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Productive bank holiday...

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  • Productive bank holiday...

    New craft room!!!

    And a new doggy

    Laura xxx

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    Awwww what a cute doggy!!! He is so lovely!! I love your craft room its so organised( I am a little green I dont mind admitting)lol . I have a pantry ......yes a pantry with all my craft goodies crammed into it....but am working on a shed for garden.....
    lovely to read your news



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      Well done Gord for making such a lovely craft room for you!!!!! you lucky lady Laura.

      No fair, I want Charlie!!!!!!!!

      So glad you have had a good weekend, had noticed your absence and was going to email you today to check you were ok.

      There will be a little something in the post for you (hopefully today) nothing too great but something with sentiment from mine to you!
      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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        Fab room for crafting and what an adorable dog!! I hope he continues to make good progress with the obedience training.
        Take care



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          Wow, what a difference! That looks so great, you must be excited! I hope you didnt lift any of those boxes???

          Charlie is adorable, i want him!!! Is he a puppy?


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            Have left a comment, but I'm thrilled for you about Charlie, I reckon he's just what you need right now.

            Take care hun & see you on Sunday

            Jan xx
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              Oh wow, I can't even begin to explain how jealous I am of your craft room!!! And Charlie is just too cute!!
              ReganLottie x

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                lucky you to have that room! looks like bank holiday wasproductive for a few of us.
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                  ..what a great weekend! (although it probably didn't feel it at the time with all that hard work! you must be exhausted!) ..but what a fantastic result! (i'm so jealous )
                  ...Charlie is gorgeous too by the way!


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                    Great craft room! I'm jealous!! Charlie is SOOOo cute!

                    Hugs, Helena xxx


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                      Crikey, that's fast work and it looks great, like you say, you can do your stuff and no need to tidy eveything away only to have to bring it all out again. Charlie looks very relaxed there with his cushion, hehe Happy crafting Laura
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                        great craft room & Charlie is " ADORABLE "
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                          Your new craft room looks brilliant and Charlie is adorable.
                          I started off with nothing and I've still got most if left.



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                            oooo thats a fab room hun !!! and what a cute doggy xx

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                              Thank you all.

                              Charlie is an absolute angel... so sweet and innocent and loves his cuddles (he's asleep on the sofa with hubby as I type!! lol)

                              As for my craft room... as this had been planned as the baby's nursery it took Gord a bit of persuading to get me to agree to have it as my craft room but I've agreed and as soon as our time comes for the pitter patter then my craft stuff will move back out again, so he had to get moving while I was in agreeance as he knows what I can be like.

                              It took us about eight hours on Monday to do all of the painting of the walls and polyfillering the cracks/dents in between coats of paint. Then a couple of hours on Tuesday to lay the carpet and put the furniture back in and in place... then I was in here until about 10pm on Tuesday putting all of my crafty stuff away and sorting it out, finding spaces for everything etc.

                              It's all looking very neat and tidy at the moment cos we've not really been in the last couple of days so I haven't done any crafting in my new space yet but I'm hoping to spend tomorrow and Saturday crafting as we've got a craft fair on Sunday so by the end of the weekend it'll probably be like a bombsite in here!! But a very workable bombsite

                              All of your comments are appreciated.