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The Aliens Have Landed!

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  • The Aliens Have Landed!

    After months of waiting for them to be fired, my little army of aliens are starting to come to life!

    Here they are:

    Dont be scared, they look quite friendly (but a little strange)!

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    Now you just have to make them from sugar paste so I can eat them for real!
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      They're brilliant, love them, hehehe! I hope you do make some more, encourage kids to garden. Perhaps put one together with a cheapish flower pot and a packet of seeds, as a little kit? But they're really great
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        I would be in heaven making sugarpaste aliens! As long as I could eat the scraps lol! I think they would have to be pastel coloured though - I dread to think what E numbers are in food colouring!!!

        The kits are a really good idea Nettie! I actually made them for a charity I am connected with who have a stall at the local farmer's market, so that would be a good idea for them to put into practice! They sell plants, so the toppers could even be paired up with a runner bean plant or something!


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          Fantastic, I'd love loads of little aliens in my garden, can you make glow in the dark ones??????
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            Hehehehe, glow in the dark ones would be cool! Very supernatural!

            They are made out of "proper clay" then fired and painted with acrylic paints rather than glazed, so I guess if you can get glow in the dark paints then you can have glow in the dark aliens! I might just have a look!


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              Right. I am sure that Dulux do a glow in the dark paint for children's walls, it would be water based like emulsion, so if you can get a small tester of that (don't know if they do it in their mixing section) it would work the same as acrylic paints on clay!
              Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                Ooooh that would be perfect! Fantastic! Guess where I will be heading this afternoon?!


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                  hee hee these are great


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                    These look fantastic!

                    Your picture looks really good too... cant wait to see the pic for 'glowing in the dark aliens' will you be making a flying saucer to match? Could hang it in the garden somewhere.


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                      They are fantastic! I bet you loved making them, you can be so creative with tons of different colours!
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                        aahh, they're great, like the idea of glow in the dark too.
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