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Should I start A Blog??

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  • Should I start A Blog??

    . . and if I do what's the best/simplest/most effective blog site to use??

    Are there and "rules" or things I must and mustn't do??

    How frequently do you have to update a blog??

    Advice and information welcome
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    Should I start a blog ........ only if you want the wonderful sense of enjoyment and creativity and if you realise that quite often one blog become 2 and in my case four!

    I use Blogger as do many others on here. there are endless possibilities with it and as it's a google product it's linked to so many useful functions etc. easy tio add photos, you tube video etc.

    Rules: What are they? I've not come accross anything you can't do.

    update as often as you want. I normally do all four daily with at least one post, but sometimes I dry up and so don't add anything until I want to.

    Gop for it and try it out. You can always delete it if it's not for you and it's free. only takes a minute to set up (once you decide what to call it)
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.