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  • New Ranges :)

    Thanks for looking,

    Laura xxx

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    Wow Laura, I really love the wood candle holders, very clever idea!!!

    and the teddy smellies are brilliant!!!

    Well done to both you and Gord. What a clever pair you are!
    Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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      I like the sound of those scented teddies but can't see them very well through the wrapping.

      Hey....I've turned pink!!
      Gail x

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        I love the rustic looking candle holders. So natural looking and me haha!!
        The cute smellies are great too. You clever pair. xxx

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          Love the teddies - they will go down a treat for kiddies rooms I am sure! What fragrances do they have?
          Wishing you loads of success at the fair!
          Terry xxx
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            Lovely - PM sent
            Lorna x

   - I've finally ventured into the world of blogging!


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              How lovely are they? The candle holders are fab - very creative!
              I hope they do well for you x


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                Absoloutely gorgeous!



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                  The candle holders are great!

                  (but I'm afraid waxed teddies make me squirm - I know that many like them but in my mind teddies should be fluffy/cuddly - sorry)
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                    I have never heard of waxed, smelly teddies before they would go well on a shelf in a kiddies room, can they be washed eventually so they can be fluffy again??

                    Candle holders look fab, I have some I made for myself out of natural fallen logs/branches, I always get comments on them

                    Good luck at the fair

                    jan x



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                      I just love the T-light holders they are fantastic just my sort of thing, not sure about the wax teddies & co either, but hey that's just me I know lots of people who do like them.

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                        I have seen the teddies thing before at the big NEC show and I love them!! they are such a nice way to scent a room and so cute well done!
                        I also like the candles, I love the rustic look!


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                          Like the candel holders....... love the wooden look! Hope you do well with them.
                          x Maria



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                            Thank you all for your lovely feedback... your comments really are appreciated.

                            With regards to the wax scented teddies, I can totally understand the 'for' and 'against' comments with these. The very first time I saw them, I was quite reluctant about them as I stereotypically thought soft toys should stay soft and fluffy!! But then about five or six years ago my mum bought me one when she was out somewhere and even now I can still give it a blast and the fragrance is as strong as ever. Having owned one, then it slowly began to change my mind about them so I suggested to Gord that perhaps he should give them a try.

                            I must admit that it is less than a week since he has added this range to the gallery of our website, my blog and our stall at the weekends craft fair and they are already proving far more popular than I could have anticipated... lots of sales and orders for specific fragrances, colours and types of teddies so they look like they will do well.

                            As for fragrances... these can be made in any fragrance that our customer would like, like our candles, and can be made to order. The only restriction we have on making these is whether or not we are able to source the particular type of teddy, breed of dog or colour of cat, etc that you would like but if there is something specific you are interested in then we will do our best to source something suitable!!

                            With regards to our natural tealight holders, personally I love these but as yet interest in these has been slower than the teddies but fingers crossed these will do well too

                            Thank you for all of your comments!!

                            Laura xxx


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                              I love your idea of the smelly teddies etc and I can well imagine they will go down a bomb!!!!

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