you tried playing about with the http:// bit? Adding it, taking it away? Could it be as simple as adding a space after you've typed in the link (sometimes activates it).

          You could maybe try adding it in html mode but you'd need to check the code for adding a hyperlink.

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            If you are adding a link in HTML mode you need the format below

            <a href=""></a>

            Hope this helps :-)

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              ahh thanx everyone!
              It was a combination of the link button and the format silverthistle suggested.
              the links work now and I will know for next time