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Half empty or half full?

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  • Half empty or half full?

    Is our approach half empty or half full? Read our latest blog to find out...

    If you can offer any hints, tips or advice then please feel free... also if you think we are being unrealistic in anyway then I'd like to hear your views.

    Thanks for reading.

    Laura xxx

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    I think the only way up, is by being positive darl.
    I too have had a rough year, But not once did I have a half full glass. Apart from the fact I have seen folk much much worse off than myself, Its just not in my nature to be a half empty person.
    I do have one thought I carry with me now, That I will make every day count.
    I wish you heaps of luck and send my love and good Karma.
    Keep that glass half full darl xxx

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      I must admit I have lots of half empty days but I always think back to my accident and say I could have died. My kids would have been without their mum and I wouldn't have seen them growing up the past 10 years. I never begrudge myself those down days though as you have to give yourself time out, but I know I'm lucky to be here and despite the bad days I do prefer my glass to be half full...preferably with Baileys!
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